Bloom & Grow 2015 Catalogue Launch with Scha Al-Yahya, Awal Ashaari & Lara Alana

I'm sure most of you can easily recognize the celebrity power couple; Scha Al-Yahya & Awal Ashaari, right? But on the Bloom & Grow 2015 Catalogue Launch couple of weeks ago, it's Lara Alana who really steal the limelight!!! I was there to celebrate another milestone for Bloom & Grow because this time around, they're not only unveiled their annual catalogue, they're also introduced 2 new and interesting addition to the line; CuddleCo and Make My Day besides new designs from the existing brands. I guess it's not really a secret who is the most excited by the news (besides Lara Alana, of course =P) 

Watches to Watch For @ Zalora Malaysia

Honestly, I never really wear any accessories besides my wedding ring and glasses... I don't have anything against it, I'm just happened to be too lazy to experiment or match it with the rest of my outfit =( I know I know, that's totally a lame excuse but hey, I have tons of other things to think about, okie =P Watches on the other hand is a different story, I need it to function and keeping track on time! It's the only accessory you'll see me wearing every single day and with all the beautiful designs and trends that evolving over the years, I just can't stop myself from start collecting a few as well. After all, timepiece is a perfect reflection of your personality and style. Be it edgy, romantic or retro chic; your watch can make a very good (or bad) first impression~

[Giveaway] Flat to Fab with Dove Volume & Nourishment range

Wearing a hijab is not an excuse to stop caring for your hair, in fact it's making me even more determined to take extra measure in order to keep my mane looks healthier and shinier. After all, I still wanna look good for myself and of course for my husband viewing pleasure as well, wink2 Unfortunately, nobody's perfect; I wasn't blessed with a thick, bouncy hair like the rest of my siblings and with small facial bone like mine? It's not really a good combination to begin with T_T I can't seem to forget my husband expression when he saw my attempt to recreate the sexy siren looks ala Kim Kardashian; it's not exactly turns out the way I want to but at least I know I'm getting somehwere. Big, fluffy hair, I'm coming after you baby!!!

Younger Looking Skin with DocLab Face Ampoule

I thought my Korean addiction will be over by now, turns out I'm way deeper into it than I think I can possibly be, all thanks to my girl Caroline =P One particular thing I noticed about Korean beauty scene, it's constantly evolving and making waves not only in Asia but to the rest of the beauty world as well. I saw more and more western companies came up with their own version of BB Cushion and BB Cream, something that I'm not exactly excited about, sigh~ They should focus on their brand strength instead of jump on the bandwagon...

Pretty in Pastel with Poplook Weddings & Celebrations IV Collection

Just like the rest of female population, wedding invitations always send me into super frenzy mode! What should I wear? Why I can't fit in into this dress anymore? Will this outfit match my husband? I always end up borrowing something from my sisters or worst, wearing the same look over and over again, sigh~ Of course if it's up to me, I'm just gonna stick with my all time favourite combination; kebaya nyonyaskinny jeans but let's face it,  it's so last season and not age appropriate for me anymore T_T

Scrub Your Stress Away with Princess Malaysia Body Scrubs

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my dear friend, Illy Ariffin on the launch of her beauty line; Princess Malaysia, yeay \\^_^// She's so passionate about homemade, organic products and I knew it just a matter of time before she come up with her own brand =) You know how much love I have for bath & body products, right? 1 body scrub is clearly not enough for me, I need at least 2 to feel complete, hee~ But yes, 2 is always better than 1 and I'm lucky enough to get my hands on both Princess Malaysia body scrub variants; Princess Happiness + Princess Glorious to play with last weekend ❤_❤

Gentle, Loving Care with Mustela Bebe

If you already read about my previous experience with Mustela 9 Months range here, you'll probably wondering about their extensive series of baby products too, right? They cover pretty much everything for your baby from cleansing, diaper change, skincare and well being in the Mustela Bebe line, specific skincare concerns with their Dermo Pediatrics line and not to forget, protection against the harsh sunlight for your little one in the Sun Care & Protection line. So yes, that's what really drew me in to Mustela in the first place and why I keep on coming back for more =)

Sugar High with Sugar Belle Cosmetic Luxurious Matte Lip Cream

Last year, I was in a blush craze mode and always on the lookout for the cutest blusher to add in my collection but this year I'm going completely mad over matte lipsticks thanks to the Kylie Jenner luscious lips phenomenon =P I have to hide some of my stash away or my husband will probably freak out if he find out about my latest haul... He almost had trouble speaking when he saw all my precious blushers stash before so I'm counting on your lovelies to keep this from him okie, wink2 

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