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Honestly, I never really wear any accessories besides my wedding ring and glasses... I don't have anything against it, I'm just happened to be too lazy to experiment or match it with the rest of my outfit =( I know I know, that's totally a lame excuse but hey, I have tons of other things to think about, okie =P Watches on the other hand is a different story, I need it to function and keeping track on time! It's the only accessory you'll see me wearing every single day and with all the beautiful designs and trends that evolving over the years, I just can't stop myself from start collecting a few as well. After all, timepiece is a perfect reflection of your personality and style. Be it edgy, romantic or retro chic; your watch can make a very good (or bad) first impression~

This year I noticed a significant changes in the women watches fashion and pattern. There are more colours, bolder concept and creative ideas that begging for my attention... It's getting harder and harder to resist all the gorgeous display but today I'm just gonna summarize my Top 3 watches trend that I truly like and don't mind spending my money for =) I'm very sure I'm not the only one who have a thing with these styles; gold piece, pastel straps & statement watches, it's a huge hit with fashion influencers and bloggers all over the world too!!! Curious to know why? Keep on reading lovelies to find out more, wink2

Stunning gold stainless steel watches will never go out of style; it's very versatile and giving you the sophisticated, classic and elegant aura anywhere you go. Not only that, it easily compliment almost every outfit from formal wear to casual attire and comes with an exclusive element that will make you stands out in every occasion. Pricey? Not really, you can always opted for cheaper alternative like the rose gold colour watches if the gold plated one is not your cup of tea. Talking about the rose gold, it's another sought after choices this year all thanks to the iPhone 6S new shade option. I've been eyeing few watches in this colour as well and waiting rather impatiently (more like stalking) for the right time to get my hands on it =D

Pastel leather strap is another one of my favourite woman watches due to the rise of the pastel shades popularity in the fashion scene recently. It's so pretty and showing a softer, feminine side subtlety especially for young girls or young at heart. What I love the most about the pastel leather strap watches, it's not intimidating piece at all and look fabulous with white, nude or other pastel outfits. And yes, it won't wash out your complexion like some of the dark colours and look remarkably good in photos too ❤_

Last but not least is the statement watches. It certainly helps in terms of giving your whole look a younger and sexier vibes. You can choose to create your own persona by selecting statement watches that is edgy or bold and match it with plain or basic attire. You can also pick a unique design instead  which can make you the center of attention and the envy of the rest of female population, wink2 Either way, it will enhance your entire looks and makes you radiate with so much confidence and energy!!!

Which one of these women watches trend is your favourite? I would definitely go for the gold piece since it suit my personal style the most but the pastel leather and statement watches come fairly close too. Decision, decision... Oh yes, if you're hunting for flirty and fun women watches to add in your collection, you can head over to Zalora Malaysia links below or click the link here. There are so many international + local brands for you to choose from and cool offers too. Until we meet again, keep on being awesome lovelies, adieu~

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