Who's That Girl...

After the huge success of Clinique Star Tour few months ago, Clinique proudly present their latest event; the Who's That Girl Search, which targeting a wider age group this time around, from 16 to 28 years old girls, weeee~ (thank god I'm still eligible for this, hihi =P) and not to forget, the 4 different makeover looks to choose from, yippie!!! @_@ The greatest thing about it, you don't have to pay a dime for it and you'll even receive freebies for your participation!!! Awesome, right? =) 

Who want to be that girl??? ^_^
Be a part of this fantastic promo from 7th to 30th November at Clinique counters nationwide and create your inner diva from Fashionably Flirty, Downtown Cool, Laid-Back Luxe or Classic Chic and you'll transform into your alter ego by no time in the hands of Clinique's makeup artist ^^ I dropby at their Isetan, KLCC counter and was greeted by their talented and friendly makeup artist, Nadia... She shown me the colors that will be used for each and every looks; while provides me with the information about Clinique's products and treatment that suitable for my skin condition.

Products used in the make me over process, hee~
After that, she asked me to choose the look that I wish to replicate... I can't help but drawn to the Classic Chic look which I think reflects my preferred style and makeup tendency, the soft natural earth hues definitely compliment my skin the most with a little twist, a hot red lips which I can't never bring myself into wearing it before, hee~

My Classic Chic look, wink2
My camera might not do a very good job at capturing the colors and shades of the makeup used in this makeover; the soft smokey eyes with Clinique's Colour Surge Eye Shadow combine with intense dark Clinique's Quickliner really2 emphasize my eyes and the peachy Clinique's Blushing Blush Powder is blending well with my skin, made my cheeks glow naturally and the chilli red lips from Clinique's High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15, draw attention like no other, I feel like hot stuff and a little like Christina Aguilera too, hehe x)

The lovely Xmas sets for grab n_n
Anyway, to join the competition is quite easy, just take a picture of yourself from head to toe and another one in half, and submit it at the link here =) Don't forget to check out the Clinique's Christmas sets on sales while you're there and collect your freebies, a 7 day scrub and a Long Last Glossware SPF 15... Till then, good luck girls, who knows you might be the lucky one who'll bring back home the RM8,000 worth of prizes, you won't know it until you try, baby @_@ 

To Be or Not To Be...

My heart sank everytime I heard about babies being dumped or thrown away like a piece of garbage, when there are thousand others who try desperately and unsuccessfully to have their own child... We read about it almost on daily basis and still, no drastic measure taken to stop this inhuman act. To make it worst, people almost don't talk about the root cause of this matter anymore, which is obviously, the lack of knowledge...

Most of us frown upon the importance of teaching sex education at school to children and teenagers, but if we didn't play our part and expose them to the responsibility and the possibility behind the act, the problems will never solve... We need to equip them with the right information to prevent the unwanted pregnancies which can leads to abortion and baby abandonment...

To address this issue, Durex Malaysia organized a sexual and reproductive health college programme to create awareness among youngsters about sexual health and contraceptive options that leads them to make informed decisions. Theme "One Voice, Prevention is Key", the students will be given access to information on sexual and reproductive health through 2 platforms; a Facebook design contest application and the on-ground college roadshows.

The design contest invites the students to develop their own art and slogans to a poster or postcard containing their views on the unwanted pregnancies. The participants are required to submit their creative designs in a format of a picture and upload it at Durex Malaysia facebook page; the winning designs in each category with the most number of votes will walk away with Ipad2 and Durex Malaysia will also giving out 5 Ipod Touch as a consolation prize for each category as well.

The college roadshows were held at 5 different college campuses throughout November; namely Taylor Lakeside Campus, UITM Shah Alam, Raffles College, INTI International University and also IACT College.

During the roadshows, there are a lot of activities took place to help the students gain a better access to the information regarding their sexual reproduction dilemma, with info panels about HIV, unwanted pregnancies and not to forget, the baby dumping issues.

Premium items such as playing cards, notepad and coasters were also exclusively given for those who like Durex Malaysia facebook page. Besides that, the guys were encouraged to fill up the survey during the roadshows and were provided with various information to improve their knowledge on the subjects.

We might still have a long way to go but like baby steps, this programme certainly delivered its target in creating a better platform for "taboo" subjects for youngsters to turn into. Hopefully, we won't hear about babies abandonment in the future anymore. Prevention as we all knew, definitely is the key =)

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