Carlo Rino 30th Anniversary - Fantastical Fantasy Autumn / Winter 2016 Launch @ Midvalley Megamall

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary this year, Carlo Rino not only came up with another beautiful line of handbags and shoes for its Fantastical Fantasy Autumn / Winter 2016 collection, they also launched a new membership program that provides more privilege and benefits for their customers at Carlo Rino Midvalley Megamall boutique recently. Besides getting the chance to immediately enjoy a point rebate system with every purchase, members also entitled for RM100 birthday discount voucher on their birthday month, exclusively invited to Carlo Rino events, fashion show, tea parties and private pre-sales before everyone else get their hands on them as well.

Eyewear Heaven @ A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya

If you're living more than half your life wearing specs like I do, you probably understand how miserable my life would be without mine and coincidentally my specs haven't been functioning well recently so I decided to get a brand new one at the newly open A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya since they're having tons of promotions in conjunction with their new outlet launch. I'm not really an adventurous when it comes to fashion and will always go back to something I'm used to so don't worry, I won't bored you with my same old specs style story here lovelies and I'm just going to let you discover all the wonderful selections this eyewear heaven have to offer.

Easy Breezy Shopping @

Rejoice all shopping addicts! Today I'm going to introduce you to another online shopping portal that I've came across recently where you can find tons of great stuff for a very cheap price. I knew lots of you are loving the idea of online shopping like I do, it's convenient, saving our time and energy and most importantly it's super duper easy breezy! And there's more obviously, they always have offers and discounts from time to time so you basically have nothing to lose and so so much more to gain~ Do you feel curious yet?

[Giveaway] Run For A Good Cause @ Shokubutsu Be My Reason Shower Run

Every October we will be reminded of the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide through breast cancer awareness campaign but do we really take it seriously and pay any attention to it? What do you do if your loved one or anyone you know is battling breast cancer or what would you have done for yourself to increase your chance of survival? To tell you the truth, I don't really know much about the breast cancer myself and from Shokubutsu and National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) roadshow last year proven that I'm not the only one who going through this issue. Lots of women out there don't know the right method to conduct breast self check themselves and many others not even committed to even doing one!

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