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If you're living more than half your life wearing specs like I do, you probably understand how miserable my life would be without mine and coincidentally my specs haven't been functioning well recently so I decided to get a brand new one at the newly open A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya since they're having tons of promotions in conjunction with their new outlet launch. I'm not really an adventurous when it comes to fashion and will always go back to something I'm used to so don't worry, I won't bored you with my same old specs style story here lovelies and I'm just going to let you discover all the wonderful selections this eyewear heaven have to offer.

Instead of separating their in-house brand, Owl from Korea in another outlet like they did with their other branches; here in A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya you can get any style and design your heart desire under one roof. Affordable and in-sync with the current trend, Owl provides wide range of eyewear options that covers from bold and strong design, colorful fashionista, exclusive executive look to simple iconic one starts from only RM179 to RM399. They're running another promotion too where you can purchase second Owl spec with 50% discount as well! High quality design for only a fraction of designer price, who can resist that awesome deal, right?

For those of you who fancy a little touch of luxury for your eyewear, you can get all that and more at A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya. Top and hot designer items from brands such as Burberry, Coach, Marc Jacob, Gucci, Tag Heuer, Prada, Tiffany & Co and Bvlgari latest creation available for your viewing pleasure. You can even spotted rare and unique limited edition designs here too if you've sharp eyes, I almost faint looking at the Audrey Hepburn's inspired Tiffany & Co shades! I want it so very bad, it's kind of haunt me even in my deepest dreams, maybe I'll get that beauty when I start making a lot of money, let's pray for that okie **crossing my fingers**

If athletic and performance eyewear is what you're looking for, check out numerous range and line specifically made with you in mind from renowned eyewear name like RayBan, Superdry or even Oakley. Unique and innovative shades and colors that fits active lifestyle suitable for any sports activities such as cycling, running, golfing and so much more. They also carry a limited edition Lin Dan's Oakley that comes with his signature and identical tattoo too. Not really a fan of him but it sure looks good as a gift for your special someone, wink2

There are more styles and designs available at A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya of course so if you're nearby, come and take a look at their latest collections, you'll be greeted by their professional and friendly opticians with state of the art equipment that will make you feel at home right away! Besides shades and specs, they also sells prescribe contact lenses and their accessories as well. Get your eyewear makeover today at A-Look Eyewear, Alamanda Putrajaya and enjoys all the wonderful promotion they have. For more information and details, stay connected with their official sites listed below and until we meet again, Happy Malaysia's Day lovelies, adieu~

A-Look Eyewear 
LG-08, Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan Alamanda, Presint 1,
62000, Putrajaya


  1. Replies
    1. i know right? especially the shades, so gorgeous!

  2. Bestnya! Pika hari tu memang cari spek mata tu yang tanya Kak Ayna.. Hihihiii.. Nice entry kak ayna :)

    1. Thanks Pika, visit lah diorg nnti, byk giler choices with lots of offers & promo =)

  3. I actually really love everything in OWL! hahaha super korean-ish! xD

    1. Their designs really is your style, Im too old fashion I guess, hehe =P


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