Style Diary : Lovely Lace

Hello again May, you know you'll always be my favorite month. It's so much more special this year, we welcome Ramadhan this time around and of course, Tun M is making a spectacular comeback for Malaysian as well! Political aside, it's also my son and I birthday month and mother's day too so we're a little busy preparing for everything. Thank god the long weekend came just in the right time, I finally have more time to spend with family and close friends. I just wish it will never end, we could use more days like this, right?

Moving on to the outfit, it's from last year Rizman Ruzaini's RTW raya collection. You probably noticed my tendency to buy last season items. The price is usually way cheaper, sometimes even up to 70% discount. It's not without a risk obviously, the size and the color you want might be sold out but as my husband used to say, good things come to those who wait! The rest of the accessories were history. I wear them in numerous occasions before and keep going back for more. Remember, always opted for classic and timeless fashion pieces, lovelies~

Scarf | dUCk
Dress | Rizman Ruzaini
Shoes | Christy Ng

It's like love at first sight, I really love everything about the outfit. The cutting and the combination of lace and ribbons were nicely done, nothing over the top but still giving you the right kind of attention. Small details that make a different, just the way it should be. Never thought I'm going to fall for the sweet mixture of black and pink so much. I guess you're going to see me in a lot of these shades in future. Before ending this post, I would like to wish Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims out there and till then, have a wonderful weekend lovelies, adieu~

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