Ignite Your Tropical Senses With Elianto Musang King Collection

You don't get to call yourself Malaysian if you have no idea what "Musang King" is. It's the most sought after durian and treated like a national treasure here, thanks to it's thick, creamy texture and not so cheap price. I'm not really into exotic food to be honest but Elianto Musang King makeup collection definitely piqued my interest. I'm really excited to test and see what it's all about! I've heard about durian inspired coffee, cake and even cookies. Beauty products however seems to be too good to be true, is it going to capture the king of all fruits in all it's glory? 

According to Elianto, their Musang King collection allows you to have a taste of durian throughout the day in its lipsticks and eye colors that will make you pop in a fresh, playful and daring way. It comprises rich yellow shades for its lip care, lip colour, highlighter and eyeshadow just like the famous Musang King's deep yellow flesh. It's also infused with durian scent to make the whole experience even more authentic and special. Will it be a hit or a miss? Keep on reading to find out my thoughts on this one-of-a-kind cosmetic collection.

Elianto Musang King Moist Lip Care
4.1g [RM39.90]

Let's kickstart with Elianto Musang King Moist Lip Care first. It comes in two different version; subtle shades of yellow and pink and enhanced with SPF 18 to protect the lips from harmful UV rays and external aggression. It's also made from combination of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E too. It's really moisturizing and comfortable to wear. You can either apply it on it's own or you can used it to prep the lips as well. I hardly noticed any durian scent when I'm wearing this lip balm. If durian is not really your cup of tea but still feel curious nevertheless, you probably want to start experimenting with this one instead.

Elianto Musang King Lip Colour
2.6ml [RM39.90]

The Elianto Musang King Lip Colour on the other hand is my least favourite in this collection. The shade is quite hard to pull off unless you have a very adventurous streak but it's not all bad though. The opacity level is leaning more towards sheer so you can choose to wear it by layering it with other lipstick. It's dries down to a matte finish and surprisingly, lasted a lot longer than I expected. The texture is a little bit creamy but feels light and moisturizing on the lips. Unlike the lipblam, this lip colour is heavily scented with durian, perfect for a durian lover out there! I truly wish I can like this more but I can't really see myself getting away with yellow lip colour, sigh~

Elianto Musang King Highlighter
6.5g [RM59.90]

Of course I didn't expect anything less than a golden highlighter when I've heard about Elianto Musang King Highlighter. The swatch I have here didn't really do justice to the highlighter, it's so much more vibrant and beautiful in real life. The texture is very smooth and velvety, the color payoff is extremely pigmented, what can I say, they absolutely nailed it! The durian scent is quite mild in this one and since the shades is quite intense, you might want to use a lighter hand when applying the highlighter. I personally think that it will compliment deeper skintone better though, the rest of us going to need a lot more than luck to make it work unfortunately.

Elianto Musang King Eyeshadow
2.5g [RM19.90]

Last but not least is the Elianto Musang King Eyeshadow. I have nothing but love for this duo, both of the shades (cocoa and yellow) are so wearable and versatile. The texture is very soft and smooth on the lids with a faint durian scent. The pigmentation is quite good, easy to blend and leaves you with a lovely matte finish. I like to use cocoa as a transition shade for my natural day look and yellow work best as a highlight shade especially for my brow bone area. If you've oily eyelids like me, don't forget to use an eye primer beforehand. And yes, I'm so glad  they didn't go for green eyeshadow for this collection, I don't think green eye-do will looks good on me...

Overall verdict, I think this collection is just like the durian itself, you're either going to love it or hate it. Some of the shades like the lip colour and highlighter are quite bold and vivid. It's clearly not for everyday look and might take a while to get used to meanwhile the rest of the collection falls into the natural category which I do appreciate more. For more information and details, kindly visit their official site listed below. Until then, spice up your day with a sprinkle of yellow and never forget to a have a little bit of fun in between lovelies, adieu~

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