Stylish Hijab @ Zalora Malaysia

Just like any other muslim women who wear hijab out there, I have a pretty extensive hijab collection on my own as well, some of them are gifts from my family and friends but most of it I purchased from time to time according to the latest style and trend. I'm pretty sure you have more than 10 scarves in your collection too, am I right? And yes, in every single colour you can think of, isn't it? Not only that, you willing to queue up for hours just to get hijabs from your favourite brand during their sale too, right? Welcome to my world then =)

Pimp Your Gadget @ NinjaZ, Puchong

What did you do to reinvent yourself this year? New workout routine? New ride? New home? Well, I wish I can afford all that but the only thing that really cross my mind this year is to pimp my gadget, wink2 Since NinjaZ is opening their new outlet at Bandar Puteri, Puchong I sweetly asked my husband to bring me there so I can give a brand new look to not only my precious phone but to his sad looking phone as well =P They're having a special promotion where you can get FREE iPhone Tempered Glass by liking & sharing their Facebook page here which made me even more determine to drag my husband there so yes lovelies, that's basically how we spent our movie date together, romantic isn't it? I'm sure Ammaar will definitely approved, hihi XD

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