It's Her Birthday...

Missy Doroshi @_@

It's 25th april - it's the payday and my dear friend, Doroshi birthday today!!! A very happy birthday dear ^_^ Wishing you the greatest birthday ever!!! She's a Taurus too by the way, and I can definitely see some of the characteristic we share together like her determination and drive to pursue her dreams and her passion for music and jazz, wink2

Anyway, to celebrate her birthday this year she's doing a giveaway at her blog here for her readers, go check it out girls!!! I hope I'm the lucky one who will walk away with the cute Guess clutch, wish me luck ya, ngee~

Missy clutchy ^_~

An Evening To Remember...

I ♥ Benefit

What are the odds for you to meet the creator or founder of your favorite brands? Almost none isn't it? You can practically ask anybody around you, did they ever crossed path with Steve Jobs or maybe Oprah Winfrey and I can bet my groom eyebrow on it that nobody ever did, right? hee~

So, when Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia open up the golden opportunity for all their Malaysian fans to join the Meet & Greet session with the very sensational Annie & Maggie Ford Danielson (the daughter and niece of Benefit Cosmetics founder twin, Jane and Jean Ford) at Benefit, Pavilion on 31st March 2011, I can't hardly contain my excitement and rsvp myself and my bff straight away, wink2

For those who unfamiliar with Annie and Maggie, they both actually had inherited their mum and aunt gift with beauty since a very tender age, exposing to such a great stuff all around you can definitely do wonders and now, both of them are the the faces and the makeup trend artists for Benefit Cosmetics which they officially joined since 2008.

They both currently on tour all over Asia to promote the new tint in the Benefit Cosmetics family, Cha Cha Tint and also the long waited skincare line, b.Right! Radiance Skincare... Unfortunately all of the new products are not available in Malaysia yet, =( However, their visit is not only about the launching of their new products, they also made it their mission to get in touch with local fans and demonstrated few looks using their Benefit favorite must-have!!!

delicious cakes for grab, ^_~

cutie bunny, yummy!!! =D

Before the arrival of the girls, we were served with variety of dessert and cakes from Coffee Beans!!! They have cheese to chocolate, cupcakes to cream puffs, super delicious!!! =) I also spotted few familiar faces from the Benefit Malaysian team like Yee Hwa and my fave SA's @ Benefit KLCC - Michelle and also some of my blogger friends, Fatin and Janoah...

it's me & Fatin, the Bene-freak =)

the best brow-girl ever, Michelle n_n

Not long after that, Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson arrived with their entourage and didn't waste any time and introduced themselves. My oh my, they both look very identical to each other and they even finished each other lines. If I don't know better, I would think they're twins too, hihihi x) And they're very tall and gorgeous, I certainly felt like a cute dwarf next to them, hahaha =D I felt quite intimidated at first but their friendly manner and quick wit definitely won me over, wink2

Maggie & Annie introducing themselves @_@

Maggie began the demonstration with a day inspired look using Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette, Some kind a Gorgeous (the foundation faker), Benetint and the BadGal mascara... She also shared few tips and tricks for us like mixing the That Gal and your favorite moisturizer to create a very luminous look and using The Porefessional as the concealer... The day look is very easy to pull and very subtle which suitable for any occasions and event, love it =)

Maggie ready to do her magic ^_^

finished the look with the very2 sexy BadGal mascara x)

Annie continued the show with the demonstration of the night inspired look. She used the Benefit Smokin' Eyes palette, Coralista, their industrial strength concealer, Boi-ng, High Beam and the BadGal eyeliner... She also emphasize on the brow, using Speed Brow and showed us the best technique to highlight the brow and make the eyes pop! I have most of the stuff she used here and so excited to tried it myself later ^_~

Annie smokin' up the model looks with the Smokin Eyes palette =P

and finished it with the Speed Brow *_*

After that, they made time to answer our beauty dilemmas, mingling with the fans and even taken pics with some of us, they both are very down to earth, stylish and beautiful!!! I didn't missed out the rare opportunity to speak with the girls, asking for their personal tips and expressing my concern about the new products, which only come in all skin type range... I also shared with them my undying love for their Woman Seeking Toner which are discontinue right now and wish it will make a comeback soon, let's cross our fingers about that ya, @_@

Q & A session with the girls...

Last but not least, all the fans were not going home empty handed, each of us received a very cute goodie bag with a free brow waxing at the Benefit Brow Bar, Pavilion + miniature of Benefit The Porefessional and a duo lipgloss in Friends in High Place + Zoned Out, yeay!!! @_@ They also had a very special promo that day, a cute pouch for every RM250 and above purchase but I had to pass the very tempting offer since I just bought the last 2 Woman Seeking Toner stock from Benefit KLCC couple of days before, sob2 T-T

my recent Benefit haul

the freebies, yeay!!! \\^_^//

Personally and professionally, I had a blast getting to know new friends and rubbing shoulders with not only one but two beauty icons, the very awesome Annie and Maggie Ford... This definitely a moment I will cherish for a long long time and can't wait for the next big thing Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia have in store for for us, the Bene-freak in the future, wink2 They are quite good at organizing a great event you know, you guys can catch up with the party I had last year with them here... Till then, stay pretty and be lovely, muahsssssss ♥ ♥ ♥

with the very lovely ladies, Maggie & Annie

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