Surviving Motherhood : Mr. Drama King

I've talk about how devastating it is to see my little boy struggling with pain in my previous Surviving Motherhood entry here. However, don't let that discourage you because motherhood also comes with a lot of perks! One of the most fascinating one is when you see your child learning new tricks everyday. You'll be amused when you noticed how much they imitates or mimics people around them and guess what? I think I've raised a Mr. Drama King!

I started sending him to my office's playschool early this year which pretty much explains why he get sick a lot lately but other than that, he also getting more and more attached to me which really annoyed his daddy to no end~ Not only that, he beginning to develop his own personality and become more dramatic than usual, oh boy I can finally see the resemblance, he's turning into me... The drama queen me, sigh~

Okay honestly I'm not even that dramatic... I used to be one but I kind of tone down when I get married over 2 years ago. My husband and my family can definitely vouch for that! What I really means by dramatic is actually sulking, pouting and also crying when I couldn't have my way. Yes, I used to do that a lot when I was young and immature so it's really entertaining to see my son behaving the same way. Now I finally get the taste of my own medicine, lol

My son usually pretty smart about it though, he only choose to show his dramatic side when he saw that there are other people around to witness it. He'll cry his eyes out over his toys like it's some kind of greek's tragedy or wailing when he noticed that he didn't get to eat the same food like we do. When it's only involved pouting and sulking, it's actually kind of cute but when he starts crying or screaming, it's just not so cute anymore...

Me and my husband. we made a pact before he was born. I'll be the strict parent whenever our son acting up and he'll be the cool one who kiss all the problems away. The thing is, Ammaar is not afraid of me at all. I tried scolding him, giving him my deathly stare and sometimes even blackmail him. Nothing seems to works unfortunately, he probably think I look ridiculously funny when I'm angry! Maybe I need to work more on my mean face thingy...

So we switched roles after that, I let my husband do all the strict parenting part and I think I'm going to stick on being the nice one. Looks like my husband's glare is scary enough to him and occasionally I'll give my son silent treatment when he misbehave. He seems to hate that and always try to charm his way into my heart. I'll melt obviously but the drama queen in me always want to make him try harder to win my affection back.

Like what my husband used to say when we're dating, "I never stop loving you but I'll pause my love whenever you being all dramatic and emotional" Ironically. the table is turns on me and I understand perfectly how he used to feel. We still have a lifetime to shape his character so hopefully this is just a phase because seriously, I have enough drama to deal with... If you have any tips to handle your dramatic child, feel free to share with me and until then, have a wonderful and less-drama week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. Mr drama king pun tak kesah la.. yang penting dia comel hahaha heart breaker in the making 😘

    1. Sabar jela, over acting sgt kdg2 tu, nasib baik mak dia x hijau, hahaha =D

  2. Ah...welcome to the era of "terrible two". At this age they've just discovered a whole world of new emotions and still learning how to handle them.

    When my little man starts (or about to) throw tantrums, intervention by way of distraction works better than telling him "NO". To each their own, every parents have their own preferred parenting style but I believe in encouraging him to explore his feelings so that he can better understand how to deal or cope with them.

    Like when he insist that he want to touch that glass of hot water, instead of telling him "Don't", I will take lead, let him touch - enough to let him know it's hot but not long enough to burn his skin. Now he understand, that "hot" = dangerous/not nice.

    Or whenever he's upset, I would encourage him to express himself, let him shout, cry for few seconds, pick him up and give him a hug, acknowledge what is making him upset, then ask him what he wants to do about whatever it is that's upsetting him. Give him an alternative like "sorry honey but you can't have that curry. They're spicy and will burn your tongue. But, mummy will give you an extra slice of watermelon, ok?"

    Another way is to be direct at them. Be clear of the outcome you want. He used to beat our cat, unintentionally. Instead of shouting at him, I would show him how the right way to sayang, pat and stroke. Now they're bestfriend and sleep together.

    It took a hell lot of patience not to shout or give him the death stare but I'm beginning to see the difference now. He's not only calmer but he has (partially) learn how to navigate his way through his tantrums.

    I'd avoid blackmailing or giving him false impression like "if you eat too much chocolate, worms would start growing in your mouth". A child actually understands more than we give them credit for. Me and my husband agree that we should never use phrase like "Don't do that. If not mummy will get angry". Instead, be truthful even when they refuse to listen. He will eventually get it that falling off the table can be a very painful experience. He'd still climb other tables but at least he will have some sort of self doubt about doing it again. We all learn through experience.

    As parents, we have to be consistent and discipline enough to remain consistent with enforcing our yes and no. Like he has to wait till everybody finish eating before he can turn on the tv. Hehe..We are trying to be strict about no electronics during mealtime. He can shout and cry all he wants, but no means no.

    But still, nothing can stop the strong will of an intrigued and curious two year old. When all fails, bribe them with their favourite fruit. 😂

    - .Laura

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Laura, who knows 2 years old can be handful, right? I totally agreed with you, we have to be consistent and discipline to set the rules. Sometimes it's just easier to give in than facing the drama but tough love works better in the long run. I hope god will given me lots of patience to handle my son 'public display of emotion', I think I might have to go through that a lot after this, hehehe =P


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