Levi's "Set The Standard" Store & Orange Tab Collection Launch @ Pavilion Elite

Levi's officially launched their first ever 'Set The Standard' store in Malaysia recently in Malaysia's premier shopping destination; Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Located at Level 4, Pavilion Elite, the new 2,771 sq ft outlet echoes the effortless appeal of Levi's that steeped in authenticity and craftsmanship. The new concept store aims to enhance Levi's retail experience by creating the best possible expression of the brand in a scalable way, from the welcoming store ambiance and product placement to the consumer journey through the store.  

Upon entering, customers are greeted by a palette of materials including pine, hot-rolled steel and polished concrete that coupled with higher ceilings and open storefront create a warm environment that embraces them as they walk through the door. The shelving height is lowered to provide a more boutique-like experience. The wood was chosen specifically to complement the sea of blue denim while the white paint on the walls was designed to reflect the beautiful and rustic moods from the golden tones of the pinewood. 

Large hyper graphic on either side of the store; men's and women's draw in customers and helping them envisioned themselves in Levi's product and guiding them where to go. The clear differentiation between men's and women's section making the store so much more easy to navigate and allowing the brand to create a relevant story personalized for both gender. For the hardcore denim fans, there is Levi's Vintage Collection showcasing iconic reissue and special edition garment which are the key storytelling vehicle and DNA of the Levi's brand. 

The product assortment on the other hand embrace the 'less is more' concept by emphasizing product features and benefits over quantity. As a result, products are more accessible to the consumer and the tops, bottoms, outerwear and accessories in-store help position Levi's as a lifestyle brand. In addition, the fitting rooms are bigger and better lit, featuring a three-way mirrors to allow customers to see fit from different angles especially the backside. The store also focused on brightness and aesthetic of the brand; authentic, optimistic, inspiring and connection.

The Pavilion Elite store celebration also highlights the newly remastered Levi's Orange Tab collection which captures the unrivaled style of the coveted originals. First used on a line of affordable slim-fitting jeans, jackets and shirts, Levi's Orange Tab symbolized style and youth during the counterculture of the 1960's. Since then, the old school Orange Tabs have become the ultimate score for vintage collectors and denim heads alike. 

Blending then and now, Orange Tab for Spring 2017 features vintage inspired finishes along with updated fits and fabrics. For men, fabrics are based on archival 60's and 70's Orange Tab fabrics, but with a bit of a stretch for a modern feel. Meanwhile for women, classic 517 Cropped Jeans making a comeback with additional Orange Tab bottoms like 721 Vintage High Rise and a workwear-inspired Culotte, all with design details ranging from belt loops to patch pockets that embodies the signature 60's / 70's vintage look.

Remastered for both old and new denim lovers, Orange Tab Spring 2017 is the updated uniform for those who embrace a youthful free spirit. The collection will be available nationwide from April 2017 onward with price ranges between RM69 to RM499 (men) and from RM69 to RM269 (women). For more information and details, make your way to their official sites listed below and until then, have a wonderful weekend ahead lovelies, adieu~


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