Style Diary : Blooming Romance

I guess my fondness for floral prints is not really a secret anymore. On scarfs, blouses, dresses, I just love them all! It brings out the romantic and feminine side of me without trying too hard and looks effortlessly graceful and elegant from day to night. That's not all obviously, floral prints have the ability to disguise bulges efficiently especially after I'm having a hearty meal besides require minimal ironing. Isn't that the music to every women ears? Of course I still have to iron it if the material is cotton or silk (not that I think anyone will care anyway =P)

Style Diary : Specks Of Gold

Eversince I became a mother, I always go for practicality over fashion. All black attire which is great at camouflaging stain is definitely my top pick, followed closely by printed dress just because I can get away wearing it without ironing, hee~ The same goes for the scarf too, I would choose either dark shades or printed one in case my son spilled something on me... It happened numerous times before so I guess better safe than sorry, right? Of course it will be so much cooler if I can have the best of both world combined exactly like what I'm wearing here =)

Style Diary : Floral Fixation

I believe most of you're still in the festive mood, right? Well, so am I! And since I don't have any raya food to indulge myself with, I guess an outfit post of what I wear during the first day of Eid will do. Last year, we picked purple as our little family color theme and this year, we choose purple again but a slightly deeper shade because Ammaar's grandma already bought him a cute baju melayu from Omar Ali in dark purple that fits him perfectly. Since my husband and I love purple, we're more than happy to go along with it so dark purple it is!

Fashion Meets Function With Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Backpack

I've been searching for the perfect diaper bag for as long as I could remember. There are a lot of things that need to be considered before purchasing one like the functionality, the design and of course the price. Me and my husband, we didn't really see eye to eye in this particular matter. He prefer manly designs and hate all the previous diaper bags that I bought. He even claimed that it emasculate his masculinity! Well technically, its not my fault that cutesy bags make him looks less macho-ish. After all, diaper bags should be as sweet as your precious one, right?

Ammaar Zahran Turns 2!

Somebody turns 2 recently and believe it or not, I still can't get the hang of it! He may be bigger physically but in my heart he'll always be my baby. He seems to adore his daddy a lot more lately... Always following him around, copying his every move and sometimes even gang up together against me, pfttttt~ Despite all that, I know he love me too in his own weird way. Besides, I can't really find any reasons why someone would enjoy squeezing my nose and cheeks if it's not out of love, right? Or maybe he just like to see me blushing, lol

Unleash Your Child's Passion & Potential With My Champion Mobile App

When I was a little girl, I remembered being so fascinated over crime and investigation books and will spend most of my free time reading it religiously from cover to cover. Back then, there's no CSI or Criminal Minds on the television yet so I have neither knowledge about the job nor the right exposure to this line of works. Thanks to Champs; Malaysia's well known brand in child healthcare, today your children will have the opportunity to discover their inner calling and true potential with the fun and interactive My Champion mobile app.

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