Building A Mystery with Benefit Full Finish Lipstick...

I think it's unfair to say that all the mystery begin with the eyes, don't you think? Lips certainly play a huge role to attract the attention of male species... The living proof of my statement? ANGELINA JOLIE of course... I'm sure men will never say NO to her seductive invitation, hehe =P 

Flirty ladies ^_~
I might not be blessed with her famous pout but I love my not so perfect lips anyway and the best way to show my love is definitely by showering it with the finest and luxurious lippies I could ever afford, wink2 My choice is none other than Benefit Full Finish Lipsticks, it's full and rich coverage compliment my imperfect lips perfectly, I'm in love~ n_n 

Lady's Choice (left) and Flirt Alert (right) swatches n_n
I read somewhere in a magazine that a woman should at least have one red and one nude lipsticks in their possession as a secret weapon, hihi x) I couldn't agree more with that statement because a red or nude lipstick can definitely change your whole look from ordinary to extra-ordinary instantly...That's why I bought myself this 2 wonderful lippies from Benefit; Flirt Alert (red) and Lady's Choice (nude) ^^

the love note from Lana & Betty @_@
Something about Benefit Cosmetics; they always come up with flirty and cute packaging, the same goes with their lipsticks... With a little tag inside and their fancy black tube, even guys will be swoon ^_~ There are 20 different colors in this range, from Neutral (Lana), Medium (Gabbi) to Deep (Betty), it's creamy formula not only moisturize, it also gives a smooth and long lasting finish for your lips =) Tempted? Get it for yourself now at Benefit Cosmetics beauty counters for only RM65, you will be pleased @_@

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