[Tips & Tricks] When Life Gives You Lemon...

My issues with acne isn't exactly a news, in fact I've been struggling with it ever since I hit puberty, exactly half of my lifetime ago~ =_= I had tried almost everything I could think of, from traditional methods, dermatologist medication, expensive skin care, not so expensive skincare, diet, Vitamin C injections, charcoal and the list goes on... That's why I can get pretty sensitive sometimes when people point out my skin imperfections, but today I'm pretty much immune to all the nasty words, it doesn't hurt that much as it used to be =)

Back to the topic, I don't really obsess over acne that much anymore, I try to control my food intake, pay more attention to my health and more focus on making myself happy... And I guess it kinds of work (I think, hehe =P) I slowly swap all the expensive over the counter skincare with a more natural solution, which I get from google mostly, thank god for technology ^^ And among the one that work wonders for me is this D-I-Y Lemon-Aid! 

Okay, the pic above here are the stuff you going to need for this beauty project; fresh lemons + empty bottle for storage (I'm using my Benefit Woman Seeking Toner used bottle ♥) + facial cottons + filtered water (not in the picture) + a knife and a pitcher... You can find all these in your kitchen or get it at your nearest hypermarket! It's a very affordable acne treatment for cheapskate like me =P

Firstly, you have to roll the lemons on a clean surface for a few times to get juice flowing nicely, and then cut the lemons in half. Squeeze out the juices from the lemons as much as you can and get rid of everything else but the juice... Add a little filtered water to your juice and let it cool in your fridge before you bottled it up =) 2 lemons are good enough for my one week usage, I'm afraid the juice will be rotten after one week because I don't refrigerated it... To use it, just apply generously with you facial cotton at the scars and acne area. Make sure you clean your face first before you do so and let it soak in and dry out. Super easy, don't you think?

I had used it for about one month now and I love the brightening effect it gave to my acne scars, I also noticed that my acne doesn't pop out as frequent as it used to... It may hurt a little since lemon is acidic, but no pain, no gain, right? And the best thing about it, it's cheap, easy and natural so you don't have to worry about side effects, sweet isn't it? And if it doesn't work out for you, you can always make lemonade, wink2

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