The One That Got Away...

It would be unfair to say goodbye to 2011 without at least glancing back to all the beautiful memories it represent. My oh my, what a great year 2011 turn out to be and I'm nothing but thankful for all the good fortune that fall upon me, wink2 Okay, now It's time to do the recap for the 10 most memorable stuff that took place in yours truly un-eventful life last year, hihi =P 

1) A Tiger by the Tail ^^

After intense grueling, pleading, and spending, I managed to collect all the 60 stamps needed in order to obtain this cute little Tigger (one of the characters in Winnie The Pooh), you have no idea the hell I've been going through to get this little fella, I for one have no wishes whatsoever to repeat this whole ordeal all over again but the wonderful feeling after possessing this baby is certainly classified as "I'm over the moon" kind of feeling, it's beyond awesome!!! This actually a surprise birthday gift to my significant other who have a weird fond-ness for anything Tiger related stuff except Tiger Beer of course, hehe x) 

2) Life is a Beach n_n

This unique picture of our family vacation at Pulau Pehentian made it into the New Straits Times travel column in the middle of March 2011, cool isn't it? I never really thought our funny pose will be chosen as the winner of their weekly travel giveaway but luck certainly shining bright for me in 2011 =) The prize is a weekend getaway at Corus Paradise, Port Dickson that I used to celebrate my sister birthday but it's not the prize that really intrigued me at that time actually... The once in a lifetime opportunity to imprint our family sweetest time in view of thousands others and our daily newspaper is definitely hard to pass on, I still remember the moment and the surprise shriek coming from my mother when she read the newspaper that day, hee~

3) Two is Better than One @_@

Early April last year, I was fortunately given a rare chance to meet up, close and personal with the Annie & Maggie Ford Danielson, the daughters and nieces of my favorite makeup brand, Benefit Cosmetic founders, Jean and Jane Ford =) The moment was so surreal, and I had to pinch myself a few times to believe it!!! They're both my beauty icons and I really look up to their sheer geniuses in creating a very fabulous line of makeup, I'm such a big fans of the brand and meeting both of them definitely deserve a big highlight in my book!!! They both are very warm, friendly and approachable in person and I can't get my eyes off their effortless beauty and height, I felt very much like a midget next to them, haha =D  

 4) Foot-loose ^_~

As written in my previous post, I bought myself a rather unusual birthday gift last year to compensate for my lack of "music & me time" in the last couple of years, hihi =P I had the best-est musical experience in my whole lifetime in this one night performance from my favorite band since forever, Switchfoot!!! I don't mind to relive the moment again and again for even twice the price, coming from someone who barely make ends meet, it certainly speaks volume of their performance aura, wink2

5) It's my birthday!!! ^_^

My 2011 birthday celebration is quite different last year I must say since I'm celebrating it with my love one for the very first time =) We're hundreds miles apart so seeing each other frequently is definitely not an option and a luxury that we can't afford T-T But he did came all the way even after a hectic day to spend my birthday with me ^^ He even surprised me with my favorite flower, white lily and an instrument I've been eye-ing for quite sometime, ukelele... I love both gift so so so very much!!! =) 

6) Tie the knot =)

One of the main highlights of my 2011 life is none other than my best friend forever (it's 14 years to be exact, hee~) Deya engage to be married day with her now fiancee, Alfian... Knowing her for almost half my life, I'm very2 happy that she finally met someone who treat her right and someone that I highly approve, hehe =P She deserve a guy who love her unconditionally and I knew that she did get it right this time around... They both are perfect for each other, I couldn't think of better person who could complete her the way he did!!! I'm wishing you guys the very best, be nice to each other okay,@_@

7) Who's that girl? n_n

Another milestone that I reach last year was I finally succeed in my vain attempt to wear contact lenses, fake lashes and blue-ey eyeshadows, hehe =P I'm too afraid to wear lenses before and too lazy to master the art of wearing falsies, LOL After I figured out the way and experimenting with lots of neon colors, I can proudly say that blue is no longer included in my "NAY" eyeshadow shades list, it certainly took me quite a long time to get it right but I'm so happy nevertheless with the results, I only have two more colors challenge to conquer, yellow and red which I'm in no rush to pursue yet ^_~

8) Lucky Strike @_@

2011 really2 was my luckiest year ever, I won not only 1,2 but 3 big concerts tickets from big names like Micheal Buble, Maroon 5 and 30 Seconds to Mars!!! Life is good, hee~ ^^ I won a lot of other stuff too from perfumes, skincare, book, handbag and even a hotel stay, I felt very2 lucky and surprised actually because I have no idea that I'll be on my winning streak for the rest of the year... Now,I witness it first hand that you do gain a lot more when you give more, may 2012 bring me more luck and excitement, wink2

9) Aye Aye Captain x)

During the Merdeka's month last year, Fly FM had came up with their own version of Captain America named Captain Malaysia (no surprise there obviously, LOL) which planned to help out 54 different Malaysians to overcome their difficulties in everyday life... I'm just trying my luck there and submit my application, little that I know I'm among the lucky 54 who had been granted a visit not only by Captain Malaysia but all the Fly FM's Rock Pagi Crews, yeay!!! I will not unveil what I had been asking for from them because It's quite embarrassing actually to even mention it here but it really2 made my day (and week too to be honest =P), to have all of them paid me a visit, hehe X) The only regret I have was not having my digicam with me at that time to capture the moment~ =(

10) The One That Got Away =P

The last but not least of my favorite highlights of 2011 was I finally brave enough to took the challenge of uploading my very own Youtube video, hehe =P I'm not even close to perfect but I'm very2 proud of myself for going through the motion and producing my very first Youtube cover... I now have a brand new respect for all the Youtubers because it's not as easy as it look, my singing and plucking were all over the place and I couldn't trust myself to speak even a little in this video because I'm afraid my voice will betray me, hahaha =D I do get a lot of positive reviews from my friends, and I'm looking forward to produce more covers in the future ^^

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