Style Diary : Down To Earth

There's nothing make me feel more in sync with the nature than wearing an earthy shades all over. Ironically, this is what I chose to wear for our indoor outing to Ikea last weekend. If you knew me well, you probably figured out how much hate I have for crowded places so we came early to avoid the massive crowd and got the aisle completely to ourselves for a quickie OOTD session before finishing up with a little home shopping.

I have to admit that I'm not as adventurous as I want to be. Nude, brown, beige; all these colors really make me feels comfortable in my own skin. It's safe and didn't require much effort to pull off and of course, making me look plain and boring too, sigh~ But hey, it's all about how you style it and I think I did it right with the combination of Adritia top from Kami Idea, Scha pleated culottes from EH! x FashionValet and The Oops Duck from Duck.

Scarf | dUCk
Top | Kami Idea
Bottom | EH! x FashionValet
Bag | Kate Spade
Shoes | Nose

To make it even more earthy, I matched it with my beige Nose heels and Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise bag that I've got for years. Most of the items I worn here is no longer available, I purchased all these when it's on sale btw so yes, as outdated as it may seem, I'm just happy that I don't have to spend much for outfit that I like. Are you into neutral shades too? Share with me your thoughts and until then, have an awesome week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. Wahh! The outfit combination is great! Bila tah nak beli duck ni. Huhuhuu..
    By the way, Congratulation! dah ada style diary taw skrg. I loike! Yeayyy..

    1. Insyallah ada rezeki lebih boleh la beli nnti =) Saje je gedik nak buat OOTD post gak, kalau x mmg berabuk la blog ni, hehe =P


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