[Tips & Tricks] Froyo Fantasy with Nestle Natural Set Yogurt...

Are you aware of the rise of frozen yogurt @ froyo outlets all over the city? Well, I'm not the one who like to miss anything so yes, I'm a big fan just like the rest of you out there =) Unfortunately, my addiction really burns a huge hole in my pocket and I've been searching high and low for a cheaper and healthier alternative. But what if I can make my own froyo? My problem will be solved and I can eat as much as I can, weeee~ \\^_^//

The most crucial thing in preparing my homemade froyo is of course, the yogurt itself. I'm not getting any younger so I try my best to adopt a healthier lifestyle without compromise all the fun. Nestle Natural Set Yogurt is definitely the answer, it's low in fat (100g serving only contains 57kcal & 1.6g fat), complete with calcium and have no artificial coloring or sugar added. It's also very reasonably price, only RM5.79 for 470g tube, quite a steal isn't it?

Here's what you gonna need for this recipe. Nestle Natural Set Yogurt obviously, sugar, vanilla essence and last but not least are the toppings of your choice. If you're diabetic, you can opt for other sugar substitutes such as Stevia or Sucralose. The condiments can be anything you love; fruits chunks, honey, hazelnut, biscuits and so much more! Since I like to keep it simple; chocolate rice, a little sprinkles and cherries sounds good enough for me =) Let's move on to the recipe, shall we?

STEP 1 : 
Pour 2 cups of Nestle Natural Set Yogurt, a cup of sugar and 2 tablespoon of vanilla essence in a bowl and stir it together until it blends well and the sugar dissolve in the mixture. 

STEP 2 : 
Cover your mixture with an aluminum foil/plastic wrap and freeze it for 60 minutes. This is totally up to you, if you prefer a firmer consistency, you can leave it for a few hours.

STEP 3 : 
Scoop out the froyo from the freezer and start decorating with your favorite dressing to compliment it. Now, it's ready to be served ❤_

Easy right? Okay, the texture might be a little different than your regular froyo and what I've in mind but it taste about the same, so I'll consider my froyo experiment a success no less, lol If you feel like give it a try, just let me know how's your froyo turns out, promise? For more recipe and information about Nestle Natural Yogurt Set, do check out the site here. Until then, have a wonderful weekend everyone and take care, adieu~


  1. Assalamualaikum Ayna,

    What a simple recipe to make a froyo. Well i like eating Froyo's too, but the price is just to steep at times. Only tried once but i forgot the name of the shop, love the manggo froyo, so refreshing than the normal ice cream. In Shaa Allah will give this recipe a try, maybe blend a little fruit and add into the mix before freezing it. ^_^

    1. W'slm Melissa dear, I don't think any normal human being can resist Froyo but the price can be a turn off sometimes =( Btw, you really have a great idea you there, I'm feeling excited to give it a try too =) Thanks sweetie <3

  2. Replies
    1. Yummy it is, Illy =) Cube jgn x cube, hehe =P

  3. Best2. Can add raspberries or blueberries. Mango pun sedap. Nyumsss!

    1. Thank you Chef Sabby for the idea, nanti kite try test, heee~ =)


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