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I'm having a hard time to believe that 2013 will be leaving us very very soon T_T In less than 24 hours, we will be moving to a new year, 2014 and of course sadly I'm not getting any younger, sigh~ I feel like I still have lots of things to prove and achieve in my life despite how wonderful 2013 turns out to be... I really hope 2014 will be a good one for me cause I have big plans coming up next year, wink2

To celebrate the end of 2013 and my blog 5th year anniversary, I'm throwing a special giveaway for all of you out there who support my writing throughout the years; from my first blog post 5 years ago to this day!!! I can't thank you enough for all the love and kind words. You really make the whole journey a very fabulous and memorable one, muahsssss ❤ 

I'll make it very easy for you, just complete the Rafflecopter requirements below and you could win a Limited Edition Anna Sui Makeup Collection or 4 other surprise gifts @_@ This giveaway will be running until 14th January 2014 and open exclusively for Malaysian residents. Winners will be chosen randomly so submit your entry now!!! Until then, Good Luck & Happy New Year lovelies, adieu~

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  1. 5 awesome things :
    1) Get opportunity for sponsored post
    2) Getaway with bloggers
    3) Achieve 2000+ follower for my blog
    4) New friends
    5) more exposed to beuaty products

    My email : anis_sempoigurlz@yahoo.com

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Ayna! <3
    5 Awesome things I did this year:

    Firstly, I am glad that I have join Butterfly Project Malaysia in the beggining of this year which makes blogging a part of my life now and I get to know to different beauty brands and products which I do not know before this and I am glad to learn from all the awesome beauty bloggers and I sincerely thank them for teaching me so much beauty related knowledges.

    Secondly, I successfully graduated this year on last August after so many years of being a student, I would say, FINALLY!!! But that doesn't mean I would stop learning from now on, it is just another door being open for me to expose myself into new chapter of life and what else, Keep fighting, yeap aza-aza fighting!

    Thirdly, celebrated my birthday, it was an awesome one because my boyfriend cook a nice dinner for me and my family and indeed it is a beautiful night and memorable ones. Also, celebrated my fifth anniversary this year with my boyfriend and we have a nice dinner together as well.

    Fourthly, I am very very happy because I have a really awesome and enjoyable family trip last Novermber with my family to Korea (Seoul+ Jeju Island). Inside my heart, I am very contented and grateful for this and no words can describe how much I love my family and my beloved and of course to those who love me. Thank You!

    Finally, the fifth one, I successfully got myself a job and I am totally speechless for being blessed with so many stuff this year and dipermudahkan rezeki, and this was the latest news because I just received the call yesterday evening. =) Really thankful for that.

    This is an awesome questions Ayna, will keep refresh this page and read others' comment on their most memorable memories this year!! Take care always!

  3. Ops, too excited on writing until i forgot to insert my email. Happy New Year to you yea, congrats for the 5th anniversary celebration for this blog and continue being one of the awesome admin in Butterfly Project! =)

    Email: abigaila1981@gmail.com
    Blog: http://abigaila1981.blogspot.com/

  4. 1. Travel with friends as before this usually travel with friends.
    2.Joining Butterfly Project that make me learn a lot in blogging
    3. Win a return flight ticket from the contest
    4. Send a surprise postcard to parents during parents day
    5. Meet new friends via blog and exchange postcard.

    Ayna,Happy 2014!


  5. 5 Awesome Things 2013 :

    1. Birthday gift for my Mom & Dad.
    2. Engagement ceremony.
    3. Urban Decay Naked palette from my Fiance.
    4. Big haul Real Techniques brushes.
    5. Shopping, Shopping & Shopping.

    Thank you, Mizz Ayna. :)

    Email : sj_mdy@yahoo.com
    Blog : www.allaboutmeputeripanda.blogspot.com

  6. 5 awesome things happen to me on 2013 :
    1) I stand a chance to active on blogging and get an opportunity for sponsored post
    2) I meet new friends especially on my media social life and we become a friend in real life as well
    3) my family started to support me on my blogging life..horeyyyyy!!
    4) I got to go for a getaway with my blogger friends..Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia..
    5) continue my further study on my degree level..Alhamdulillah

    All of this was a rezeki from Allah, Thanks to the Mighty Allah for giving me a great memory and experience :)

    My email : syafiqah_girlz@yahoo.com.my

  7. For me the 5 awesome things that i did this year (well mostly sponsored by my husband) is:-
    1. Renovating and extending our kitchen.
    2. Had proper kitchen cabinets after so many years.
    3. Alhamdulillah expecting with my 2nd child, after trying for almost a year.
    4. Joining the Butterfly Project Tea Party and meeting so many new faces and made new friends along the way.
    5. Even though this might sound little to others, but potty training my 3Y girl successfully is definitely one of the awesomest and proudest i've ever felt. No more spending on disposable diapers... ^_^

  8. Oh yeah and my email is melissamah@gmail.com... ^_^

  9. Hi Ayna.
    My 5 Awesome Things in 2013 :
    1. Get my driving license.
    2. Get active in my favourite sport, netball.
    3. My first year in University life.
    4. Join the awesome The Butterfly Project and meeting this awesome community.
    5. Develop my skills and passion in blogging world.

    Thanks :)
    My email :

  10. 5 awesome things in 2013:
    1. First time fine dining with boyfriend
    2. Travelled to Bangkok on Christmas
    3. Sister got married finally!
    4. 3 months internship at Big 5 accounting firm
    5. Meet my favourite artist, CN BLUE

    And my email is josephine_0909@hotmail.com

  11. Kak ayna!!!nk2!!!

    Ok 5 awesome thing I did this year would b...

    1) Started blogging! I always love sharing my days,love makeup, sugar spice n everything nice;)

    2)Joining the butterfly project and meet awesome inspiring people like you ...I ♡ my butterflies friend

    3) Join community service in my hospital...meeting old people and doing health check...i love intteracting with people outside my hospital.

    4) Having fun at the orphanage house and see how they live everyday..make adik angkat...and give them teddy's...the joy of giving..

    5) There are a lot lot lot awesome things i wanna say...but one most dream achieving is going makeup2 at Benefit cosmetics with butterflies...

    6) would be winning thos awesome giveaway;)

    Thank you akk for this awesome giveaway...hope all your wishes came true and get married soon...mine is in 2015..hehe...


  12. Such a lovely giveaway! ^^

    5 awesome things in 2013:
    1) Met lots of new blogger friends!
    2) Collaborated to do some amazing and fun blog posts with various brands
    3) Anime Festival Asia 2013
    4) Watched premiere screening of The Hobbit in IMAX 3D
    5) Joined the EXO fandom (lol)

    Email: Laura1990my [at] hotmail.com

  13. want to know my 5 awesome things i did in 2013?

    1. Joining The Butterfly Projects Malaysia
    2. Barcelona work trip
    3. Start to drink Kinohimitsu
    4. Won movie tickets to Nuffnang movie premier more than once!
    5. Joining StyleHaul - Youtube Partner.

  14. Aish. Forgot to add my email


  15. Tell me 5 awesome things you did this year

    - away from country for 6 months
    - featured in Utusan (28 Dec) - Blogger Pilihan Utusan
    - join Tourism Trip for promoting Visit Malaysia 2014
    - meet new friends (bloggers)
    - been random tourist guide in London

    my email :

    THANK YOU AYNA.... :)

  16. 1 active blogging
    2 join butterfly project
    3 go events
    4 meet new bloggers and friends
    5 go movie premiere


  17. Hey Ayna, I'm Ika. Firstly nice to meet u here..
    ermm Actually 2013 a little bit hard for me .....

    but 5 awesome thing that i did last year (2013):
    1)Alhamdulillah Finally graduate in BBA in Finance.

    2) Start blogging about beauty products when i realize i totally love makeup and always read about it from other blogger . Previously only blogging about random things.

    3) I finally realize that Coconut ice cream is the best is cream that i eat in the world. Put a baskin robin aside please. . You cannot find it in Malaysia because this is Handmade ice cream from Thailand. The taste is walla awesome

    4) First time i know the beauty box concept. Actually this the best cos u need to pay a really minimum amount of money to received something good sometime really unexpected brand such Laura Mercier ..

    5) coincidentally I found VANILLA PERFUME IN EDP concentration. Vanilla perfume in EDP not easily been found, and this perfume be my signature scents. love my vanilla perfume

    I hope i could win one of this giveaway gifts to cheer me up for the "long long 2013"

    email: ikathequeen@yahoo.com

  18. 5 the best year 2013

    1. Back to Malaysia for good
    2. On tv astro n MHI tv3
    3. Members the butterfly projects
    4. Penjara sejahtera project. Masuk penjara sehari
    5. Met d bloggers for gd network.

    Gd luck for me n ols

  19. Follower Id : Kim
    Email: belovebaobei@gmail.com
    1. Met Johor butterfly :)
    2. Active blogging n learning
    3.first time attend Halloween party
    4.imax 3d experience

  20. Sory the fifth is my mum get well from hospital. :)
    Follower Id Kim

  21. hmmmm 5 awesome things.
    1. Bought my own camera *throw confetti*
    2. Meet many new blogger friends
    3. Passed my probation period
    4. Managed to go overseas trip with my own salary
    5. Spend more time with my family


    Congrats Ayna!!!! Happy to be a part of butterfly project and meet you in person ^^

  22. 5 AWESOME things I did last year:

    1) Featured on Hijabista magazine for 2 times
    2) Meet awesome bloggers including mizz ayna thanks to the butterfly project malaysia
    3) I went to Cambodia visiting less fortunate people
    4) Become a productive blogger for non-sponsored reviews.
    5) Able to try new things and share it on my blog

    Email: superxoxostar@gmail.com

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  23. Hey Ayna !! 5 Awesome things I have done this year is...

    1. I experimented with my hair by dyeing it with all the color I can think of ! hahaah
    2. Met a lot of new friends joining butterfly community ! Woohooo
    3. Own my very first eyeshadow palette from Sleek.
    4. Visited bangkok the shopping paradise ! and I came back with extra baggage... >.<
    5. Attended my bff's engagement party and she makes me wanna get married too ! hahaah


    Thanks AYna for the awesome pawesome giveaway !!! ANNA SUI !!!

  24. Hi Ayna..sharing my 5 awesome things that happened last year..phew
    1. Sending my Aisyah to real school for the very first time..such mixed feelings..
    2. Starting my online bookshop via FB http://www.facebook.com/bookarena13 ..finally! love it!
    3. Winning the Big Bad Wolf Booksale Preview pass for 2014! awuuuuuuu!!!
    4.Won lotsa book vouchers ...I am not usually lucky..never win any lucky draw or spin'n'win at all b4..:D
    5.Surprise Birthday Bash by ex- schoolmates..priceless..I was totally speechless..and felt so loved ;)

    well..2013 had it's share of ups and downs for me..but look for the rainbows after the storm..and even if there were storm, the gushing waters' are always great and thunderbolts are a magnificent sight..just feel happy to be able to live and breath the air..
    wishing you and everyone a greater 2014..

    thanks Ayna..for sharing a lot of fun with us! ;D

  25. 5 awesome things that happened!

    1. Join Butterfly Community
    2. Went to Super Junior Super Show 5 concert
    3. Move back home after more than 7 years living apart from my parent (boarding school, matriculation, university)
    4. Improve my Korean tremendously! I now can at least watch shows without subtitles and actually know what they are talking about (most of the time)
    5. First time holiday gateway with family after more than 3 years of 'no real holiday'


  26. Hi babe, these are my 5 awesome things happened in 2013!

    1. Joined The Butterfly Project for the first time in April and it changes my life completely.
    2. My sister gave birth to a baby boy! Yeay another addition to the family! :)
    3. Visited Perth for a holiday and it was a blast.
    4. My parents finally got to meet my boyfriend, and yes that is a super good news. :D
    5. Being active in blogging helps me to gain more opportunities. Advertorial, get to know new products, new friends, oh gosh so much more. I'm so happy with my blog's achievement this year. :)

    Email : sabbyprue10@gmail.com

    Happy new year babe! :)

  27. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Here's five awesome things that happened last year.
    1) I met jericho rosales my childhood dream
    2) I met the one and only anna suitable
    3) I joined the butterfly project and blogger community
    4) I went for three concerts!!
    5) I travelled

    I hope I win th one awesome anna sui products


  28. 5 awesome things that happened last year?

    1. Most probably the London trip I went back in April, it was indeed a childhood dream came true.
    2. The fact that I actually embarked on my first solo travel session, scary, but worth every moment.
    3. Got my first tattoo? Hahahah that's a milestone.
    4. Getting to know the awesome blogging communities and meeting alot of new people. Never regret the day I first joined The Butterfly Project! Such an honour, and its so fun to meet all the other girls ;)
    5. The fifth? To restart blogging again. It's been truly fun.

    2013 for me was full of ups and down, and I had my own personal reason to this although I refused to let it deter me from my goals.

    Happy 5th year anniversary Ayna, that's a really hugeeee achievement ;) Have a blessed new year and all the best! hugs & kisses and hope to see you on the next event ;)


  29. Salam hi. My awesome things for 2013 will be:

    1. Bought lipsticks collections from MAC, Dior & Chanel.
    2. Bought books collections of Cecilia Ahern from Aussie.
    3. Spending autumn in Adelaide.
    4. Spending winter in Melbourne.
    5. And spending time with family <3

    email: mai8884@yahoo.com

    Take care:))

  30. Olla Ayna!! Guess who's here finally :p Nasib baik tak miss, hehe! Here's my answer :

    1. Getting to know The Butterfly Project Malaysia with all the happening Butterflies of it
    2. I get back on track to blogging again after years of "the undead" living on my blog :p
    3. First time ever getting sponsored for blog posts
    4. Gets 2 medals in archery
    5. Going strong with my study life which is kind of an epic war, managed to stay alive and in good condition XD


    Thanks for the giveaway Ayna ^_^ semoga murah rezeki!!

  31. Hi Ayna!! Oh gosh, 5 awesome things I did this year are:

    1. Be a blogger ambassador for HP Malaysia. There are only 6 blogger ambassadors in Malaysia. I'm happy!
    2. Getting to know many awesome beauty bloggers at The Butterfly Project Malaysia. You girls open a door for me to feel young again. Hehehe.
    3. Finally can cook Asam Pedas very well. After 7 years married, finally hubby said, "haa... berjaya masak asam pedas macam orang Melaka". Erk... what????
    4. I lost weight... 5kg to be exact without any diet but eat regularly and exercise. Awesome!
    5. First time do waxing at Bubble Gum Wax... ouch!

    email : estli82@yahoo.com

    Ayna, thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Hi Ayna!! Oh gosh, 5 awesome things I did this year are:

    1. Be a blogger ambassador for HP Malaysia. There are only 6 blogger ambassadors in Malaysia. I'm happy!
    2. Getting to know many awesome beauty bloggers at The Butterfly Project Malaysia. You girls open a door for me to feel young again. Hehehe.
    3. Finally can cook Asam Pedas very well. After 7 years married, finally hubby said, "haa... berjaya masak asam pedas macam orang Melaka". Erk... what????
    4. I lost weight... 5kg to be exact without any diet but eat regularly and exercise. Awesome!
    5. First time do waxing at Bubble Gum Wax... ouch!

    email : estli82@yahoo.com

    Ayna, thanks for the giveaway.

  33. 5 awesome things I did:

    1. Had a 3-months-trip in Taiwan on my own
    2. Finally be a final year student of Chemical Engineering
    3. Did an awesome research on membrane separation
    4. Changed my new hair colour
    5. Successfully maintaining my good academic result

    email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk

  34. Am guessing you meant 2013 babe. Anyway:

    1. Went to Korea for the first time
    2. Became a "butterfly"
    3. Met a few relatives I'd never met before
    4. Got my first book for review from the author himself!
    5. Finally started blogging again (now with a new blog too!)

  35. 5 awesome things that did in 2013.
    1. Got a super caring bf
    2. Family finance problem got stable
    3. Daddy getting happier and healtier
    4. Got into a university college
    5. Got awesome modeling experience

  36. 5 things happened in 2013
    1. Got a caring bf
    2. Daddy getting happier and healthier
    3. Family financial problem become more stable
    4. Got into a university
    5. Have great modeling experience

    Email: eatloveplayrachell@gmail.com
    Rachell ho

  37. Hi.. So 5 awesome things I did in 2013 ..

    1. I found out who my real best friends are, when I went through conflicts.
    2. I went on an extreme roller coaster ride (I hate roller coasters, so this is an achievement!)
    3. I performed for the first time with my keyboard for a formal occasion.
    4. I learned guitar so that I could teach my sister.
    5. I went overseas without my family for the first time.

  38. Hi.. So in 2013..

    1. I went overseas without my family for the first time.
    2. I learned the guitar so I could teach my sister.
    3. I performed with my keyboard for the first time in a formal occasion.
    4. I went on an extreme roller coaster ride (I hate roller coasters, so this is an achievement!)
    5. I found out who my true friends are, when I was going through conflicts.

    email : nadiahsyahira@gmail.com
    Love, Nadia


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