Adieu 2013, Bonjour 2014...

Looking back at 2013, it's hard to miss all the lovely memories that it brings ^_^ I feel like I push myself over and over again, doing things outside of my comfort zone and totally out of my element, things that I never knew I'm capable of... I guess I'm not as physically challenge as I seems to think, hehe =P I asked you before about 5 awesome things you did in 2013 in my previous giveaway here and today I'm gonna share my very own Top 5 moments from my point of view... Let's join me revisit the memories together, shall we? ❤_❤

This is one of the most unique experience that I had in my life. I always look up to those who unselfishly serve the country whether it's army, police, marine or firefighter. We watch them all the time in television and movies but catching them in action is totally different story. What makes it even more special, I get the opportunity to play firefighter too =) It might look easy but wearing the heavy suit alone can caused you shortness of breath, imagine going through the fire and rescuing people with it... I develop a huge respect for all the firemen out there from that day on, you guys are truly awesome!!!

Someone very wise told me, you must do Brazilian before you hit 30. So, that's exactly what I did to celebrate the fabulous 29 years I had in 2013. Thanks to The Butterfly Project, I finally come around to do it after contemplating about it for years. Honestly, I never thought I've the courage to go through with it considering how low my pain threshold actually is but getting bare and naked down there is not as painful as I seems think. I went home feeling absolutely free and happy as I manage to achieve another things in my before I'm going 30 to do list, wink2

I surprise myself last year by agreeing to undergo a rather extreme beauty procedure known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which involve a lot of blood and needles, a combination that I choose to avoid in normal circumstances... Thankfully, with the help of numb cream and Dr Maryati expertise, the pain is bearable and I can feel the improvement within few days. I'm not sure I'm adventurous enough to go through with the treatment again but I'm feeling proud of myself nevertheless because I managed to stay calm until the very end, hee~ You can read the full story here =)

I always tell everyone close to me about my dream of performing in front of live audience and finally in 2013, I challenged myself to do it not one but three times!!! I not only sing, I play ukulele as well during the performance which I think is pretty hard compared to guitar since I'm not used to it but everything work out just fine despite my overwhelming stage fright, lol I'm not anywhere near good yet but it's a good start for me to build my confidence on stage. I hope I can improve myself over time and continue to share my love for music to a larger audience next time around.

Last but not least is my adventure going wrong experience with go-kart. I have to admit that I felt over excited to be behind the wheel of the go-kart car and the moment I start driving it, I completely unaware of how fast that I actually go. Before I knew it, I hit the divider and injured myself quite badly. It's still one of the most daredevil act that I ever did in my life despite unable to finish the race due to my accident T_T If I were given the chance to repeat it all over again, I'll do it in a heartbeat (I'll drive a lot slowly of course, wink2)

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