Sweet Escape @ Vila Manja...

Feeling restless and badly in need for an outlet to unwind? Longed for your own sweet escape that won’t cost you dearly? Looking for somewhere private yet still in the close proximity of your city life? Sounds impossible and too good to be true, right? Well ladies, I know exactly what you need & let me prescribe you something that will ease your stress. Don’t worry, it won’t involve any illegal medicine or activity, LOL

Before that, I want you to meet my new favourite companion; Worthy Book – Ladies Edition =) I’m sure you must be wondering what’s so special about this book and why you should get one? If you're the girly gal type like me who constantly hunting for the best beauty deals in town, this book definitely created with you in mind. Everything from shopping, slimming to pampering sessions, you can have it all at a fraction from it's normal price! Sweet~ n_n

Still having doubts about it? Last week, me & 5 other beautiful ladies decided to take our Worthy Book - Ladies Edition for a spin at one of the spa featured here, Vila Manja. Located at the heart of KL, this spa ironically is one of the most peaceful place I've ever been to besides a library, hehe =P From the moment we enter the villa, we were dazzled by the beautiful sight and relaxing traditional tune right away. Beautiful isn't it? ^_^

Vila Manja ladies, it's not just any spa... It have been rewarded as The Best City Spa by Expatriate Lifestyle Travel Awards in 2007! Every customers will be treated like royalties regardless your lack of status or hierarchy =) There are 4 Vila Manja deals available in the Worthy Book Ladies Edition and all of us decided to use our Buy 1 Free 1 vouchers for 60 minutes of Manja Relaxing Body Massage worth RM158. So yes, we practically pay only half of the amount for the treatment, weeee~

Manja Relaxing Body Massage is highly influenced by the Indonesian body treatment which concentrate more on giving you soothing and continuous strokes all over the body while attending to specific body points to relieve sores and aches. I can't really stand hard pressure so I personally asked my masseuse to handle me with care, wink2 Did I tell you about our spacious room yet? It can fit like up to 5 people at times! There are lots of other room here as well too, I can smell a party coming, hehe =P

Before the treatment started, we were given a sarong, towels, shower cap and disposable panty to change into. The massage treatment was so comforting and I dozed off faster than I planned to =) The 60 minutes really re-energize and recharge me! Right after the treatment I have like endless energy moving from one corner to another taking pictures and having fun with the ladies. All of us look contented and glowing, don't you think? ❤_

We have Only Beauty , Worthy Book and Vila Manja to thank for our awesome day. Feel free to visit their sites ladies, you can learn more about their fantastic deals and promotions there =) Worthy Book - Ladies Edition is retail at RM29.90 and can be purchase from selected local bookstores. Besides the Vila Manja vouchers, there are over 110 vouchers worth over RM12,000 in discounts & freebies available in here. Don't miss out the 100% FREE vouchers from Worthy Book - Ladies Edition too if you already have the book :-

FREE 1x New York Skin facial skin treatment + 1x skincare product kit
FREE 1x Three Sixty Fashion membership card (worth RM250) + Mystery Gifts
FREE 1x SOTHYS 30mins Skinscope + Mystery Gifts
FREE 1x Glow & Glamour Aroma Beauty SPA
FREE 1x De'cleor 30mins My Aromatic Ritual (1-to-1 skincare hands-on workshop)
FREE 1x Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy
FREE 1x Jojoba Spa Hand Paraffin Treatment & Aroma Heart Shape Candle
FREE 1x Kenko trial for Fish Spa Treatment
FREE 1x TREATS Yearly Member Discount Card

Until then, don't forget to spoil yourself silly ladies and have a great day, adieu~

Youthful Glow with Vanity Trove x Kose...

Looking young has always been women obsession for centuries. Back then, they relied heavily on natural resources to help maintain their youthful look and appearance. It's not surprising that most of them still look healthy and beautiful even at their golden age =) Me? I know I look older than I supposed to so yes, anti aging stuff have become one of my top priority now... Thanks to the fast delivery, Vanity Trove x Kose special edition box come just at right time and place ❤_

If you are following the local beauty community, you probably aware that Vanity Trove July box had ignited quite a reaction from the beauty enthusiasts. Some of them love it, some of them not really happy about it. Honestly, I felt a little bit of both. I kind of like the idea of special box collaboration with renowned brand like Kose very much but I'm not that excited about the products size given. I'm hoping for at least one full size item since my previous Vanity Trove boxes never fail to do so =(

As you can see from the above picture, there are 5 deluxe size products and sample sachets from Kose Infinite Young range came with this box. Almost all of them is from their latest Pure Advance collection which just hit the Malaysian market in July. Let's take a closer look at the products shall we? =)

 (1) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel
If you're looking for cleansing oil with gel like texture, this definitely the one you should go for. It's quite different from the regular cleansing oil which I personally think can be quite hard to control and manage. Retail at RM119 for 120g, it's worth checking out if you looking for alternative form of cleansing oil that is travel friendly.

(2) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Serum II
It's actually works to adjust the balance of oil and water in skin which is prone to open pores and rough texture, caused by dryness. It's quite heavy for me and don't absorbs as fast as I want to but it does feel softer once the serum settle in. Price at RM169 for 120ml, it's not really a must have if you're not a fan of heavy consistency serum.

(3) Infinity Kose - Deep Protection UV
This is actually not a part of the Pure Advance range but a very nice addition indeed. Retail at RM118 for 30g, it works by protecting the skin from UV-A and UV-B rays with the highest SPF/PA protection to protect the skin firmness and elasticity. With the harsh Malaysian weather, this can become handy for those who works outdoor a lot. I might have to think twice about giving it another shot though since it does feel oily when applied to my skin.

(4) Infinity Kose Pure Advance Essence Lotion II
 Essence lotion is pretty much like toner, works by rejuvenate and plump up the tired skin with it's natural essence. I like how refreshing it made my skin feels like and how pleasant the scent is against my skin. Price at RM169 for 160ml, I have the feeling that even the full size item wont last me that long, wink2

(5) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Clear Up Wash
I know I should review the cleanser first but a little chaos is kind of interesting, don't you think? =P With it's meringue like bubbles, this face wash removes any sebum and makeup from your skin effectively with only a tiny amount of product. The cheapest of them all at only RM99 for 120g, I will probably buy it just for the texture alone, hehe =P

(6) Infinity Kose - Pure Advance Eye Jelly
If you lucky enough to see my eyes without any makeup, I'm sure you will cringe at the sight of it. It's badly in need of a secret potion that can vanish the signs of aging and make it look more presentable. Unfortunately, this eye jelly which claim can help creating eyes that radiate with a vibrant impression can't last me long enough to see the improvement =( I'm still in my never ending quest to find the perfect eye cream though, may the force be with me~ Retail at RM180 for 20g, go grab it if you're a big fan of eye jelly.

Before I forget, there's also a voucher given in this box to redeem a FREE trendy pouch and skin consultation & analysis with any purchase from Kose Infinity Pure Advance range. Check out Kose Malaysia FB page or their website here for more information about the products. Vanity Trove beauty box is retail at RM50 and can be purchase through their website link here. Do visit Vanity Trove FB page for more updates and beauty promotion =) Till then, have a fabulous Sunday & stay forever young ladies, adieu~

Beauty Spree @ Only Beauty...

How's your Raya shopping going on, girls? I'm sure you have your Raya outfits figured out already =) But what about your Raya cosmetics? Well, if you still didn't have anything yet and looking for something that's affordable and from well known brands, Only Beauty Warehouse Sales is definitely your answer @_@

Only Beauty is currently touring all over Malaysia to bring the awesome L'Oreal Sales to each hot state and the next stop will be at Johor Bahru!!! So Johorean, there are tons of fabulous stuff from L'Oreal, Maybelline and Garnier at bargain price just for you out there, that can help you look your best for your upcoming Raya celebration, wink2 

There's more of course; during the sales event, Only Beauty will be giving away FREE Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liners (worth RM26.90) and Maybelline BB Lips (worth RM9.90) too, weeeeee~ All you have to do is simply LIKE. SHARE and SIGN UP for the freebies at http://goo.gl/PyBuL or http://goo.gl/RuWsl  ❤_❤ For more information, please visit Only Beauty FB page link here or their official website here =) Till then, see you there this weekend girls & good nite~

Close To You with Samsung...

Going through my Raya photos always bring back smiles and laughter to my day =) When me and my 6 other siblings united, it's pretty much like watching episodes from Keeping Up With The Kardashian; we can be very loud and noisy, fulls of drama and energy and we love to irritate each other consistently, hehe =P

Raya Scene 1 : Alien Resurrection

 Raya Scene 2 : The Fight Club

Raya is more than just a public holiday to all of us... We bonded like never before, getting closer to each other by sharing our ups and downs stories, seek forgiveness from one another and celebrate our special day happily together since Raya is probably the only time we all can be at the same time and place~ =_=

Raya Scene 3 : Freaky Friday

Raya Scene 4 : I Know What You Did Last Summer

Despite all that, we always enjoy the moment we have to the fullest and creating memories to live for years~ But photos alone I'm afraid, can't make up for the presence of my siblings who I missed dearly and rarely met T_T I hope for this upcoming Raya, we can captured our time together in another medium instead... Wondering what I have in mind?

A brand new Samsung NX2000 of course =) With it's amazing capability to shoot Full HD 1080/30p video, smooth and professional looking video is no longer a mystery and I can re-live our precious time over and over again through the video, weeeeeee~ Besides that, this camera also come with ultra-sensitive 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor that allows you to create images full of detail with colors that fire up your imagination.

Who in the right mind can resist a beauty like this right? So SAMSUNG if you read this, please oh please make my Raya wish come true, I truly need a fabulous camera that's sleek and chic with fast forward functions to help photography catastrophe like me to enhance my lovely family's Raya experience and documenting our precious moments together ❤_ 

Do you have any interesting Raya photos worth sharing? Upload yours now at Samsung Potraits of Raya website here and who knows you could win yourself cool movie treats for your family, wink2 Before I'm signing off, check out the heartwarming Samsung's 2013 Raya commercial above and I challenge you to look straight into my eyes and tell me you didn't feel anything... Till then, love the people who loves you & adieu~

Keep Calm & Relax @ Amante...

Whenever I think of the word calm, my oh so genius brain will automatically flashing series of heavenly spa image, persuading me ever so subtlety to book a massage session and flushing away all the tension =P Thanks to The Butterfly Project, me and 29 other lucky bloggers were selected to unwind and relax at the biggest Amante Nail Spa & Body Care premises to date at Sri Petaling for our Massage Party, weeeeee~

For those out there who still unsure what The Butterfly Project is all about, it's actually a non profit community founded by Tammy to encourage beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there to find their own voice, goals and dreams through monthly activities designed and engineered exclusively by The Butterfly Project =) As one of The Butterfly Project SWAT team, me and 2 other girls (Illy & Laura) helping out Tammy in every way we can to support her selfless mission which borne out of love for the group ❤_❤

The Butterfly Project 'Massage Party' was our special collaboration with Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Ask Joey The Sweetest Party and last but not least Photobooth Malaysia. Thanks to all the lovely sponsors, we have a very relaxing day complete with delicious food spread from Teafanni Patisserie which I previously rave about here and French music on the air all day long, isn't it lovely? @_@

Back to the party, my role that day pretty much like a hostess (or GRO if you prefer, lol) So yes, basically I'm in charge of entertaining the guests and keep them occupied with my charming banter, wink2 Since I love working around people and talkative by nature, I came early feeling excited and thrilled to get the party started.

When I first stepped in Amante Sri Petaling, I felt like I've been transported to another continent... I mean, the lingering scent of lemongrass, warm greetings from the staff and of course the very pretty party decoration definitely scream awesome faster than I can even spell it!!! Ask Joey really did a wonderful job at decorating the whole place. Everything from the mint and white lantern, the fancy cookies, the party props and the cute signs made me smiling up to my ears all day =)

The bloggers were given a chance to choose between Amante's signature Aromatherapy Massage or Hot Stone Massage and while waiting for available slot, they can do manicure or pedicure, having their brunch, taking photos at the photobooth area or just rest and relax. I try to make all the girls feel very much at home while Tammy doing what she do best, making everybody as happy as they can be, wink2 

I'm having so much fun playing my part that I purposely skip my complimentary Amante massage and ignoring the delicious desserts, hee~ Nothing I like more than being around these girls and spreading the butterfly love ❤ I met lots of familiar faces that day and some new ones too =) All of them looks like they really need a massage and thanks to Amante, everyone were given a surprise review treat and a wonderful relaxing diffuser to recreate their spa mood at home =P 

Feeling the need to drain out all your aches and stress away? Head over to your nearest Amante from 19th July to 21st July to enjoy either FREE Aromatherapy Massage / Hot Stone Massage / Manicure / Lymphatic Detoxification or you can purchase treatment vouchers up to 70% discounts!!! Make your way to Amante a.s.a.p girls cause all the promotion is only on first come & first serve basis =) Till then, keep calm and have a fabulous weekend lovelies, muahsss ^_^

Wash Away with Ciracle...

How do you prefer your face cleanser to looks like ladies? Gel, liquid or foam? Well, there's a new type of cleanser you should know about, it's the Powder Wash from Ciracle @_@ Ciracle Powder Wash works by cleansing your face mildly and deeply while removing dead skin cells, skin waste, makeup residues and not to forget delivers massaging effect through its Enzym Wash, awesome? Wait till you read it's secret recipe, wink2

Derived from unique cleansing sources such as Papaya, Willow Bark extract and Vitamin C; Ciracle Powder Wash can help to keep your skin moist, healthy and prevent skin troubles. Don't worry if you have sensitive skin my dear, with corn starch as the key ingredient, your skin inflammation problem would be ancient history, hehe =P

What I love the most about this cleanser is how very convenient to bring it for traveling~ I happily bring it during my recent Phuket trip since It's so much lighter, fuss free and won't be taken under custody at the airport, haha =D Whenever you wanna cleanse your face, just pour the powder wash into the palm of your hand, mix it with water, gently rub both hands until it creates foam and apply it all over your face to start cleansing =)

Wondering how you can get your hands on this stuff? Check out my previous post on Ciracle here or you can just click at this link to start exploring Ciracle range of products from the comfort of your home, wink2 Ciracle Powder Wash is retail at RM56 and works well with all skin types. I love how soft and clean my skin feels after using it and I'm pretty sure sensitive skin girls out there will loving this too Till then, Happy Friday everyone, adieu~ 

Art & Heart @ Esse Gives Back...

Art to me is more than just an illustration of feelings; it have the ability to evoke certain emotions and touch people heart in a way that words sometimes couldn't...  Believing in the power of art, Esse Organic Skincare Malaysia initiate a special event centering around art and children to help raising funds and awareness for the underprivileged kids home, SHELTER  ❤_❤ 

Esse Gives Back is a one day charity art sale event; happening on 19th July 2013 from 11am to 7pm at Annexe Gallery, Central Market where 100 paintings from children all around the world will be auction and the proceeds will goes to SHELTER, Home for children in Malaysia. SHELTER founded in 1981 by a group of seven friends who make it their mission to protect abused, abandoned, neglected and at-risk children. SHELTER helping the children to move forward by educating, guiding and healing them in a fun and loving environment.

At this moment, there are 3 SHELTER homes in Klang Valley area which focus into 3 different groups. SHELTER 1 (children 4-12 years old) and SHELTER 3 (teenage boys) located at Petaling Jaya,  meanwhile SHELTER 2 (teenage girls) location is in Kuala Lumpur. To manage these 3 homes, SHELTER needs all the help they can get from volunteering to raising funds in order to sustain their operation. 

You too can do your part to support their noble cause by purchasing the artwork, joining the event or even by spreading the words. For more information, please check out Esse Gives Back link here or SHELTER FB page here on how to participate and helping out the unfortunate kids. Till then, count your blessings girls and good night =)

[Tips & Tricks] Vanishing Act with Vanish...

If you think that undomestic goddess like me didn't do our own laundry, well you better think again =) I may not be your typical desperate housewives' material, but I do make it my business to know about my clothes tender care inside out. When it comes to cleaning, I trust only a few and my secret to combat all the nasty stain? It's none other than Vanish Power O2 fabric stain remover _   

Since I'm not that kind of girl who air my dirty laundry in public (literally and figuratively =P) ; I decided to put Vanish Power O2 to the test with my favorite stuff instead @_@ In this little experiment of mine, I use a plain white t-shirt that I always save for a rainy day like this and my everyday makeup ritual items which consist of Nars Orgasm Blusher + Makeup Forever HD Foundation + Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm and Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara

Okay I must admit I'm not as artsy as I think, what I have in mind clearly doesn't illustrate that well in reality, sigh~ I can't believe with all the wonderful products and colors I can only come out with this, haha =D But afraid not girls, if your art project didn't go as well as you planned, Vanish Power O2 can come to your rescue and save your fabric from the stain, yeay!!!

Removing stains never been so easy with Vanish Power O2, you can say goodbye to the old school cleaning method which is a lot more exhausting and difficult =( Here's my step by step guide to get rid of makeup stain from your white clothes :-

(1) Treat your stain first before start cleaning. I used a wet tissue to blot out the stain especially the foundation which is more stubborn than the rest.
(2) Add in 4 litres of warm water (approximately 40 °C) to your basin.
(3) Fully dissolve 1 scoop of Vanish Power O2 Crystal White with the warm water.
(4) Soak your garment for 6 to 12 hours for best results and wash as usual or rinse thoroughly afterward.

Thanks to Vanish Power O2, 8 hours later my t-shirt look very much like the way I bought it with whiter than white shade, weeee~ Wondering how Vanish Power O2 works it magic? Vanish Power O2 with it's special formula that contains Oxi Powerlift agents, penetrate and lift the stain first time and with it's whitening ingredients, helps retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing =)

Don't worry if you have other than white fabrics, you can use the pink Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover instead which can help removing stains from both white and coloured clothing. With only RM13.80, it's a very great investment for your future mishap. You never know when any unfortunate turns of event might happen, right? By having one in your home, you can save your precious outfit from ruin forever and keep it stain-free ❤_

Still having trouble believing me? Well, you can give Vanish Power O2 a test of your own too~ Simply click on this link http://bit.ly/1aIkd2I and fill up the form to get Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover sample deliver to your doorstep. Sweet isn't it? Well, you're in for another surprise ladies!!! There's also a contest going on right now at Vanish Malaysia website where you can participate by uploading your "Vanishing Acts" stories here =)

There are tons of prizes waiting to be won from 32" LED televisions, washing machines, two door fridges to Vanish products *happy dance* You can submit up to 3 entries and ask your friends and family to vote for you for a higher chance of winning @_@ I already uploaded mine and if you love my entry, feel free to vote for me, hee~ _ (It'll be super fantastic if I can give my mum a brand new washing machine for her birthday this December =P) Till then, enjoy your weekend and don't forget to do your laundry girls, adieu~

Japanese Breeze with K-Palette...

The last time I go crazy over anything Japanese was like a decade ago, a phase that I finally overcome after I get my first taste of sushi, LOL Japanese cosmetics however is a territory that I never really feel like exploring due to the lack of kawaii-ness factor with my face feature T_T Thanks to Manoah Consulting invite, I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and decided to give K-Palette a shot, a decision I regret not, wink2

Little that I know, K-Palette actually producing one of the most sought after eyeliner in Japan @_@ Eyeliner if you didn't know, happened to be one of the beauty item that I can't live without!!! I will look seriously ill if I didn't use any so an opportunity to learn more about the bestselling eyeliner definitely look appealing to me =) For our special workshop, K-Palette flew in not one but 3 of their important people; Mr. Kinoshita (president), Miss Inagaki (makeup artist) and not to forget Mr Suzuki (translator) to introduce their unique product range to Malaysian market.

With more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Miss Inagaki have tons of tips and tricks up her sleeve and she shared with us a very interesting approach to wear makeup that day which is by determining your face type. There are several characteristic to be consider first by the way; such as your face length, forehead size, the distance between your eyes and the shape of your eyes before you can ruled out your face type.

Acoording to Miss Inagaki, I have a mixture of cool and cute face; so I should use minimal makeup and focus on my favorite feature to avoid looking older and fiercer. I choose to emphasize my eyes by lining it with K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner in black and curl my lashes with K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lash Perm Mascara in black. As you can see from the above picture, it gave my eyes an intense jet black colour and an obvious long curl lashes without the aid of eyelash curler or even fake eyelashes, yeay~

Besides that, we were given the privilege to be among the first Malaysian to try out K-Palette brand new stuff; K-Palette Real Lasting Tear Tank before it's even available here in the country, awesome right? Instead of hiding your eye bags, K-Palette Real Lasting Tear Tank works by enhancing the appearance of your dark undereye with it's shimmery powder to create the impression of bigger and fuller eyes. If your refer to my dear friend, Illy eyes transformation up here, you'll notice the tremendous difference before and after she's using the product, nice isn't it? ❤_❤

Before the session ends, I grab the opportunity to practise my rusty Japanase lines with Miss Inagaki herself and can't help myself from taking a quick photo with the very pretty makeup guru, hehe =P Thanks to K-Palette, all of us get to bring back home their 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner and 1 Day Tattoo Lash Perm Mascara, weeee~ @_@ If you want to learn more about K-palette, do visit their FB page here or make your way to the nearest pharmacy to try out their fantastic products yourself, you'll love it I'm sure ^_~

p.s : photo credits to Illy Ariffin =)

True Blue with Samsung...

Feeling blue? With Samsung, you have no reasons to =) From designing state of the art gadgets to plan a fabulous event, Samsung definitely know them all, wink2 If you haven't heard about it already, yours truly and almost hundred other bloggers were gathered in an exclusive get to know session with Samsung Malaysia couple of weeks ago by Manoah Consulting at The Pool, Jln Ampang.

We were greeted that day with friendly faces, pretty decoration and cool ambiance, perfect recipe for any party ^_^ Everything from the balloons, flowers, to the runway were beautifully put together in white and blue; in-sync with the Samsung corporate colors ❤_❤

Another awesome stuff about this party, the host thoughtfully prepared a gigantic photobooth for us to capture our wonderful moments with fellow bloggers and friends. I had so much fun fooling around and almost lost track of time playing with the machine. Very immature me, I know =P

Did I mention who's the MC that day? It's Linora Low from my favorite radio station, Red FM, yeay!!! She heated up the mood in lighting speed and making all the bloggers feeling good already before they even eat, hehe =P Soon after that, Don Chan on behalf of Manoah Consulting took over the stage and introduced us to the powerful people behind Samsung Malaysia team =) One of them is Mr Frankie, the social media genius who wowed us that day with videos of super creative Samsung campaigns from all over the world @_@

We were not only exposed to the ‘behind the scene’ people who make Samsung a household name here in Malaysia; we also learn a little thing or two about the brands, their idea, vision and not to forget their inspiration and motivation =) So basically yes, it’s a very educational party for me, wink2

There was also contest going on that night to highlight Samsung TecTiles application; another technology breakthrough which uses Samsung’s NFC (Near Field Communication) that can helps user changing setting on their phone, launching applications, checking in to places, updating social status or even making phone calls automatically just by tapping your phone to the TecTiles to perform the actions. Very impressive I must say!!!

A party won’t be called a party without friends to hanging out with right? I had great time catching up, chatting and even gossiping with my blogger friends that day =) The food was not that bad either, definitely worth waiting for, LOL Besides photobooth’s photos as momento, Samsung generously packed us with their limited edition speaker and USB bracelet to bring back home @_@ Thank you so much Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for having me, I really looking forward for more great things to come ❤_❤

p.s : photo credits to Don Chan & Isaac Tan =)

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