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Whenever I think of the word calm, my oh so genius brain will automatically flashing series of heavenly spa image, persuading me ever so subtlety to book a massage session and flushing away all the tension =P Thanks to The Butterfly Project, me and 29 other lucky bloggers were selected to unwind and relax at the biggest Amante Nail Spa & Body Care premises to date at Sri Petaling for our Massage Party, weeeeee~

For those out there who still unsure what The Butterfly Project is all about, it's actually a non profit community founded by Tammy to encourage beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there to find their own voice, goals and dreams through monthly activities designed and engineered exclusively by The Butterfly Project =) As one of The Butterfly Project SWAT team, me and 2 other girls (Illy & Laura) helping out Tammy in every way we can to support her selfless mission which borne out of love for the group ❤_❤

The Butterfly Project 'Massage Party' was our special collaboration with Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Ask Joey The Sweetest Party and last but not least Photobooth Malaysia. Thanks to all the lovely sponsors, we have a very relaxing day complete with delicious food spread from Teafanni Patisserie which I previously rave about here and French music on the air all day long, isn't it lovely? @_@

Back to the party, my role that day pretty much like a hostess (or GRO if you prefer, lol) So yes, basically I'm in charge of entertaining the guests and keep them occupied with my charming banter, wink2 Since I love working around people and talkative by nature, I came early feeling excited and thrilled to get the party started.

When I first stepped in Amante Sri Petaling, I felt like I've been transported to another continent... I mean, the lingering scent of lemongrass, warm greetings from the staff and of course the very pretty party decoration definitely scream awesome faster than I can even spell it!!! Ask Joey really did a wonderful job at decorating the whole place. Everything from the mint and white lantern, the fancy cookies, the party props and the cute signs made me smiling up to my ears all day =)

The bloggers were given a chance to choose between Amante's signature Aromatherapy Massage or Hot Stone Massage and while waiting for available slot, they can do manicure or pedicure, having their brunch, taking photos at the photobooth area or just rest and relax. I try to make all the girls feel very much at home while Tammy doing what she do best, making everybody as happy as they can be, wink2 

I'm having so much fun playing my part that I purposely skip my complimentary Amante massage and ignoring the delicious desserts, hee~ Nothing I like more than being around these girls and spreading the butterfly love ❤ I met lots of familiar faces that day and some new ones too =) All of them looks like they really need a massage and thanks to Amante, everyone were given a surprise review treat and a wonderful relaxing diffuser to recreate their spa mood at home =P 

Feeling the need to drain out all your aches and stress away? Head over to your nearest Amante from 19th July to 21st July to enjoy either FREE Aromatherapy Massage / Hot Stone Massage / Manicure / Lymphatic Detoxification or you can purchase treatment vouchers up to 70% discounts!!! Make your way to Amante a.s.a.p girls cause all the promotion is only on first come & first serve basis =) Till then, keep calm and have a fabulous weekend lovelies, muahsss ^_^


  1. ayna, you felt like being transported to another continent? how nice, really wish that I am not travelling on that day :) missed out such a fun event!

  2. Don't worry Illy, there will be more fun activities around the corner, wink2


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