Dare You To Move...

I missed their first show in KL few years ago and I decided back then, nothing can stop me from going to their concert in Malaysia again, I even planned to go to their Singapore show if they didn't drop by at KL, thank god I didn't have to do that, they adjusted their tour dates at the very last minutes and make an appearance at Kompleks Mutiara, Sentul on 1st May =)

I can spend hours just talking about my fav band in this world, Switchfoot and still I can't justified their musical influences in me in just one mere day. Big words, I know but Switchfoot, despite it's roots is really2 one of the best-est band I could ever think of (I'm bias but lots of peeps out there can vouch for their work you know, lol) I'm so inspired to play guitar because of them and the first song that I learn to play is "You" from Switchfoot itself =P

I never heard of Kompleks Mutiara before but my love for Jon Foreman and his band drove me to the hunted place with my sis... Because of the un-popular choice of location, it felt very much like an underground gig that only a few chosen one selected to attend, which added the mystery to the concert itself, wink2 

We waited quite a while before the band show up, thanks to the technical problems from the organizer, haih =_= Like usual, the band charmed me from the very start and continue to do so till the end of the show @_@ I must said, I enjoy myself way too much and loving their non stop energetic performance ^^ This is by far the best birthday gift I ever got for myself and the best concert I had the honor to be a part of!!!

Anyway, I dislike the opening act, Busco which sound very much like Bunkface, and they sang like forever and bored me to death, huhu~ I think all 1,000 fans that present that day must felt the same way too because as soon as the light dimmed and the spotlight focus on the band name on stage, everyone were shrieking like crazy!!! After 7 studio albums and 15 years in the business, Switchfoot definitely know how to build up their audience anticipation and suspense...

They started the night with The Sound from their latest album Hello Hurricane, before singing their hits like Stars and a very emotional version of Your Love Is A song (one of my personal fav) The show goes on with Awakening, which Jon sang with his brother who also in the band, Tim Foreman... The crowd getting crazier and crazier as they keep up the momentum with Needle And Haystack Life before the light were dimmed again...

This time around, they coming back again with their all time hits, Dare You To Move taken from A Walk To Remember OST, which without a doubt was the crowd's favorite... This song brought them an overnight fame and a huge mainstream break to the band in the industry =)

Switchfoot not only sing with their heart, their passion for music clearly illustrated with the beautiful melody and lyrics, eventhough their words were debated for being preaching and gospel-ly at times, I guess different people decipher and interpret it differently, so I'm cool with that ^_^ I'm on board with the music which keep on evolving over the years but their humble personality still remain very much the same...

Being the hyper performer that he always identified with, Jon jumped to beat, even go as far as climb the stage with 16 hits after hits from their current and previous albums and urged us to sing along and be in the moment with him and the music...

I'm quite close to the stage and as you can see from the pictures, Jon Foreman is cuter and hotter than I can ever imagine, he get us on fire not only with his guitars but harmonika as well and keep us rockin' throught out the night =) he's one heck of energizer bunny I must say, hihi =P I had nothing but respect for a guy who can play guitar beautifully complete with a sexy voice, I guess I'm still a big sucker for cute guys who musically proficient, wink2

Unfortunately, all good thing must come to the end, the almost 2 hour musical journey seem to goes by way too fast and I can't help but wanting the night to never stop =( Malaysia, being the last leg for their South East Asian tour clearly not the last thing on their mind... Before leaving the stage, the band not only leave it with style but words that warm up all their Malaysian's fans, hehe =P Taken from Jon Foreman's twitter; "I think we saved the best for last. Malaysia, tonight will be one we will never forget!" Yes, we won't forget you for sure and we'll hold to your promise to come back again next year, wink2

Till then, this is my special pose with the concert banner after the show and I dare all of you to move and switching your foot to 2012, adieu~ @_@

Steal @ splurge...

I think the money I spend on cosmetic had escalated dangerously during every Christmas season, which always made me felt bad for a little while, but like an addictive drug, I can't help but falling into the loop over and over again... I might regret some of it later but right now, these are my babies, my happy pills and my guilty pleasure @_@

You know how it feels when you're a kid and walk into a candy shop? It's exactly the same with me, I get the similar excitement everytime I step my foot in my favorite cosmetic store, it's a very2 fantastic feeling to try every single stuff that I fancy and use it to my heart content... Anyway, I've stray away from the thing I wanna blog about which is my 2011 Christmas haul, behold the beauty peeps, wink2

Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set - RM250 
My verdict : IT'S A SPLURGE!!!

Okay, I must be honest, I'm not impress at all with any Estee Lauder Christmas Set this year, I think it's the same thing all over again but with different packaging and slightly different color selection. 

The quality for this set is so-so only especially the eyeshadow set, the blushers are awesome though... Since my mum adore this so much, me and my sis decided to bought this set for her birthday few weeks ago and I'm very happy to say that she still very much in love with it to date n_n

Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster - RM179 
My verdict : IT'S A STEAL!!!

This is a pretty good investment in my part I think, the shades are very2 nice and with 96 eyeshadows, I got plenty to play with, yeay!!! I just don't get it why there are so many lip glosses in this set, who'll actually wear some of the colors in the real world? =_= 

This definitely a great tool for makeup artist, lots of colors to experiment with and it comes with eyeliners and mascara too, the shades are quite intense and pigmented, with the price, it's certainly a bargain I can't refuse, hehe =P

Benefit Cosmetic Website Haul - USD125 (approximately RM400)
My verdict : IT'S A STEAL!!!

As much as I love Benefit Cosmetic, I think it's outrageously priced here in Malaysia, and they didn't valued their regular customer such as myself that much, so I had to resort to another sources, which more reasonably price and gave me freebies without even asking...

Thank god for Benefit Cosmetic Website that provides lots of great deal from time to time for their customer =) My total purchase which will cost me twice the amount here, entitle me to free shipping and free Benefit Thrrob face powder, definitely a very huge steal in my book!!! I'll never turn back to retail shopping again, this I can definitely promise you ^_^

Lush Christmas Candy Box Set - $67.50 (approximately RM170)
My verdict : IT'S A SPLURGE!!!

I have a mixed feeling about it, especially since I knew that Lush Singapore were giving 35% discount for all their Christmas Gift set on the boxing day =( Anyway, I have Hanna to thank for this gift set, she bought it for me during her Singapore trip last week, thanks babe @_@

Lush goodies are so delicious and to die for, it may be a bit expensive compare to any other bath products but it's definitely a nice treat for yourself and a great way to lift up your mood after having a bad day n_n There are 6 products in this set; 2 soaps, 1 shower gel, 1 lip tint, 1 bubble bar & 1 bath ballistic... and every single of them smells so divine, and it make me wishing for a bathtub more than ever now, T-T

Shu Uemura WKW Collection Drowning in Flames palette - RM198
Shu Uemura WKW Collection Brush Set - RM190
My verdict : IT'S A SPLURGE!!!

This is without a doubt is definitely a splurge, which I won't buy unless I'm very2 in lust with it, hihi =P Fortunately enough for me, this is a gift from my dear "Santa", who really2 know how to make me a very2 happy kid, wink2 I love the selection of shades for this particular palette, purple + pink + gold, it's refreshing and the packaging too, it's stunning and breathtaking, this collection definitely mesmerize me the most among other Christmas collection this year!!!

That's why I save the best for last, wink2 The brush set is so awesome and work wonderfully with the eyeshadows, I'm in love~ @_@ If I don't count the brush case, I guess this set is perfect for me and it's a very2 worthy buy if you're looking for a great stuff with a good quality =) 

My hypothesis :-

[Giveaway] Season of Giving...

It's been forever since my last giveaway I guess, and with my blog 3rd birthday approaching very soon, the timing couldn't be any less perfect for another giveaway, yeay!!! @_@ I had a very fantastic year so far, despite a little misfortune here and there, I can proudly say it now that it just make me stronger and wiser to face the coming trials and tribulations in life (I'm being dramatic again as usual, faint =_=)

Blogging is something I initially start to share the updates in my life with my bff for 14 years, Deya who live thousand miles apart from me =( It then slowly growing into a medium for me to express my feelings and thought... Soon, it developed into a platform for me to share my passion for cosmetic and books lovers out there... From there, I met lots of new friends, those who don't judge my obsession with cosmetics and people who don't mind sharing all the latest info and fabulous deals, hehe =P

I always dream of working as a crime journalist/detective or maybe a column writer in a hot shot magazine, but it looks like blogging is as close as I can get to my dream apparently T-T But fret not, I love it very much, I think it is healthy for me to rant and rave in my blog instead of boring others with my stories, hee~

Okay, back to the topic, I'll make it as easy and fair as I can, this giveaway is open to all my Malaysian blog followers, not that I have that many, so your chances to win is pretty high actually =)

What you have to do is quite simple, you just need to promote this blog giveaway at either your blog, facebook or twitter and leave the link with your follower ID and email address at the comment box below,easy right? The winner will be chosen based on your creativity, so impress me ya, ngee~ n_n You have until 12 am, 1st January 2012 to do so, wait no more girls, spread the words now before your time is running out @_@

The winner will walk away with....... drumrolls~ a brand new Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude worth RM159!!!!! Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is the best of it's kind in the business and the beauty staple to lots of cosmetic junkie out there, you definitely don't want to miss out this one =)  If the response is good, I might consider throwing in additional prizes for the next 2 best entries so i wish you luck babes!!! Till then, may the best entry win ^_~

Wishful Thinking...

Christmas definitely came early this year, very2 early in fact, I had seen a major cosmetic label launching their Christmas set as early as October to grab all the market share before other brands counter attack, very2 smart marketing indeed...

Christmas definitely the time all makeup lovers eagerly wait every single year n_n The wide arrays of gorgeous colors and designs definitely made us glee with excitement... And the arrival of Sephora in Malaysia early this year didn't help much either... I feel like the hole in my pocket is getting bigger and bigger, hehe =P

I did bought a few stuff already, which I'll reveal soon, wink2 I had no idea how much I spend until I re-calculated the total amount just now, faint~ =_= There are definitely lots of makeup palette that caught my attention this season, knowing my weakness for beautiful eye colors, I don't know how I can mustered all my willpower to resist the gorgeous eye candies... Let's take a sneak peak on my wish list, shall we?=)

1) Bobbi Brown Cool Party Eye palette (RM179)

It's the perfect combination for my favorite smoky eye looks, I do have similar palette actually, Benefit Smokin' Eyes which doing a pretty good job so far, but the compact and more purse friendly size palette from Bobbi Brown certainly has it's own appeal, but the price it's not that friendly obviously, sigh~

2) Too Faced In Your Dreams palette (RM135)

This is one heck of a gorgeous palette I must say, it came in a very unique fairytale books design, with 3 different looks that we can choose from, complete with blusher and lip gloss, it's pretty and the colors are quite pigmented, very2 worthy buy except for the size of course, it might be slim, but too big to fit in your handbag but perfect as a gift, I'm thinking hard now, mmmm~(",)

3) Laura Mercier Luxe Eyes & Color Portfolio palette (RM375)

Okay, this duo are pretty expensive for me, and I haven't check it out at their cosmetic counter yet, so I didn't know how to judge the quality... But the Color Portfolio (right) intrigued me more, since it came with blushes and liners... The brushes provided is a nice touch by the way... If they sell it a lot cheaper, I wouldn't want to miss this collection for sure, but the choice of colors here are pretty dull to me, it may works well with every skin color but doesn't make me excited to experiment with it, should I say goodbye then??? =_=

4) Hello Kitty Noir Collection (RM159)

I purposely tried this palette out of curiosity since the reviews online wasn't really speaking high of it and I'm surprised actually that it's not that bad... It's a must have for Hello Kitty die hard but price wise, I will go for Sephora Blockbuster palette anyday since it came with more colors to play with and more professional look case... Yes, the 25 eyeshadows and 10 glosses is not enough for me, wink2 The brushes provided here is so-so quality only, unless you're a fan, you might want to reconsider this one, =(

5) Kat Von D - Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra palette (RM159)

I tried this palette the other day at Sephora, my oh my, I'm very2 impressed, the 16 shades are very nice and pigmented... I believe as a tattoo artist, Kat knew what she's doing more than anyone, and the palette design and colors definitely tell it all... I can't help but loving it, and the coolest thing, it came with a mascara, an extra eyeliner will be nice too, hehe =P What do you guys think? ^^

Who's That Girl...

After the huge success of Clinique Star Tour few months ago, Clinique proudly present their latest event; the Who's That Girl Search, which targeting a wider age group this time around, from 16 to 28 years old girls, weeee~ (thank god I'm still eligible for this, hihi =P) and not to forget, the 4 different makeover looks to choose from, yippie!!! @_@ The greatest thing about it, you don't have to pay a dime for it and you'll even receive freebies for your participation!!! Awesome, right? =) 

Who want to be that girl??? ^_^
Be a part of this fantastic promo from 7th to 30th November at Clinique counters nationwide and create your inner diva from Fashionably Flirty, Downtown Cool, Laid-Back Luxe or Classic Chic and you'll transform into your alter ego by no time in the hands of Clinique's makeup artist ^^ I dropby at their Isetan, KLCC counter and was greeted by their talented and friendly makeup artist, Nadia... She shown me the colors that will be used for each and every looks; while provides me with the information about Clinique's products and treatment that suitable for my skin condition.

Products used in the make me over process, hee~
After that, she asked me to choose the look that I wish to replicate... I can't help but drawn to the Classic Chic look which I think reflects my preferred style and makeup tendency, the soft natural earth hues definitely compliment my skin the most with a little twist, a hot red lips which I can't never bring myself into wearing it before, hee~

My Classic Chic look, wink2
My camera might not do a very good job at capturing the colors and shades of the makeup used in this makeover; the soft smokey eyes with Clinique's Colour Surge Eye Shadow combine with intense dark Clinique's Quickliner really2 emphasize my eyes and the peachy Clinique's Blushing Blush Powder is blending well with my skin, made my cheeks glow naturally and the chilli red lips from Clinique's High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15, draw attention like no other, I feel like hot stuff and a little like Christina Aguilera too, hehe x)

The lovely Xmas sets for grab n_n
Anyway, to join the competition is quite easy, just take a picture of yourself from head to toe and another one in half, and submit it at the link here =) Don't forget to check out the Clinique's Christmas sets on sales while you're there and collect your freebies, a 7 day scrub and a Long Last Glossware SPF 15... Till then, good luck girls, who knows you might be the lucky one who'll bring back home the RM8,000 worth of prizes, you won't know it until you try, baby @_@ 

To Be or Not To Be...

My heart sank everytime I heard about babies being dumped or thrown away like a piece of garbage, when there are thousand others who try desperately and unsuccessfully to have their own child... We read about it almost on daily basis and still, no drastic measure taken to stop this inhuman act. To make it worst, people almost don't talk about the root cause of this matter anymore, which is obviously, the lack of knowledge...

Most of us frown upon the importance of teaching sex education at school to children and teenagers, but if we didn't play our part and expose them to the responsibility and the possibility behind the act, the problems will never solve... We need to equip them with the right information to prevent the unwanted pregnancies which can leads to abortion and baby abandonment...

To address this issue, Durex Malaysia organized a sexual and reproductive health college programme to create awareness among youngsters about sexual health and contraceptive options that leads them to make informed decisions. Theme "One Voice, Prevention is Key", the students will be given access to information on sexual and reproductive health through 2 platforms; a Facebook design contest application and the on-ground college roadshows.

The design contest invites the students to develop their own art and slogans to a poster or postcard containing their views on the unwanted pregnancies. The participants are required to submit their creative designs in a format of a picture and upload it at Durex Malaysia facebook page; the winning designs in each category with the most number of votes will walk away with Ipad2 and Durex Malaysia will also giving out 5 Ipod Touch as a consolation prize for each category as well.

The college roadshows were held at 5 different college campuses throughout November; namely Taylor Lakeside Campus, UITM Shah Alam, Raffles College, INTI International University and also IACT College.

During the roadshows, there are a lot of activities took place to help the students gain a better access to the information regarding their sexual reproduction dilemma, with info panels about HIV, unwanted pregnancies and not to forget, the baby dumping issues.

Premium items such as playing cards, notepad and coasters were also exclusively given for those who like Durex Malaysia facebook page. Besides that, the guys were encouraged to fill up the survey during the roadshows and were provided with various information to improve their knowledge on the subjects.

We might still have a long way to go but like baby steps, this programme certainly delivered its target in creating a better platform for "taboo" subjects for youngsters to turn into. Hopefully, we won't hear about babies abandonment in the future anymore. Prevention as we all knew, definitely is the key =)

For Your Eyes Only...

I can't speak for everyone else but I knew, deep in every specky girls hard wired brain, there must be a little nagging voice inside that whispered every now and then, how fantastic their life will be without wearing spectacles... All those sports activities, glamorous events and even a daily visit to the nearby groceries store will certainly be so much easier without having to worry about your glasses existence... 

The options??? Laser surgery is way too expensive for me and come with it own risks, so I have to leave it out of the solution... =_= Contact lens on the other is the perfect substitute for spectacles, cheaper and safer, and my favorite definitely is FRESHKON Alluring Eyes range ^^

The greatest thing about FRESHKON Alluring Eyes is it provides a very natural sheen to the eyes, and doesn't look fake like many other lenses out there, this is a huge point for me cause I hate to end up looking like a freaky doll and give other people nightmares, hehe =P It also give bigger and brighter eyes effect with it's full circle print, very2 nice indeed =)

gorgeous shades and colors =)

It comes in 4 beautiful color; Mystical Black, Winsome Brown, Magnetic Grey and Mesmeric Black, wider power range (up to -10.00D), 55% water content for more comfort and long hour wearing (8 hours), larger optical zone for clearer vision, higher DK value (23) for better ocular health and last but not least; it's very2 easy to handle cause it's free from lens curling problems, yeay!!! n_n

my beauty tools, ^_^

With only RM60 a box, you can have beautiful, dazzling eyes and mesmerize every male population to your heart content without missing a beat, isn't it awesome, don't you think? @_@ I have dark brown eyes myself and with the help of FRESHKON Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown and a little bit of makeup, the shades clearly intensified and gave me a very seductive Arabian look which I can barely pull before ^_~ 

Arabian princess in disguise n_n

Get your hands on FRESHKON Alluring Eyes now and you can join their FRESHKON Alluring Eyes Model Search by liking their Facebook page here and upload your sexiest gaze, who know you might be the lucky one who will walk away with RM1,000 and one year supply of FRESHKON Alluring Eyes contact lenses!!! I joined the contest already, hopefully luck will be on my side this time around, wink2 Btw, the contest is still ongoing until this 31st October, so don't missed it out girls, good luck and stay alluring~ \\^_^//

post your alluring gaze and turn others green with envy @_@

My Not So Secret "Secret"...

I'm quite good at keeping secrets, but there are few secrets that I'm more than happy to share, ^_~ Living with 4 other sisters definitely come in handy especially when we're in dire need for the right tips and tricks, not to mention all those outfit and shoes that we can share together =) Thank god, we all have different taste in men, hehe =P  

my lovely sisters =)

One of the secrets that I confided with all my sisters was ironically related to unwanted hair, not men or boys as most people do... I warned them to stay away from razor blade as far as possible, it's very bad for our skin, I experienced it before and yes, you still can see the evidence of it today, arghhh~  =_=

my real secret ^^

Anyway, I decided to dropby at the Veet's My Real Secret roadshow few weeks ago to spend a little quality time together with one of my sis, Atiqah since we both share not only shoe size but also mutual hatred for unwanted hair... I can't make it to the roadshow at my alma mater so I choose the most convenient location for me instead at UPM, Serdang.

pink ladies at work @_@

I love the atmosphere over here, the green and beautiful landscape certainly a sight to behold, the warm and friendly Veet's pink ladies really2 made us both feel very much at home =)

We were given a very thorough explanation about the best way to treat all those hair, such as the best time to remove the hair is after a warm bath, which open up the pores and soften the hairs... Warm bath work wonders because it also makes you feel more relax and at ease with your body and minimize any potential pain (for those who opted for wax strips especially and have low pain tolerance) 

the products display n_n

They also selling all the products below retail prices at the roadshow, time to stock up, yeay!!! We both bought the new Veet Suprem Excess Wax Strips which comes in hydrorestor benefit with Rose fragrance & essential oil (I can't believe even wax cream can sounds so romantic to me, hahaha =D) after all, my legs really need all the extra moisture and love that it can get, wink2

rosy waxy ^_~

Besides that, they also have lucky draws (which sadly I didn't win T-T) and a special promotion for the first 50 who bring in their old razor blade and exchange for Veet's removing cream (unfortunately I missed this too Y-Y) Last but not least, every purchase entitled us for a free photo session with professional photographer, they even edit the pics for us, very2 thoughtful gesture indeed, I love it, wink2 

testing the luck =P

I'm having such a wonderful time together with my sis and Veet, and we both definitely looking forward for more girly events like this in the future, thank you Veet for making my secret something worth sharing for and of course for making Cameron Diaz legs one step closer to achieve, hehe =P

I think I look a lot younger than my sis in this pic, heehee x)

Sweet 27...

I'm having a hard time to believe that I'm turning 27 this year, not because I'm afraid of getting older, but this year time flies so very fast, I can't keep up most of the time, and I barely had time to blog nowadays =( My birthday had passed almost 4 months ago, and I only managed to blog about it now, I hope I won't kill the suspense though, hehehe =P

I received lots of pressies this year, which surprised me a lot cause I didn't see most of it coming and I did indulge myself with something extra-special too for my 27th birthday, which you guys can read it in my upcoming post, wink2

Back to the pressies, my mom and sisters gave me quite a wonderful treat consist of Benefit Crescent Row Laugh with me LeeLee fragrance (which smells so divine) + It's Potent eyes cream (it's my wonder baby) + Ultra Shine lipgloss and a very cute makeup bag with a couple of Benefit miniatures @_@ This definitely made me squeal with delight and make a great addition to my current Benefit stash, thank you all, muahsss ^_^

Bene-frenzy!!! n_n
My dad on the other hand gave me something that I really2 need, a pink 8GB Sony Walkman to replace my Samsung Mp3 that turn haywire early this year, thanks a lot daddy for the sweet thought, now I can store up all my fav songs again,weeeeeeeeeeee~ \\n_n// I still mourning my almost 1,000 songs collection that gone with my late Mp3 though T-T
Pinky spell =)
From my bff Deya I received the ultimate must have from Soap & Glory, the very famous Flake Away body scrub (this is so freakin' goooooood!!!) + Heel Genius foot cream and the Daily Smooth body butter, I love it all so so much and finished most of it already, heehee x) Thank you girl for the fabulous gift *_*

Soap & Glory rocks!!! =D

Another buddy of mine, Mieza gave me something to make me fat obviously (just kiddin =P), she know how much I love choc chip cookies and since she can't bake, she bought me Famous Amos cute gift set instead, thanks babe, hee~

Cookie monsters =P
My colleague, Anie fulfill one of my book wish list with Sophie Kinsella's latest Shopaholic series paperback, Mini Shopaholic~ Thank you dear =) And from one of my blogger friends, Hanna (she's another Bene-freak species like me =P) I received the very lovely Benefit Posie-tint & Benefit Dr FeelGood, I'm lovin it so so very much!!! Thank you Hanna dear, muahsss ^_~

Shopaholic & Bene-holic must have items =P
Sarah, my colleague gave me a little cute mug, perfect for my morning tea every morning, thanks girl =) And from Harim, another blogger friend of mine, I received The Body Shop Cranberry Joy miniature set and a chic lit for my beach read, I Heart Hollywood from Lindsey Kelk, thank you so much sweetie, I love them all!!! @_@

Pinky rush *_*
Cuna and her family bought me a lovely Red Earth palette set which consist of 4 eye shadows shades, 4 lip colors, I blusher plus a cute clutch too, sweet ^_~ Thank you so much guys for the thought and thanks a lot for delivering the gift all the way to me too, I'm so touch by the trouble you guys going through ^_^

Another palette to play with, yeay!!!
From one of my oldest blogger friend, Miu2 I received the Shu Uemura Pink Cleansing Oil, which I can't imagine living without now, it's the best cleansing oil ever invented and I'm hooked for life!!! Thank you babe for the gift, I heart it so very much~ @_@
Pinky love again n_n
Last but not least, a very special gift from someone special to me (you know who you are, baby ^_~), a Greg Bennett ukelele and my favorite flower, white lily, thanks honey ♥♥♥ Ukelele and lily, what a great combination, I'm still not used to it though, I mixed up the chords all the time, hopefully I'll master it soon, wink2

Music of my heart ^_~
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone for all the wonderful wishes, messages and gifts, I deeply appreciate it and adore every single one of them =) I'm truly blessed to have all your love around me, my life would certainly sucks without you guys, love you all to bits, muahssssssssssss ^_~

Confess & Conceal...

I'm truly, deeply and madly in love with Benefit Cosmetics and to know that there are millions women out there who share the same addiction with me is quite fantastic actually, wink2

Anyway, I accidentally stumble upon another Bene-freaks, Jade Isabelle from Singapore while google-ing for Maggie & Annie Asia Tour last April. Surprisingly, we're share mutual love not only for Benefit, she's a big fan of Soap & Glory and Chanel too, coolness, isn't it? @_@ I've been her reader ever since and buying more and more Soap & Glory stuff because of her, heehee x)

It's time to confess and conceal =P
To celebrate her 26th birthday last month, she's doing a giveaway to all her international readers and the prize is non other than the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit from Benefit, yeay!!! @_@ I've been eye-ing it for quite sometime cause it's the ultimate solution for my full of flaws skin~ =_=

With 2 shades of Boing, That Gal, Erase Paste, Lemon Aid and Eye-bright, the 5 in 1 kit is definitely a must have and I wish I'm the lucky one who will walk away with this baby ^^ So girls, head over to Jade Isabelle blog and join the giveaway now before your time is running out, who know you might be lucky, wink2

p.s : I guess it's not too late to wish you a very very Happy Birthday, Jade!!! ^_^ Keep up the good work gurl, n_n

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