Sweet 27...

I'm having a hard time to believe that I'm turning 27 this year, not because I'm afraid of getting older, but this year time flies so very fast, I can't keep up most of the time, and I barely had time to blog nowadays =( My birthday had passed almost 4 months ago, and I only managed to blog about it now, I hope I won't kill the suspense though, hehehe =P

I received lots of pressies this year, which surprised me a lot cause I didn't see most of it coming and I did indulge myself with something extra-special too for my 27th birthday, which you guys can read it in my upcoming post, wink2

Back to the pressies, my mom and sisters gave me quite a wonderful treat consist of Benefit Crescent Row Laugh with me LeeLee fragrance (which smells so divine) + It's Potent eyes cream (it's my wonder baby) + Ultra Shine lipgloss and a very cute makeup bag with a couple of Benefit miniatures @_@ This definitely made me squeal with delight and make a great addition to my current Benefit stash, thank you all, muahsss ^_^

Bene-frenzy!!! n_n
My dad on the other hand gave me something that I really2 need, a pink 8GB Sony Walkman to replace my Samsung Mp3 that turn haywire early this year, thanks a lot daddy for the sweet thought, now I can store up all my fav songs again,weeeeeeeeeeee~ \\n_n// I still mourning my almost 1,000 songs collection that gone with my late Mp3 though T-T
Pinky spell =)
From my bff Deya I received the ultimate must have from Soap & Glory, the very famous Flake Away body scrub (this is so freakin' goooooood!!!) + Heel Genius foot cream and the Daily Smooth body butter, I love it all so so much and finished most of it already, heehee x) Thank you girl for the fabulous gift *_*

Soap & Glory rocks!!! =D

Another buddy of mine, Mieza gave me something to make me fat obviously (just kiddin =P), she know how much I love choc chip cookies and since she can't bake, she bought me Famous Amos cute gift set instead, thanks babe, hee~

Cookie monsters =P
My colleague, Anie fulfill one of my book wish list with Sophie Kinsella's latest Shopaholic series paperback, Mini Shopaholic~ Thank you dear =) And from one of my blogger friends, Hanna (she's another Bene-freak species like me =P) I received the very lovely Benefit Posie-tint & Benefit Dr FeelGood, I'm lovin it so so very much!!! Thank you Hanna dear, muahsss ^_~

Shopaholic & Bene-holic must have items =P
Sarah, my colleague gave me a little cute mug, perfect for my morning tea every morning, thanks girl =) And from Harim, another blogger friend of mine, I received The Body Shop Cranberry Joy miniature set and a chic lit for my beach read, I Heart Hollywood from Lindsey Kelk, thank you so much sweetie, I love them all!!! @_@

Pinky rush *_*
Cuna and her family bought me a lovely Red Earth palette set which consist of 4 eye shadows shades, 4 lip colors, I blusher plus a cute clutch too, sweet ^_~ Thank you so much guys for the thought and thanks a lot for delivering the gift all the way to me too, I'm so touch by the trouble you guys going through ^_^

Another palette to play with, yeay!!!
From one of my oldest blogger friend, Miu2 I received the Shu Uemura Pink Cleansing Oil, which I can't imagine living without now, it's the best cleansing oil ever invented and I'm hooked for life!!! Thank you babe for the gift, I heart it so very much~ @_@
Pinky love again n_n
Last but not least, a very special gift from someone special to me (you know who you are, baby ^_~), a Greg Bennett ukelele and my favorite flower, white lily, thanks honey ♥♥♥ Ukelele and lily, what a great combination, I'm still not used to it though, I mixed up the chords all the time, hopefully I'll master it soon, wink2

Music of my heart ^_~
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone for all the wonderful wishes, messages and gifts, I deeply appreciate it and adore every single one of them =) I'm truly blessed to have all your love around me, my life would certainly sucks without you guys, love you all to bits, muahssssssssssss ^_~


  1. nicela packaging soap & glory!.. i likee..sweet sgt..

  2. bau dia pun mmg best, packaging dia mmg pink je sume, cute2, hehehe =P


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