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If you think that undomestic goddess like me didn't do our own laundry, well you better think again =) I may not be your typical desperate housewives' material, but I do make it my business to know about my clothes tender care inside out. When it comes to cleaning, I trust only a few and my secret to combat all the nasty stain? It's none other than Vanish Power O2 fabric stain remover _   

Since I'm not that kind of girl who air my dirty laundry in public (literally and figuratively =P) ; I decided to put Vanish Power O2 to the test with my favorite stuff instead @_@ In this little experiment of mine, I use a plain white t-shirt that I always save for a rainy day like this and my everyday makeup ritual items which consist of Nars Orgasm Blusher + Makeup Forever HD Foundation + Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm and Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara

Okay I must admit I'm not as artsy as I think, what I have in mind clearly doesn't illustrate that well in reality, sigh~ I can't believe with all the wonderful products and colors I can only come out with this, haha =D But afraid not girls, if your art project didn't go as well as you planned, Vanish Power O2 can come to your rescue and save your fabric from the stain, yeay!!!

Removing stains never been so easy with Vanish Power O2, you can say goodbye to the old school cleaning method which is a lot more exhausting and difficult =( Here's my step by step guide to get rid of makeup stain from your white clothes :-

(1) Treat your stain first before start cleaning. I used a wet tissue to blot out the stain especially the foundation which is more stubborn than the rest.
(2) Add in 4 litres of warm water (approximately 40 °C) to your basin.
(3) Fully dissolve 1 scoop of Vanish Power O2 Crystal White with the warm water.
(4) Soak your garment for 6 to 12 hours for best results and wash as usual or rinse thoroughly afterward.

Thanks to Vanish Power O2, 8 hours later my t-shirt look very much like the way I bought it with whiter than white shade, weeee~ Wondering how Vanish Power O2 works it magic? Vanish Power O2 with it's special formula that contains Oxi Powerlift agents, penetrate and lift the stain first time and with it's whitening ingredients, helps retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing =)

Don't worry if you have other than white fabrics, you can use the pink Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover instead which can help removing stains from both white and coloured clothing. With only RM13.80, it's a very great investment for your future mishap. You never know when any unfortunate turns of event might happen, right? By having one in your home, you can save your precious outfit from ruin forever and keep it stain-free ❤_

Still having trouble believing me? Well, you can give Vanish Power O2 a test of your own too~ Simply click on this link http://bit.ly/1aIkd2I and fill up the form to get Vanish Power O2 Fabric Stain Remover sample deliver to your doorstep. Sweet isn't it? Well, you're in for another surprise ladies!!! There's also a contest going on right now at Vanish Malaysia website where you can participate by uploading your "Vanishing Acts" stories here =)

There are tons of prizes waiting to be won from 32" LED televisions, washing machines, two door fridges to Vanish products *happy dance* You can submit up to 3 entries and ask your friends and family to vote for you for a higher chance of winning @_@ I already uploaded mine and if you love my entry, feel free to vote for me, hee~ _ (It'll be super fantastic if I can give my mum a brand new washing machine for her birthday this December =P) Till then, enjoy your weekend and don't forget to do your laundry girls, adieu~


  1. illy u punye lg comel tau, siap ade celebs, hehe =P

  2. Review yang berkualiti. Nice entry.

  3. Shafina : Thank you so much dear =)

    Auntumn : Thanks sweetie <3

  4. At first I thought "NO! POOR COSMETICS!" but when I saw what happened, it was wow.

    I have Vanish too at home but have never had such big stains before. Thanks for the cute blog post Ayna!!

  5. Jia : Haha, duta cap ayam je =D

    Nikki : Thank you sweetheart, my curiosity can make me do crazy things sometimes, hehe =P


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