Young & Dangerous...

I'm 28 years old, considered quite old to some people standard to even feel excited about birthday gifts, still I can't help the inner child in me that always looking forward for my birthday year after year, wink2  I love giving and made other people day but sometimes I wanna be on the other side too, and thank god I have great support system around me that appreciate me and love me the way I am ^_~

my dream birthday cake ^^ I kind of obsess with panda, hehe =P
My birthday was like 3 months ago, but of course all these babies need their moment to shine in yours truly blog too, right? The first birthday gift that I received this year was from my special someone; who gave me a limited edition memorabilia of my fav band, The Beatles!!! I ❤ it so very much honey, muackkksss ^_^ 

My second gift was from my dear sis (all 4 of them) who pinch in to get me my fav hair products- Redken, Jimmy Choo's perfume & also a cute colour block top!!! Thank you sistah, you girls are super awesome, I'm lovin the surprise so freakin' much!!! _

The third gift was from my bff, Deya... It's the latest body scrub from Soap & Glory, Pulp Friction & the Ralph Lauren Pony Range - No 1 fragrance, both smells so lovely on my skin & made dressing up for hot date more fun than ever, thanks babe!!! @_@

The next gifts were from my blogger friends; Harim, Cuna and Hanna... I knew these girls for more than 3 years through blogging and they're very2 nice and wonderful people that I wish I met earlier in my life!!! 2 of them were married now and we didn't meet that often anymore but we still keep in touch and update each other with all the cool info through other mediums... Thanks girls for all the great time we had, I just can't wait for more adventure to come, wink2

The next gift coming from one of my fav hijabista, Shazwani Hamid... She's one of the blogger that I knew through our mutual love for girly stuff and knowing her in real life really change my perspective of her; she's genuine & kind, funny too actually and remind me a lot of my long lost good friend, Aishah that I just found back through Facebook couple of weeks ago!!! It's been a pleasure to get to know you, Wani @_@ For my birthday, she gave me a mustard tunic that fit me perfectly & L'occitane Cherry Blossom bath set that I really2 adore!!! Thanks dear for the fabulous gift ^_^

There is another gift from my parents that I can't reveal since I haven't got the time to redeem it yet... Before I end this post, I just wanna share with you girls what I bought for myself for my birthday this year, it may not be as adrenaline pumping as my last year birthday gift for myself here, but it still make me smile and happy like a kid till this day, hehe =P Check out my makeup brushes collection from Sigma & Real Technique which cost me almost RM500... I guess I'm still very young and dangerous at heart, wink2

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