[Tips & Tricks] Smoke Gets in Your Eyes...

Contrary to popular belief, it's not that hard to create a smokey eye look... There are tons of variation to the eye-do all over the internet, but me being me, of course I'll always looking out for the easiest one to do =D I did come up with my own version during one boring night few months ago, which look a lot like Keira Knightley eye makeup in her latest Marie Claire's cover here but with a slightly different color choices... It's so freakin' easy, you don't even need fancy makeup brushes to do it!!! All you ever need is a little practice, couples of basic stuff and you're good to go =)

Okay girls, here's the list of makeup you gonna need to rock this look :-

- a very good eye primer (I use Mac Paint Pot in Painterly)
- a very good undereye concealer (I use Benefit Ooh La La)
- a black eyeliner (I use Maybelline MasterLine)
- a black mascara (I use Benefit BadGal Lash)
- a dark color eyeshadow (I use Urban Decay Naked palette - Darkhorse)
- a light color eyeshadow (I use Urban Decay Naked palette - Virgin )
- a brow pencil (I use Benefit Instant Brow in Medium)
- cotton buds

p.s : you don't have to use the same exact products like me, I'm just happened to be a huge Benefit junkie, hehe =P

Next, lets move on to the steps, which I already simplified into 6 stages with the above pictures as your reference...

1) Apply your fav eye primer to the entire eyelid until it looks even.

2) Draw a very thin line very close to your upper lashline with your black eyeliner.

3) Using your ring finger, apply the dark color eyeshadow on your eye crease and blend the color lightly with your finger to get the smokey effect.

4) Draw a thick line this time at your upper lashline and smudge it lightly using cotton buds. Apply 2 or 3 coats of your black mascara after that.

5) Apply the eyeliner to your waterline next and then using your pinkie finger, apply the light color eyeshadow to the browbone area to highlight the brow area.

6) Last but not least, finish your smokey look by filling up the brow gap with a medium shade brow pencil to make it look more neat and presentable.

I hope you girls have fun trying this look, feel free to let me know if you have any questions =) Till then, have a nice weekend everyone, adieu ❤_❤

Oliver Twist with Tebe Lavish Soap Bar...

For centuries, olive have been associated not only as a key ingredient to lots of wonderful dishes (I always love food that comes with a little hint of olive oil taste in it =P), it's also works as a perfect element for both health and beauty treatment due to its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties...

I have a very complex skin problem, oily on my face and dry skin on the rest of my body... It's quite tricky to find a solution that can solve both problems simultaneously, sigh~ One night, during my "Masterchef" moment in the kitchen, I accidentally spill a little olive oil on my hand and since it's smells so good, I just leave it like that for a while... You know what? I can feel how very subtle and natural it moisturize my skin... This is true story by the way, you can try and feel it yourself if you doubt my words ^_^

from New Zealand with ❤

Of course I can't use the whole bottle for my body, it'll raise suspicion among my family when all the olive oil gone mysteriously, hehe =P Not to mention the temptation and irresistible urge to eat myself, lol That's why I'm so glad when I meet The Skintopic, Olive & Tebe range... It's not only made from natural ingredients, it's also gentle enough to suit all skin types and comes with fast absorbing and non greasy formulation!!!

I'm instantly drawn to their triple milled Tebe Lavish Soap Bar which contain Chamomile flower extract, an anti-inflammatory agent that often used to soothe dry and irritated skin... It smells so divine and true to it's name, I do feel rich and extravagant when I lather it up against my skin =) For RM68, it's definitely a worthy buy since the size is quite big and can last for a long time... The scents oh my, it lingers and clung to my skin forever, I love it ❤_❤
soap opera episode 1 n_n

However, the scent might not appeal to everyone though, men especially... For me, it smells like a luxury that everyone can afford, a simple treat for yourself after a long day at work... Since it's made from pure olive leaf extract and doesn't produce too much foam, it's considered organics enough in my book =) I do wish it's more travel friendly coz I would love to feel rich and famous everywhere I go, wink2

Oh yes, you can check out their whole range at Olive & Tebe FB page or you can just visit their counters at Metrojaya MidValley, Metrojaya Bukit Bintang, Metrojaya The Curve, Parkson Sunway Pyramid and The Skintopic's stores at both Pavilion and Subang Parade Mall... I'm eye-ing their Tebe Exfoliating Soap Bar for my next treat by the way, what about you?

Shooting Star with Samsung Galaxy Camera...

Here's the truth about me & gadgets; we didn't get along very well with each other,sigh~ It wasn't for lack of trying of course, somehow all the technical lingo always get lost in translation whenever I read the manual or attempt to do so... I'm pretty sure lots of girls out there can relate to my dilemma and that's probably the reason why Samsung invented their Galaxy Camera =)

super sleek design, fit for a chic city girl like me, muahaha =D

I'm way too lazy to edit my pics and usually leave it to Instagram to crop and enhance it, lol Well, I'm glad there is a new alternative for the-not-so-tech-savvy-me to shoot like a pro with Samsung Galaxy Camera!!! It's so easy to use, you don't even need the manual to master it, yeay~ Just like any other smartphone, you can browse through all the features with a touch and upload your pictures right away, fancy isn't it? ^_~

my fav games and apps all in my camera

I'm sure some of you out there never thought a hybrid version of tablet and camera is possible... Well, it never cross my mind either, that's probably because I'm among the rare breed of the technology illiterate species, lol Let's take a look at what other cool stuff this camera have to offer shall we, before I start writing about the story of my life, hehe xD 

- Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
- 4.8 inches screen, multi-touch LCD screen
- Download apps through Google Play
- 16.3 megapixel
- 21x optical zoom
- 15 smart mode options
- 8GB internal storage
- Support Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth

I love taking photos but the whole uploading process is something that I rather skip if I were given a choice, it's time consuming and boring, sigh~ I'm so glad that Samsung come up with the idea to transfer photos directly from the camera to social media platform through Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth... Finally, I can instantly upload my pictures without worrying about cables!!!

With Samsung Galaxy Camera, I don't have to bring my tablet or laptop everywhere I go, I can play games, edit photos, access Youtube videos, Google-ing all the info I want, Skype-ing with my love one and also Facebook-ing while on the go, weeee~ And yes, this camera make me feel like a pro, with the image clarity of 16.3 megapixels and up to 21x optical zoom, I can even start a stalking career (just kidding =P)

get smart with "Smart Mode"

What I love the most about this camera is the very smart "Smart Mode" =) You have tons of mode options to choose from in order to maximize your photography experience besides the existing "Auto Mode"... Since my skin is far cry from perfect, the 'Beauty Face' mode and me has become close friend =) Now I don't have to worry about my flaws while striking poses, weeee~ Another awesome feature that I have come to love is the 'Best Face' mode option, taking group photos never feel this fun!!! With 5 choices, everyone can look their best, no weird expression guaranteed, lol

I'm still learning by the way, so please excuse my very ameteur-ish photos, below are some of my fav captured moment with Samsung Galaxy Camera... I also used it for my previous Benefit post here and Elya Shazleen post here ^_^ Retail at RM1,899; it's a very convenient way to keep in touch with the digital world while you're out and about... Samsung Galaxy Camera also come in 4 colors variants (only 2 available in Malaysia - Blue Black and White) and take a very good quality video too, which you can upload straight away to Youtube!!!

- landscape mode -

- night mode -

- action freeze mode -

- macro mode -

The only downside of this camera that I can think of is it's quite difficult to take a decent self potrait photo of yourself, especially when you're only using one hand to do so... I wish it have stabilizer support of some sort for those who have slightly shaky hand like mine =( Other than that, I highly recommend it to everyone out there who're looking for a camera, a tablet or something in between, wink2 It's really (literally and figuratively) a shooting star indeed _

Hello 911 with Benefit Fine One One...

Benefit Cosmetics always come up with a new and fun way to play with make up, and their latest cheek and lip stick, Fine One One is no exception =) I'm a big fan of their box of blushers range and their lip & cheek tints, so you can probably imagine my excitement when I laid my eyes on the very gorgeous Fine One One, I think I might have found the one, wink2

meet Fine One One, my new fav girl

The cream blusher packaging might remind you of a deodorant stick but the stripes of bright colors certainly looks like a different story... The trio shades of pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral was design to not only work as a blusher, but to highlight and lift up your face too =) Don't worry ladies, this baby also come with a leaflet complete with tips and tricks to achieve your desire look like a pro, what a nice move Benefit!!! ^_~

pretty stripes, love at first sight @_@

It's pretty easy to use actually, just move the dial, swipe it at the apple of your cheeks to your temple and then blends it lightly with your fingers, sounds easy right? Well, it's not that easy actually, I have difficulty to distribute the colors evenly to my skin with or without a primer, sigh~ All my attempts turn out to be a lot more pink than coral like I want to, sob2 T-T I tried it on my lips too but I think it's feels very dry and quite tricky to apply =(

the Fine One One colors swatch n_n

Another bad news is this pretty girl wont show very well for medium and darker skin tone =( I have to swipe Fine One One couple of times to make it appear nicely but since it glides quite smoothly on my skin, I think I can forgive Benefit for that, hehe =P The staying power for this cream blusher might differ from one person to another... I have oily skin so my blusher usually fade away around lunch time and the same goes with Fine One One, I can live with that I guess, lol

the end result after blending the shades together =)

The best thing about Fine One One is it gives your skin a very natural blush to your cheeks, which I always love and prefer =) Upon close inspection, I think it kind of look like a mixture of Posietint and Cha-Cha Tint shades, me likey!!! @_@ With it's small size, Fine One One is very travel friendly and you dont even need a brush to use it, wink2 Retail at RM115, I personally think it's quite expensive for the amount that we get... Don't fret, you can get it slightly cheaper (USD30) through Benefit Website and score yourself some freebies if you don't mind waiting, hihi =P 

me, myself & I...

Here's a picture of me wearing Hello Flawless + Fine One One + BadGal Liner & Mascara and also Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose =) The whole routine only took me about 5 minutes to get it done, pretty simple and effortless for my everyday look ^_^ I love how natural Fine One One turn out to be, this is a keeper for sure ^_~ Before I'm signing off, check out Benefit ads for Fine One One, it's so cute and funny, I'm lovin it~

Fine One One hero xD

p.s : pics were taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera ❤

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