Hello 911 with Benefit Fine One One...

Benefit Cosmetics always come up with a new and fun way to play with make up, and their latest cheek and lip stick, Fine One One is no exception =) I'm a big fan of their box of blushers range and their lip & cheek tints, so you can probably imagine my excitement when I laid my eyes on the very gorgeous Fine One One, I think I might have found the one, wink2

meet Fine One One, my new fav girl

The cream blusher packaging might remind you of a deodorant stick but the stripes of bright colors certainly looks like a different story... The trio shades of pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral was design to not only work as a blusher, but to highlight and lift up your face too =) Don't worry ladies, this baby also come with a leaflet complete with tips and tricks to achieve your desire look like a pro, what a nice move Benefit!!! ^_~

pretty stripes, love at first sight @_@

It's pretty easy to use actually, just move the dial, swipe it at the apple of your cheeks to your temple and then blends it lightly with your fingers, sounds easy right? Well, it's not that easy actually, I have difficulty to distribute the colors evenly to my skin with or without a primer, sigh~ All my attempts turn out to be a lot more pink than coral like I want to, sob2 T-T I tried it on my lips too but I think it's feels very dry and quite tricky to apply =(

the Fine One One colors swatch n_n

Another bad news is this pretty girl wont show very well for medium and darker skin tone =( I have to swipe Fine One One couple of times to make it appear nicely but since it glides quite smoothly on my skin, I think I can forgive Benefit for that, hehe =P The staying power for this cream blusher might differ from one person to another... I have oily skin so my blusher usually fade away around lunch time and the same goes with Fine One One, I can live with that I guess, lol

the end result after blending the shades together =)

The best thing about Fine One One is it gives your skin a very natural blush to your cheeks, which I always love and prefer =) Upon close inspection, I think it kind of look like a mixture of Posietint and Cha-Cha Tint shades, me likey!!! @_@ With it's small size, Fine One One is very travel friendly and you dont even need a brush to use it, wink2 Retail at RM115, I personally think it's quite expensive for the amount that we get... Don't fret, you can get it slightly cheaper (USD30) through Benefit Website and score yourself some freebies if you don't mind waiting, hihi =P 

me, myself & I...

Here's a picture of me wearing Hello Flawless + Fine One One + BadGal Liner & Mascara and also Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose =) The whole routine only took me about 5 minutes to get it done, pretty simple and effortless for my everyday look ^_^ I love how natural Fine One One turn out to be, this is a keeper for sure ^_~ Before I'm signing off, check out Benefit ads for Fine One One, it's so cute and funny, I'm lovin it~

Fine One One hero xD

p.s : pics were taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera ❤


  1. Since the product has more coral I thought you should've looked more coral rather than pinky? Hehee anyway it's still a super cute beauty item to own. I agree with you on Fine-1-1 being travel friendly as it's small enough to carry around. ;)

    Thanks for the review Ayna!

  2. High 5 Hanna, it's very cute indeed, i even feel like eating it sometimes, lol i'm so used to pink, i think i need more coral in my life, haha =D i wish i'll master the art of using it soon, wink2


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