Fashion Intervention with Elya Shazleen...

When it comes to fashion, I'm fiercely loyal =) I always stuck with the same style over and over again~ I pretty much dress myself with the same stuff throughout the years (different colors and pattern of course, lol) Its not just my outfit and shoes, I even wear the same hijab style (Bawal scarf) for almost 16 years, can you believe it? Even my mom change her style every now and then!!! I'm so old fashion at heart I guess =P

saving the date for the play date

That was before I got caught up with the lace obsession bug early last year, I bought myself tons of lace products from tops, lingerie to shoes ^_~ And now, I come across another extension to my lace fascination, it's the "lace hijab" girls!!! =) I know it's not exactly a ground breaking discovery but when I accidentally stumbled upon Elya Shazleen FB page, I think I found a healthy way to channel my lace fever to another direction, lol

variety of shade, budget and design to choose from n_n

The simplicity of the hijab and the beautiful manipulation of the lace itself is quite creative I must say and after deliberating for quite sometime, I decided to give it a shot and quickly registered myself for her Play Date/Jumbo Sale event last week and feeling very excited over it like a teenage girl waiting for her crush to pass her at the school hallway... (sorry, I watch way too many teenage show lately xD)

the face behind the brand, Elya Shazleen =)

Being one of the early birds, I was given a rare opportunity to get to know up close and personal and learning lots of interesting tips about hijab from the founder & owner of the Elya Shazleen Hijab herself, Ms. Elya Shazleen ^_^ She's very lovely and down to earth, just like what I imagine she would be and one more thing, she didn't treat my never ending question as anything but thirst for fashion (big words, I know =P) Elya shown us the simplest way to rock the turban style and wear her hijab series which I did record but having trouble to upload it from my camera, sigh~

the doorgift, yeay!!! x)

Besides that, each of us were given a set of doorgift which include a booklet on how to wear the hijab, sample of Cosmoderm cleanser and also a brooch which I think is a very cute touch, wink2 And of course me and my lace-a-holic self bought couples of hijab to bring back home too @_@ My fav is definitely the Dahlia Elite hijab series which comes in plenty of wonderful colors, I have to literally restrain myself from buying every shades available and quickly paid and leave before I'm losing the battle, haha =D

my hijab haul of the day

If I don't get the "lace craze" out of my system soon, I think I'll be a walking lace before I know it, hehe =P But the most important thing right now, all I want to do is enjoying my infatuation while it lasts, all the intervention can wait I guess... Last but not least, here's a picture of me wearing my brand new Dahlia Elite Hijab, I don't wear red a lot, so I kind of surprise how well the whole look turn out to be =) Feel the love for the hijab too? Check out Elya Shazleen FB page for more details... Have a nice day everyone _

lady in red ^_~

p.s : pics were taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera ❤


  1. Elya is Cosmoderm's ambassador and she's a nice lady. My friend pun pakai shawls by Elya. Memang cantik2. Yang u beli tu pun cantik jugak!

  2. What a small world right? I remember reading your post about Cosmoderm few months ago =) I'm still trying to get the hang of it, still a long way to go though, hehe =P Btw, the shawls mmg cantek2, rasa nak beli lagi tp budget lari, hihi =P

  3. phewwittt! cunnyer u pakai shawl. i pn baru je nk praktis ni. pakai simple2 reti la. tu pn lmbt je nk siap T_T pegi event tak ajak pon...sob sobsss

  4. tenkiu2, kmbg kejap, haha =D my sis ckp shawl buat muke i nmpk matured, apa pun bawal ttp pojaan di hati, hehe =P i x tau pun u minat jugak, kalau x ade gak geng hr tu... =(


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