[Giveaway] Hot & Cold...

How do you like your coffee/tea? Hot or cold? Warm or chill? I'm a mass of contradictions, I'm the kind of girl who went to a coffee shop and ordered tea instead, wearing flats when everyone else wear their highest heels and still using glasses when everyone else moving on to contact lenses... Weird, but that's just how I roll, lol =D 

This post however is not about coffee or tea, remember my little giveaway here ? Before we see who's the winner, let's take a sneak peak on what's hiding inside the coffee cup shall we? ^_~

Since I wanna try doing a lucky draw this time around, I write down the names of my followers who joined my giveaway in a piece of paper, fold it and shake the cups 4 times (to honour my blog 4th anniversary =P) before took out one of the paper from the coffee cup... Enough suspense, lets head on straight to the result!!! The lucky winner goes to... (DRUMROLLS)

Congratulation Dalina, I'll contact you for the prize delivery & enjoy your M.A.C Evil Eye palette girl!!! Before I go, I guess it's not too late to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2013 & have a fantastic weekend lovelies @_@


  1. Congrats to Dalina! Well better luck for me next time. ;-) Of course, have a happy 2013 Ayna & all readers!

  2. Thank you so much Hanna for your support, inshallah there'll be another giveaway this year =) Happy New Year to you too dear ^_~

  3. good things come to those who wait ^_~

  4. Congrats to Dalina,i didn't win this time,better luck next time

  5. Afraid not dear, there'll be next time I can assure u, wink2


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