A Lush Crush with Lush...

My love affair with LUSH began when Hanna gave me my first LUSH soap, Rockstar two years ago and it's definitely lust love at first bath!!! I can't thank you enough Hanna for introducing me to LUSH, muahsss _After our first encounter, I'm smitten and never look back ever since, what's not to love about LUSH? Everything, from their fancy name, divine scents, cute and fun products make me swoon in a heartbeat, hehe =P With LUSH, you didn't just get your typical bath products, you get one of a kind bath experience, fit for a special occasion and "me time", how sweet is that? n_n

my last year Xmas Lush haul =)

Since you can't get LUSH here in Malaysia, the only alternative to get your hands on it is either from buying online or visit their stores at other countries... The closest one to us of course is their Singapore's store but the pricing there is so freaking expensive when I compared to other places~ =_=  If I didn't practice any restrain, I could easily spend all my money for their stuff in a blink, which won't bode well with my mum of course, T-T 

my all time fav from Lush ^_~

Another thing about LUSH, most of their products were made from natural sources such as fruits & flowers, so you have to properly store and use it within certain period of time...You can check out the best way to keep your LUSH treasure from another LUSH lover, Shazwani Hamid here =) She did come up with an interesting way to preserve all her LUSH goodies, wink2 Being the nice lady that she is, she gave me not one but two stuff from my LUSH wishlist, yeay!!! Thanks dear, hugsss ♥_♥ 

Lush lovelies from dear Shazwani n_n

Before we get to the LUSH awesome-ness, you can check out the making of two LUSH products, Dorothy bubble bar & Think Pink bath bomb below =) I love the fact that they really come clean with all their products ingredients, so you really know what's you paying for =) Are you ready to feel the LUSH crush yet???  

Dorothy, born to make you happy =)

Think Pink, won't make you stink =P

Does "wonderful" struck to your mind when you see those videos? I'm truly mesmerize by their simple yet creative ways of mixing and matching the natural ingredients in order to get the beautiful end results =) Everything is hand-made and feels quite personal to me, a very2 cool way of making your bath experience more intimate, don't you think? I had captured couple of pics from my recent Lush pampering session during my short get-away, you can see for yourself how gorgeous my bath turn out to be, I only added half of Think Pink to my warm water, it smells divine and feels so soft against my skin, I'm in ♥



Last but not least, check out my recent Luch haul, big thanks to Hanna and Tammy for helping me buying all these lovelies, all of them are repeat purchase except the Twilight shower gel which I tried the bath bomb version before and love it to bits... This re-formulation is a great replacement for the bestseller fans, with the very same Lavender calming scents and a little silver sparkles to go with the purple liquid work fantastically to re-energize your every shower just like the bath bomb itself =) Snow Fairy is still my fav of course, I love smell like candy, hihi =P I'll review my Comforter & French Kiss bubble bar in my upcoming post girls, till then "Happy New Year" to all of you!!! ♥♥♥

my latest LUSH haul , super ♥


  1. When I saw my name was being mentioned I straightaway went to read this post. Nice lushies you got there! I wish I could use my bubble bars soon!Now there are just stucked in my drawer. ;-)

  2. i can't wait to use mine too, if only I have my own bath tub, I'll use it a.s.a.p, hehe =P

    1. If only Ajlaa Village had bathtubs. Heheee yeah cant wait for my next vacation! Now my Sunny bubble bar doesnt look as sunny anymore...

  3. Insyaallah soon we'll come up with our own version of bath tub, hehehe =P already planning next vacation? That's fast, lol


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