Galaxy Wonder, Wonderland with Samsung Galaxy Note II...

Centuries ago, you'll be sentenced to death for even suggesting the existence of galaxy out there... Today, every single information about the universe can be easily obtain with only your fingertips (and smartphone of course =P) Thanks to Samsung brilliant technology, the possibility is endless, creating and designing process is so much fun and hassle-free, who would have thought right? =)

On the other hand, Samsung continue their support for the local music scene with their collaboration with our one and only, Yuna Zarai through the GALAXY Wonderland Project, which a second one in fact after the huge success of the Yuna "Sparkle Project". Not only it was created with Samsung GALAXY Note, it also won the Best Music Video award on Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) recently!!! I can't hardly believe how beautiful the video turn out to be, congrats Yuna & Samsung!!! Check it out guys =)

This time around, Yuna will use Samsung GALAXY Note II, to create a magical wonderland of Malaysia with the help of all of us... Felling inspire? Head down to the Samsung Galaxy Wonderland now and paint your very own version of Malaysia =) It could be our food, culture, beautiful people, there are lots of things about Malaysia that represent our harmony and diversity to the whole world. For me, I'm very intrigued by our delightful colors and mixture of tradition, my painting is very amateur-ish though, lol

Submit your entry now, who know you might be among the lucky stories selected by Yuna for her GALAXY Wonderland project, who doesn't want their work to be imprint in one of the art masterpiece right? Yuna journey will also be featured in a series at Astro Ria which will go behind the scene of creating her music video that is inspired by the stories submitted at the Samsung Galaxy Wonderland page =)

I can't wait to see how Yuna incorporate the different version of My Malaysia Wonderland with Samsung GALAXY Note II, must be super awesome!!! For more information, you can visit Samsung Malaysia Facebook here, have fun designing guys, wink2

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