The Suite Life @ Lost World Hotel...

If you already read about my Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa entry before, I'm sure you must be wondering about my sleeping arrangement over there, right? Thank god, The Butterfly Project and Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) got it all figure out! LWOT had sweetly surprised our team (TammyIlly & yours truly) by giving us a fantastic Lost World Hotel - Executive Suite to spend the night, weeeeeeeee~

A little info about Lost World Hotel, it's located next to the LWOT Theme Park with 174 hotel rooms ranging from the Classical and Exotic rooms to the 4 different types of suites (Deluxe, Executive, Premiere and Super Suite). Nestled amongst the lush hills of Tambun, hotel guests get to awake to a spectacular view of the 400 million year old limestone hills enveloped by the morning mist, sweet isn't it?

Moving on to the suite, we're quite surprised by the sight that greet us when we first open the door... It's so big and spacious, pretty much like a real condominium lot size. You can easily hide an army troop here! The bed is quite huge, we can sleep comfortably without kicking each other, lol The duvet and pillows on the other hand I believe are from high quality since I can sleep like a baby, which I normally don't >.<

The suite also come with entertainment area / living room where you can enjoy your favorite show while gossiping and resting. This is a perfect addition for a family especially since this suite equip with not one but two television units! The kids can utilize this section meanwhile their parents can enjoy their show with the other television set near the bed just like what most family have at home =) Did I mention how fast is the free WIFI connection over here? Awesome ❤_

Next is my favorite area in this suite, the dry kitchen. It's complete with tea and coffee sachets, oven, kettle, sink, refrigerator, kitchen counter and also fancy bar stools. I knew if we're given more time, Illy will start cooking something for us, wink2 Back to the dry kitchen, the design is very sleek, modern and chic, something that I can picture having in my own house someday (hopefully *.*)

Ever wonder whether it's possible for you to entertain guests while traveling? Well, this suite have something just for that! The dining hall have 6 seats table, big enough for a small gathering or maybe in-house dining and you can also see the beautiful Tambun view while enjoying your meals. If you don't feel like cooking, you can always ask for the room service or even get something from the Paparich restaurant at the ground floor.

Call me vain but another great thing about this suite is the never ending mirror that you can find almost everywhere!!! Dressing up never feel this fun before, Tammy really had fun checking herself up from 360 degrees, hehe =P The suite have 2 nice bathrooms which I kind of regret not taking any pics to display here T^T  The only downside of this suite I think is the lack of bath tub but the fabulous Hotsprings & Spa really make up for it big time ❤_

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. No matter how much we're falling for the LWOT, we have to get back to KL city =( Before I go, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to LWOT for really taking care of us, butterflies during our stay there, thank you so much guys! I really looking forward to visit LWOT again with my family and if you're feeling the same way, check out their website here and facebook page here to know more about their latest offer. Till then, Happy November lovelies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee 

Temperature Rising @ Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa...

Dreaming of indulging yourself in a steamy hot bath while gazing at the beautiful stars? Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) can actually make your wish come true! Surprise? Well, besides their fun, historical and adventurous attraction, they also have their very own Hot Springs & Spa for you to rest, relax and rejuvenate after an exhausting day out ❤_

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Lost World of Tambun initiative, I can finally say that I had a very hot night (literally and figuratively) in Tambun, wink2 Ready to get your temperature rising? Let me start with the cool band that sang for us that night, they entertained us throughout the night with local hit songs as well as some oldies too. Who can say no to an awesome live band, right? Not me =P

LWOT had generously prepared delicious food spread for us too that night. Barbeque, assortment of rice and noodles, desserts, fruits, salad; I regret not eating much that night... I get so excited talking to the others and enjoying the music that I almost forget to fill up my empty stomach, hehe =P Okay, I need to stop talking about food right now before I'm making myself hungry =_=

yummeh~ n_n

That night, we were also treated for an aromatheraphy head and shoulder massage from the LWOT in-house spa, Crystal Spa. I'm so looking forward to this, god knows how long since my last massage treatment T_T The masseuse was really good, I secretly hope that the massage session will last forever. I can feel all my tension draining away just from looking at this picture, haha =D

There's more of course, after the massage session, we were introduced to the LWOT beauty gems, Coffee Body Mask and Coffee Dead Sea Scrub. If you're coffee addict, you're so gonna love this one! I was told that the body mask can help you getting fairer, even skin and you can apply it on your face too! Coffee Dead Sea Scrub on the other hand can help remove your dead skin cells and impurities. I'm not a fan of coffee but I really love this scrub ^_^

beauty stuff worth trying

Did I mention, they even set up a fortune telling booth for us? I'm so tempted to try it after hearing some of the girls telling me how accurate her reading is... I guess the skeptic in me take over and maybe (yes,maybe) if she really have the gift to read the future, I rather live my life not knowing what's coming my way~

Do you know that LWOT Hot Springs & Spa have 6 different pools under their wing? They have Crystal Pool which is exclusive for our usage that night, Infinity Pool that can accommodate up to 300 people at one time, Top of the World Pool - a jacuzzi pool that comes with pampering massage water jets, Lost World Steam Cave that act like a sauna, Foot Spa which design with reflexology pebbles fitted floor and Saphira's Lair that's specially created for the children.

All of the pools there comes with different temperature setting, ranging from 37ºC to 43ºC. So if you can't take the heat, you can always move from one pool to another. I don't have enough time to try each pool but my personal favorite is definitely the Crystal Pool. It's secluded than the others, warm enough for me and the crystal tiles looks very pretty underneath the colorful lights!

The 100% natural mineral hot springs really do wonders to body, I feel so rested and I had a very good night sleep that night. Hotsprings can also improve lots of medical condition such as stress reduction and blood circulation. Opening from 6 to 11pm every night, do check it out yourselves if you're nearby, I'm sure your body will love it! Do visit Lost World of Tambun website here or their  Facebook page here for more information. Until we see each other again, take care ladies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee 

Lose Yourself @ Lost World of Tambun Theme Park...

I can still recall precisely the one and only school trip I joined more than 15 years ago... I remember how stoked I was back then and how I can't stop talking about it for weeks! Little that I know, I'll be able to re-live those moments again with 29 other bloggers from The Butterfly Project ❤ Wondering where is the location for our awesome getaway? It's the Lost World of Tambun (LWOT), baby!

If you already read about my Travel Survival Kit review & my ETS journey, you can probably feel the excitement stirring inside of me that day! As soon as we arrived in Ipoh, we were welcomed by Shawal from LWOT with style no less before proceeding to our final destination via bus. Just like our previous train experience, looks like most of us can't sit tight throughout the bus ride too =P

What people always say about making a first impression? It'll definitely last forever... The same goes to LWOT, the beautiful natural scenery as the background and the majestic cat statue line up at the entrance which looks very much like a scene from Hollywood movie really made all of us eager to kickstart the tour already, wink2

Located at the heart of Tambun, LWOT is more than just a theme park. It's in a fact, Malaysia's premiere adventure park. Consists of 7 fantastic attraction from Water Park, Amusement Park, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Hot Springs & Spa, Team Building Park and their very own Petting Zoo; LWOT is the perfect place for recreation, vacation and action all under one roof (or land, lol) 

Before heading for the group tour, we were taken to the Kepura Cafe for our lunch. The cafe is clearly unlike any other cafe I've been to, it's build inside a real cave and it's no surprise how the interior looks like... Natural elements and modern touch, what a beauty! And yes, I have an authentic batman hideout in front of me but no echo wall to play around unfortunately =(

If you have trouble picturing how a cave should looks like, I hope this picture below can answer your curiosity. It's really a great ice breaker to begin with, who can overlook the unique atmosphere that it brings. My geography might be rusty but I knew Tambun is well known not only because of the picturusque view but also for it's historical archeology findings from centuries ago.

Let's move on to the fun part of this trip, shall we? Since LWOT covers a very large area, they provide hop on, hop off train to make it convenient for the visitors going from one section to another. Another train ride, weeeeeeee~ We were told lots of interesting LWOT trivia along the way such as the length of their Adventure River which is 660m, the longest man-made river in Malaysia!

Our first stop that day after having our lunch is the super cool LWOT Petting Zoo. This Petting Zoo have 8 different parts inside it which focus on their in house star. Ruby & Friends, Rabbit Wonderland, Bird Paradise, Serpentarium, Tortoise Kingdom, Marmoset Tree House, Rain Forest Trail and last but not least is the Rock Canopy =)

Meet Acucu, a very smart and well behaved raccoon a.k.a LWOT icon. Acucu loves the attention and being under the limelight. He is friendly and adorable unlike the nasty raccoon we see a lot in TV's. Being the sweet animal he is, he don't bite me at all when I try to feed him and he can do some fancy tricks to entertain us too. How I wish I can bring him back home with me T_T

Another fascinating fellow we get up, close and personal on that tour was the very cute and affectionate lovebird. Just look at how close the lovebird positioning itself on Shawal shoulder, can you feel the love? The name lovebird actually derived from the bird strong and monogamous pair bonding throughout their years of living. So romantic, isn't it?

An aviary to 500 birds from 18 species, Bird Paradise is truly a home and sanctuary to all these feathered creatures. See how they celebrate our visit? It's like a party going on there! Up and above, down and below, they're everywhere... Here, you can feed and pet the birds while feast your eyes on the lush green forest around you ^_~

I can't help but falling hard for Awang, the gentle and loving parrot. Other than his amazing skills at opening the sunflower seeds, he can recite his name too. I wonder what else he can do... There are plenty of parrot you can find here as well. All of them are very friendly and surprisingly quite easy to approach. Just spread your wings and say hello!

If tame animals wasn't really your cup of tea, get ready to be in a dangerous liasion with the cold blooded reptiles at the Serpentarium! With the see through tunnel to view the different types of snakes from reticulated pythons up in a corner, mangrove snakes slithering on the ground to serpents above the tunnel, there's something for everybody, heee~

In case you're trying to prove your brave encounter with the snake to your friends and family at home, don't be afraid to ask for LWOT staff assistance for a photo session featuring the harmless python. I'm not particularly crazy about getting affectionate with a python, so those who did really deserve a standing ovation in my book, haha =D

Next stop is the Tin Valley, a park dedicated to the old mining industry in Ipoh. Known as the 'the city that tin built', Ipoh used to be an important meeting point for all the Kinta Valley commercial centres. Aiming to educate the younger generation of their ancestors heritage, Tin Valley is also equipped with a life size 'palung' and gravel pump motor for them to experience the old school technique themselves.

Besides that, there are also Tin History Walk where you can access information about mining such as the industry influence to our country economic growth. The Tin Trail on the other hand, shows what goes behind the process of making a tin from the mining to the final form meanwhile the elephants represents the Tin Bearers which were the only mode of transportation to move the heavy tin.

Of course most of us don't mind to get down and dirty to try out the dulang washing experience. If you think it's a piece of cake, you better think again! It requires a lot of energy, patience and motivation to get the job done. Firstly, you need to scoop up the earth, mixed it with water and carefully swirl it until the mud swept away and the heavier tin are remained.

Soon after that, we were taken for another food session at the Dulang Tea House which located inside of the Tin Valley. I thought this is just like any other kopitiam we normally in the city but turns out the Dulang Tea House is serving something that very close to the miners menu during their glory days instead. 'Biskut lutot' and 'telur ayam kampung' anyone?

The ambiance still very much inspired by the cave with unique accessories such as the retro TV set, dining table and even the bicycle to fit the concept. I can't believe stuff like that still exist nowadays! Very rare sight I must say... Back to the food, I'm not really a fan of kopitiam actually but the wonderful company and the scenery seems to complement the food perfectly =)

Our day didn't end there, we were divided into 5 groups after that for a treasure hunt challenge. I'm so glad to have enthusiastic and optimistic members in my team who doesn't mind to sweat and running crazily all over the theme park to complete our mission. We really rise up to the occasion that day! Good job guys, we might not be the winner but I had lots of fun working with all of you

If you're interested to learn more about Sunway Lost World of Tambun, head over to their official website here or facebook page here for more information. Good news, tickets to enter the LWOT Theme Park is currently on sale at their website! Adult ticket is now priced at RM40.80 meanwhile the children ticket is only RM34.85. Don't wait too long, start planning your holiday now! Till then, stay tune for more LWOT post from me and stay fabulous lovelies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee & Sabby Prue

Hit The Road Trip with ETS...

Here's a little confession, I never really been to Ipoh before... I know it's quite shocking considering how close Ipoh to KL actually is but weirdly, Ipoh never made it to my travel destination wishlist! (no offense Ipoh peeps =P) Thanks to The Butterfly Project - Lost World of Tambun - KTM collaboration, I was given a chance to finally visit Ipoh, Perak with a little twist! Instead of traveling by car, all of us were transported there by KTM's Electronic Train Service (ETS). Let's hit the road trip, shall we?

We started our journey that day from ETS centre at KL Sentral and were greeted by En Azmi. He brief us a little about the ETS safety precaution, route and also their new train schedule. Back to the ride, it took approximately 2 hours for the train to arrive Ipoh and one of the thing that impress me that day, everything about ETS is very punctual and on time from the take off time to the arrival time. Salute~

The truth is, I'm not very good at traveling. I'm not being a diva or anything but I'm not bery well lately so I came prepared with all possible medication that I can think of. Surprisingly, I barely feel sick that day, the train ride was so smooth and easy... Before I knew it, we almost reach our destination! What a pleasant journey =)

We took the opportunity to have fun and fooling around instead of just sit down and sleep throughout the journey. Did I mention that we're traveling by ETS Gold Coach earlier? Well, what set the ETS Gold Coach apart from the Economy Coach is obviously the service that comes with it. We had train version of flight attendants to assist us and comfortable seats which can be adjusted to our own preference...

Besides that, there's TV for your entertainment and mini cafe too if you want to satisfy your hunger and thirst while enjoying the view. Of course the train also provides ample storage areas and side table to make it easier for you to use laptop or eating your meal. Not bad right? For a relax, stress free ride to Ipoh, Perak from KL, you only have to spend RM35! Very reasonably price I must say since petrol and toll charges is not exactly cheap these days, sigh~

All in all, I definitely love my ETS train experience to Ipoh, Perak. This is such a good alternative to the regular car or bus ride, don't you think? You have nothing to lose by giving it a try... Cost effective and hassle free, you will like it I'm sure, wink2 Don't forget to check out KTM's website here for more information on their latest offer and till we see each other again lovelies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee

Meaningful Innovation with Philips...

Ever waking up to a great idea that can help yourselves and the community around you? And the idea happened to be realistic and practical to implement, sustainable in the long run and can benefit a lot of people out there? 

Well, you're very lucky then because Philips is looking for fantastic ideas to materialize and make it come true! How wonderful will it be seeing your idea become a reality? You finally have the power to make a difference in everyone life =)

Your idea can be about creating a healthier home or even building a safer city! Wondering how you can participate and contribute your idea? Just visit Philips Malaysia - Meaningful Innovation site to get started and wow them with your idea... 

And there's more of course, Philips will also reward the best ideas with fantastic prizes worth up to RM5,000! There are pressure cooker, air fryer, mp3 player and even living colors bloom black up for grabs for the best entries. 

Thanks to Philips Malaysia and The Butterfly Project, you too can increase your chances of winning by blogging about it and share it on social networks. Click here to learn more about it and quickly compose your entry. 

Can you believe it, even with something as small as recycling your paper instead of throwing it away, you can save trees and so much more? Thanks to Philips Malaysia, now you have an outlet to submit your creative ideas! Till then ladies, let's make this world a better place to be, adieu~ 

Surviving Wilderness with The Butterfly Project's Survival Kit...

One of the thing that I dreaded the most when it comes to traveling is not really a surprise. Yes, I hate packing and unpacking with a passion! Somehow in my not-so-complicated brain, I can't register the words 'packing light' and always end up bringing more stuff than I actually needed, sigh~ All thanks to The Butterfly Project initiative, I don't have to worry about bringing my beauty essential at all during my recent trip to Lost World of Tambun last month, yeay!!! 

Every single thing from beauty drinks, lipbalm, sunblock, hair treatment to customize skincare set were prepared for us in a very chic monochrome stripes bag from One Utama. The bag is quite big and can fit all the 10 products easily and safely with its drawstring like compartment. This is by far the best beauty box/bag I come across, most of the stuff are from well known brands and practical for daily usage too! From what I heard, all these babies worth more than RM200, awesome right?

The first item from this bag, may look a lot like a lip balm but guess what, it's actually an insect repellent in disguise! Imagine my surprise when someone told me that! Thank god, I didn't apply it on my lips yet, haha XD It have a very strong lemongrass scent (which I think is what really scares the mosquitos away!) and very easy to use. Just dot or make a small cross at your skin and you're ready to go against the nasty mosquitos, wink2

Next one is the hand sanitizer from Lifebuoy. I always equipped myself with hand sanitizer wherever I go. I really think it's very important to carry one with you especially during traveling, you never know what kind of germs you can get expose to. What I like about Lifebuoy hand sanitizer is, it comes with moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E which is gentle on the skin. So you get the best of both world here, sanitizer + moisturizer =)

You don't really call a holiday without going out and play, right? That's where this sunblock comes in. The truth is, I'm not a big fan of sunblock. But this one is exceptional because it's ultra light, non greasy and smooth on my skin. It gave me a clear finish and have SPF 130PA+++ too! I have the bigger bottle from my Phuket trip few months ago and still occasionally use it for a sunny day out! Did I tell you that it's sweat & water proof too? =P

I heard so much good reviews about this lip balm from Maybelline... Looking at how affordable it is priced, I bought different shades too. My lips is super dry so it's very crucial for me to have a lip balm that actually works and a little hint of colors won't hurt too =P As far as the moisturizing effects, I still have to apply it every few hours but again my lips is not really cooperating =_= Other than that, I like how the pink glow looks on my lips, very natural and rosy, heee~

One of the star products from this travel survival kit is non other than L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil! It's their latest hair range to transforms dull hair to beautiful crown with it's unique ingredients such as Argan Oil and Safflower Oil. I can't begin to tell how much I love this shampoo and mask, it's smells good, very moisturizing and it leave my hair feeling so soft and smooth, what's not to love, right? How I wish someone kind enough will buy me the whole set ❤_❤

If you read my previous entry here, you probably know how much I love Lux body wash especially the Soft Touch. It's my favorite everyday bath treat because it have the subtle feminine alluring scent that last long even after my shower probably due to it's silk protein extract and cherry cream content. You still wanna smells good and sexy during your trip, right? Show some love to your skin with Lux body wash before and after your day out, you'll definitely feel just like home =)

If you're growing up using Johnson's body lotion, believe me this one is very different than what you're used to. The texture is very watery and lightweight compared to their baby lotion range and have a very relaxing and fresh scents which may be contributed by the ocean minerals, coralline extracts and aqua moisture essence ingredient in it. I think it won't take you a long time to finish this one and you'll definitely come back asking for more before you know it ^_^

Honestly, I never consume any beauty drinks before. Since it's hard to determined the results from these 2 bottles, I'm gonna elaborate on how it's taste instead. It's just like drinking your regular grape juice, not so sweet not too sour, it's just right =) It can help to protecting skin from sun damage, lighten the pigmentation and helps skin brightening. Kinohimitsu J'pan UV Bright Drink is made from grape seed extract with no additive, perfect for picky eater like yours truly @_@

It's not really a secret what I really feel about this Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask from TT Mask. I rave about it before here and I'm still gonna rave about it right now... It's certified halal, reasonably price, adjust to my face perfectly and the most important thing of all, it makes my face so much more moisturize and brighter after a single use!!! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's not actually, the orchid extract helps to hydrate and plump out the tissue to treat dry and lifeless looking skin ★_★

It's not very convenient to bring my skincare set for traveling and I really appreciate the thought The Butterfly Project put into this bag by providing a personalize facial travel kit for each of us. Esmeria Organics range for oily and acne prone skin use Alpine Willowherb which keeps sebum secretions normal while mending sore skin and Totarol extract works by fighting acne causing bacteria and preventing uncomfortable breakouts. I'll just have to wait and see whether it's gonna work for me n_n

Thank you so much The Butterfly Project for the awesome kit, I definitely feel complete throughout my journey at Lost World of Tambun For a first try, they really did an amazing job! Can't wait to see what they'll coming up with next, wink2 Until we see each other again lovelies, adieu~

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