The Suite Life @ Lost World Hotel...

If you already read about my Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa entry before, I'm sure you must be wondering about my sleeping arrangement over there, right? Thank god, The Butterfly Project and Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) got it all figure out! LWOT had sweetly surprised our team (TammyIlly & yours truly) by giving us a fantastic Lost World Hotel - Executive Suite to spend the night, weeeeeeeee~

A little info about Lost World Hotel, it's located next to the LWOT Theme Park with 174 hotel rooms ranging from the Classical and Exotic rooms to the 4 different types of suites (Deluxe, Executive, Premiere and Super Suite). Nestled amongst the lush hills of Tambun, hotel guests get to awake to a spectacular view of the 400 million year old limestone hills enveloped by the morning mist, sweet isn't it?

Moving on to the suite, we're quite surprised by the sight that greet us when we first open the door... It's so big and spacious, pretty much like a real condominium lot size. You can easily hide an army troop here! The bed is quite huge, we can sleep comfortably without kicking each other, lol The duvet and pillows on the other hand I believe are from high quality since I can sleep like a baby, which I normally don't >.<

The suite also come with entertainment area / living room where you can enjoy your favorite show while gossiping and resting. This is a perfect addition for a family especially since this suite equip with not one but two television units! The kids can utilize this section meanwhile their parents can enjoy their show with the other television set near the bed just like what most family have at home =) Did I mention how fast is the free WIFI connection over here? Awesome ❤_

Next is my favorite area in this suite, the dry kitchen. It's complete with tea and coffee sachets, oven, kettle, sink, refrigerator, kitchen counter and also fancy bar stools. I knew if we're given more time, Illy will start cooking something for us, wink2 Back to the dry kitchen, the design is very sleek, modern and chic, something that I can picture having in my own house someday (hopefully *.*)

Ever wonder whether it's possible for you to entertain guests while traveling? Well, this suite have something just for that! The dining hall have 6 seats table, big enough for a small gathering or maybe in-house dining and you can also see the beautiful Tambun view while enjoying your meals. If you don't feel like cooking, you can always ask for the room service or even get something from the Paparich restaurant at the ground floor.

Call me vain but another great thing about this suite is the never ending mirror that you can find almost everywhere!!! Dressing up never feel this fun before, Tammy really had fun checking herself up from 360 degrees, hehe =P The suite have 2 nice bathrooms which I kind of regret not taking any pics to display here T^T  The only downside of this suite I think is the lack of bath tub but the fabulous Hotsprings & Spa really make up for it big time ❤_

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. No matter how much we're falling for the LWOT, we have to get back to KL city =( Before I go, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to LWOT for really taking care of us, butterflies during our stay there, thank you so much guys! I really looking forward to visit LWOT again with my family and if you're feeling the same way, check out their website here and facebook page here to know more about their latest offer. Till then, Happy November lovelies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee 

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