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I can still recall precisely the one and only school trip I joined more than 15 years ago... I remember how stoked I was back then and how I can't stop talking about it for weeks! Little that I know, I'll be able to re-live those moments again with 29 other bloggers from The Butterfly Project ❤ Wondering where is the location for our awesome getaway? It's the Lost World of Tambun (LWOT), baby!

If you already read about my Travel Survival Kit review & my ETS journey, you can probably feel the excitement stirring inside of me that day! As soon as we arrived in Ipoh, we were welcomed by Shawal from LWOT with style no less before proceeding to our final destination via bus. Just like our previous train experience, looks like most of us can't sit tight throughout the bus ride too =P

What people always say about making a first impression? It'll definitely last forever... The same goes to LWOT, the beautiful natural scenery as the background and the majestic cat statue line up at the entrance which looks very much like a scene from Hollywood movie really made all of us eager to kickstart the tour already, wink2

Located at the heart of Tambun, LWOT is more than just a theme park. It's in a fact, Malaysia's premiere adventure park. Consists of 7 fantastic attraction from Water Park, Amusement Park, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Hot Springs & Spa, Team Building Park and their very own Petting Zoo; LWOT is the perfect place for recreation, vacation and action all under one roof (or land, lol) 

Before heading for the group tour, we were taken to the Kepura Cafe for our lunch. The cafe is clearly unlike any other cafe I've been to, it's build inside a real cave and it's no surprise how the interior looks like... Natural elements and modern touch, what a beauty! And yes, I have an authentic batman hideout in front of me but no echo wall to play around unfortunately =(

If you have trouble picturing how a cave should looks like, I hope this picture below can answer your curiosity. It's really a great ice breaker to begin with, who can overlook the unique atmosphere that it brings. My geography might be rusty but I knew Tambun is well known not only because of the picturusque view but also for it's historical archeology findings from centuries ago.

Let's move on to the fun part of this trip, shall we? Since LWOT covers a very large area, they provide hop on, hop off train to make it convenient for the visitors going from one section to another. Another train ride, weeeeeeee~ We were told lots of interesting LWOT trivia along the way such as the length of their Adventure River which is 660m, the longest man-made river in Malaysia!

Our first stop that day after having our lunch is the super cool LWOT Petting Zoo. This Petting Zoo have 8 different parts inside it which focus on their in house star. Ruby & Friends, Rabbit Wonderland, Bird Paradise, Serpentarium, Tortoise Kingdom, Marmoset Tree House, Rain Forest Trail and last but not least is the Rock Canopy =)

Meet Acucu, a very smart and well behaved raccoon a.k.a LWOT icon. Acucu loves the attention and being under the limelight. He is friendly and adorable unlike the nasty raccoon we see a lot in TV's. Being the sweet animal he is, he don't bite me at all when I try to feed him and he can do some fancy tricks to entertain us too. How I wish I can bring him back home with me T_T

Another fascinating fellow we get up, close and personal on that tour was the very cute and affectionate lovebird. Just look at how close the lovebird positioning itself on Shawal shoulder, can you feel the love? The name lovebird actually derived from the bird strong and monogamous pair bonding throughout their years of living. So romantic, isn't it?

An aviary to 500 birds from 18 species, Bird Paradise is truly a home and sanctuary to all these feathered creatures. See how they celebrate our visit? It's like a party going on there! Up and above, down and below, they're everywhere... Here, you can feed and pet the birds while feast your eyes on the lush green forest around you ^_~

I can't help but falling hard for Awang, the gentle and loving parrot. Other than his amazing skills at opening the sunflower seeds, he can recite his name too. I wonder what else he can do... There are plenty of parrot you can find here as well. All of them are very friendly and surprisingly quite easy to approach. Just spread your wings and say hello!

If tame animals wasn't really your cup of tea, get ready to be in a dangerous liasion with the cold blooded reptiles at the Serpentarium! With the see through tunnel to view the different types of snakes from reticulated pythons up in a corner, mangrove snakes slithering on the ground to serpents above the tunnel, there's something for everybody, heee~

In case you're trying to prove your brave encounter with the snake to your friends and family at home, don't be afraid to ask for LWOT staff assistance for a photo session featuring the harmless python. I'm not particularly crazy about getting affectionate with a python, so those who did really deserve a standing ovation in my book, haha =D

Next stop is the Tin Valley, a park dedicated to the old mining industry in Ipoh. Known as the 'the city that tin built', Ipoh used to be an important meeting point for all the Kinta Valley commercial centres. Aiming to educate the younger generation of their ancestors heritage, Tin Valley is also equipped with a life size 'palung' and gravel pump motor for them to experience the old school technique themselves.

Besides that, there are also Tin History Walk where you can access information about mining such as the industry influence to our country economic growth. The Tin Trail on the other hand, shows what goes behind the process of making a tin from the mining to the final form meanwhile the elephants represents the Tin Bearers which were the only mode of transportation to move the heavy tin.

Of course most of us don't mind to get down and dirty to try out the dulang washing experience. If you think it's a piece of cake, you better think again! It requires a lot of energy, patience and motivation to get the job done. Firstly, you need to scoop up the earth, mixed it with water and carefully swirl it until the mud swept away and the heavier tin are remained.

Soon after that, we were taken for another food session at the Dulang Tea House which located inside of the Tin Valley. I thought this is just like any other kopitiam we normally in the city but turns out the Dulang Tea House is serving something that very close to the miners menu during their glory days instead. 'Biskut lutot' and 'telur ayam kampung' anyone?

The ambiance still very much inspired by the cave with unique accessories such as the retro TV set, dining table and even the bicycle to fit the concept. I can't believe stuff like that still exist nowadays! Very rare sight I must say... Back to the food, I'm not really a fan of kopitiam actually but the wonderful company and the scenery seems to complement the food perfectly =)

Our day didn't end there, we were divided into 5 groups after that for a treasure hunt challenge. I'm so glad to have enthusiastic and optimistic members in my team who doesn't mind to sweat and running crazily all over the theme park to complete our mission. We really rise up to the occasion that day! Good job guys, we might not be the winner but I had lots of fun working with all of you

If you're interested to learn more about Sunway Lost World of Tambun, head over to their official website here or facebook page here for more information. Good news, tickets to enter the LWOT Theme Park is currently on sale at their website! Adult ticket is now priced at RM40.80 meanwhile the children ticket is only RM34.85. Don't wait too long, start planning your holiday now! Till then, stay tune for more LWOT post from me and stay fabulous lovelies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee & Sabby Prue


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