Hit The Road Trip with ETS...

Here's a little confession, I never really been to Ipoh before... I know it's quite shocking considering how close Ipoh to KL actually is but weirdly, Ipoh never made it to my travel destination wishlist! (no offense Ipoh peeps =P) Thanks to The Butterfly Project - Lost World of Tambun - KTM collaboration, I was given a chance to finally visit Ipoh, Perak with a little twist! Instead of traveling by car, all of us were transported there by KTM's Electronic Train Service (ETS). Let's hit the road trip, shall we?

We started our journey that day from ETS centre at KL Sentral and were greeted by En Azmi. He brief us a little about the ETS safety precaution, route and also their new train schedule. Back to the ride, it took approximately 2 hours for the train to arrive Ipoh and one of the thing that impress me that day, everything about ETS is very punctual and on time from the take off time to the arrival time. Salute~

The truth is, I'm not very good at traveling. I'm not being a diva or anything but I'm not bery well lately so I came prepared with all possible medication that I can think of. Surprisingly, I barely feel sick that day, the train ride was so smooth and easy... Before I knew it, we almost reach our destination! What a pleasant journey =)

We took the opportunity to have fun and fooling around instead of just sit down and sleep throughout the journey. Did I mention that we're traveling by ETS Gold Coach earlier? Well, what set the ETS Gold Coach apart from the Economy Coach is obviously the service that comes with it. We had train version of flight attendants to assist us and comfortable seats which can be adjusted to our own preference...

Besides that, there's TV for your entertainment and mini cafe too if you want to satisfy your hunger and thirst while enjoying the view. Of course the train also provides ample storage areas and side table to make it easier for you to use laptop or eating your meal. Not bad right? For a relax, stress free ride to Ipoh, Perak from KL, you only have to spend RM35! Very reasonably price I must say since petrol and toll charges is not exactly cheap these days, sigh~

All in all, I definitely love my ETS train experience to Ipoh, Perak. This is such a good alternative to the regular car or bus ride, don't you think? You have nothing to lose by giving it a try... Cost effective and hassle free, you will like it I'm sure, wink2 Don't forget to check out KTM's website here for more information on their latest offer and till we see each other again lovelies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Henry Lee

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