Meaningful Innovation with Philips...

Ever waking up to a great idea that can help yourselves and the community around you? And the idea happened to be realistic and practical to implement, sustainable in the long run and can benefit a lot of people out there? 

Well, you're very lucky then because Philips is looking for fantastic ideas to materialize and make it come true! How wonderful will it be seeing your idea become a reality? You finally have the power to make a difference in everyone life =)

Your idea can be about creating a healthier home or even building a safer city! Wondering how you can participate and contribute your idea? Just visit Philips Malaysia - Meaningful Innovation site to get started and wow them with your idea... 

And there's more of course, Philips will also reward the best ideas with fantastic prizes worth up to RM5,000! There are pressure cooker, air fryer, mp3 player and even living colors bloom black up for grabs for the best entries. 

Thanks to Philips Malaysia and The Butterfly Project, you too can increase your chances of winning by blogging about it and share it on social networks. Click here to learn more about it and quickly compose your entry. 

Can you believe it, even with something as small as recycling your paper instead of throwing it away, you can save trees and so much more? Thanks to Philips Malaysia, now you have an outlet to submit your creative ideas! Till then ladies, let's make this world a better place to be, adieu~ 

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