Poreless Whisper with B.liv CC Pores Away

The ugly truth about pores is; once it appear it'll never leave you alone forever... You can either minimize the appearance of it, hide it or act like it didn't exist at all which is what I normally do but of course, I want to look flawless and fabulous too!!! So I'll try my best to cover it up with layers of makeup that's not only bad for my skin, it's also end up accentuate my pores even more T_T Guess what else I did? I tried the famous egg white mask everyone talking about and applying ice cube all over my face, clearly it doesn't work with me and my pores is still very much there, waving and mocking my attempt to eliminate it, pfttttttt~

Assalamualaikum, Ammaar Zahran

All my life I always dreams of having a little family of mine with miniatures version of myself, clad in matching outfit + attitude and ready to rock the world and Alhamdulillah, my prayers were answered on 22nd of May 2015 with the arrival of the love of my life; Ammaar Zahran ❤_❤ I never knew I'm capable of loving someone so very much and looking at him, sleeping soundly next to me every night making me feel deeply humbled and blessed to be given such joy, thank you Allah for this beautiful gift =)

Candle in the Wind with Bath & Body Works

I love candles; it's a little luxury that I always indulged myself with every now and then not only because it can miraculously lift up my mood instantly, it can also double up as a home deco accessories too. I started collecting and spending my money on them since the early days of my marriage, I just can't help but loving the vibes and the aura it brings every time I lit it up. My husband is a big fan as well, in fact he's the one who pick and choose some of the scents for me~ Yeap, that's exactly how he get in touch with his feminine side, who am I to judge, right? Sorry honey, your secret is out =D

Online Revolution Sale @ Lazada Malaysia

Attention to all of you, online shopping addicts; there's super massive sales with huge discounts going on today, 11th November 2015 at Lazada Malaysia website!!! It's so much bigger and better than their previous sales, involved more than 30,000 products and yes, you can expect up to 95% discounts on some items, weeee~ You can check out all the exclusive deals at this link here If that's not enough to entice you, they're also having a "Spin The Wheel Deal" contest where you can stand a chance to win RM500 cash every day @_@

Guardian Bring Your Orange Bag Launch with Deanna Yusoff

Okay, the truth is I don't really practise recycling in my household like most of you environmentalist out there but one thing that I'm very proud of and will continuously do so is saying no to plastic bags whenever I shop for groceries every weekend. It's very hard to begin with at first, thankfully I have a strong arm candy a.k.a my husband to help me with that =) It's the least I can do to save the environment for the future generation and I'm more than happy to support the movement in line with that. Turns out, I'm not the only one who believe in it because the very beautiful Deanna Yusoff sharing the same sentiment as well, wink2

Spread The Love @ The School x Living Hope Children's Day Charity Bazaar

Sometimes I feel really bad for mourning over the missed opportunity when there are real people out there with real problems trying their hardest just to survive in this cruel and harsh world. And the worst thing is that what they really want is the basic, simple things that we took for granted every day  like food, clothing, shelter and education... Having a complete meal, wearing new shoes, collecting their favourite books is definitely a luxury they can't afford. It's hard to believe that we still have thousand of underprivileged kids in the midst of our big, prosperous city. It's about time we do something and join the movement to give these young souls a chance to enjoy their childhood like the other children.

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