Spread The Love @ The School x Living Hope Children's Day Charity Bazaar

Sometimes I feel really bad for mourning over the missed opportunity when there are real people out there with real problems trying their hardest just to survive in this cruel and harsh world. And the worst thing is that what they really want is the basic, simple things that we took for granted every day  like food, clothing, shelter and education... Having a complete meal, wearing new shoes, collecting their favourite books is definitely a luxury they can't afford. It's hard to believe that we still have thousand of underprivileged kids in the midst of our big, prosperous city. It's about time we do something and join the movement to give these young souls a chance to enjoy their childhood like the other children.

In conjunction with the upcoming Children's Day; Living Hope, a non profit organization that aims to reach out to the poor, needy and marginalised children below 12 in Malaysia and internationally join forces with The School in Jaya One to organize their Children's Day Charity Bazaar this 8th of November 2015. Held from 11am to 5pm, various college-age volunteers and younger kids will be manning more than 60 booths ranging from food, creative and imaginative products besides participating in exciting performances and activities. The kids will be supervised by a mentor so they can observe and learn simple business transaction during the event. This will not only help boosting their self esteem, it'll also build their life skills as well, 

Wanna know how you can do your part and give back to those in need? You can purchase the coupons for only RM50 per booklet at The School's Information Counter @ the Ground Floor or Living Hope @ Damansara from now on until 8th of November 2015. All the proceeds will be going to numerous Living Hope programmes such as providing hot meals and educational material for children from families with income under RM700. For more information and details regarding the Children's Day Charity Bazaar or to find out how you can donate and volunteer with this organization, kindly click on the official links below =) Until the next entry, count your blessing & Happy Monday lovelies, adieu~


  1. cruel world ~ sadih pula teingat peristiwa jumaat lalu

    1. Mmg ramai org yg tak baik kat dunia ni, Liz jgn patah semangat ya, Insyallah Allah reward balik hambanya yang teraniaya, Amin =)


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