Poreless Whisper with B.liv CC Pores Away

The ugly truth about pores is; once it appear it'll never leave you alone forever... You can either minimize the appearance of it, hide it or act like it didn't exist at all which is what I normally do but of course, I want to look flawless and fabulous too!!! So I'll try my best to cover it up with layers of makeup that's not only bad for my skin, it's also end up accentuate my pores even more T_T Guess what else I did? I tried the famous egg white mask everyone talking about and applying ice cube all over my face, clearly it doesn't work with me and my pores is still very much there, waving and mocking my attempt to eliminate it, pfttttttt~

I don't really expect a miracle, I need something that's good enough to conceal my pores while nourishing my skin in the process. Someone definitely read my mind because I was given a box of B.liv CC Pores Away few days ago to test and see for myself how well it works against my not so little pores... Honestly, I never try out CC cream due to my unpleasant experience with BB cream before so I'm not so sure it'll be a worthy investment for combination/oily skin like mine. I'm so glad I'm giving B.liv CC Pores Away the benefit of doubt though because I'm certainly a huge fans of the CC cream now \\^_^//

A little bit about B.liv CC Pores Away, it's a complexion correcting cream that's created to effectively correct your skin complexion, tone and texture and brings out the natural radiance with it's unique key ingredients like Marula Oil; that's enriched with Vitamin C, anti-oxidant and oleic acid to helps rebuild barrier of skin, provides in-depth hydration and tighten up the pores. It's also enhanced with Brown Algae which work beautifully as an anti-inflamatory properties to protect your skin from sun damage. Not only that, B.liv CC Pores Away is also equipped with the Red Algae that contains Vitamin E & SPD to instantly moisturize and soften up your skin =)

B.liv CC Pores Away
30ml [RM75.00]

Let's start with the packaging, I love the see through bottle and the pump feature it have which is not only make it handy to travel with, it's also great to avoid any products spillage. It's pretty simple to use too, just apply it to your face with your fingertips and blend it for an even, natural finish. You can choose to build more coverage wherever you want to by pat on the selected area as well. I prefer to use it as a my makeup primer for special day out and using it instead of my regular foundation for everyday no-makeup makeup look =P

It didn't miraculously remove all the evidence of my large pores but I can truly see a remarkable difference especially on my skin hydration level when I had this cream on. My pores on the other hand looks a lot less intimidating which is a good sign obviously and according to my husband, I got the healthy glow looks going on, not the oily face commentary that I accustomed to from him, yeay!!! When it comes to the texture, it's not as light as I thought it will be but thankfully it absorbs quickly and didn't left any greasy feelings on my skin.

The scent however is not something I would go crazy over but it's not that bad either... It's a cross between rosey flowery scent and something very much like baby powder so yes, I think I can totally overlook that given all the other benefit B.liv CC Pores Away packed with. Did I mention that it's free from Paraben, Alchohol, Synthetic Fragrance and Mineral Oil which made it even more perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It's not oily too if that's your concern, you can take my words for it because my skin don't goes well with oily products...

In a nutshell, I highly recommend B.liv CC Pores Away for CC cream virgin like me because it's not overpowering at all and suitable for all skin types besides giving you a natural, healthy glow and minimize your pores size.  It's currently on sale too at Hermo Malaysia for only RM51.89 instead of the regular price so this is the best time to try it out and witness the wonder yourself =) Shhhh, don't tell me that I didn't warn you lovelies, they'll be having a A Perfect Christmas sales starting from tomorrow as well!!! There are tons of promotions, discounts, lucky draw and surprises waiting for you, wink2 For more information and details, kindly visit Hermo Malaysia official links below and until we meet again, have a great week ahead lovelies, adieu~

Buy Now @ http://bit.ly/1P5dxSy
A Perfect Christmas @ http://bit.ly/1XtCbkq
Hermo Malaysia @ http://bit.ly/1QFmS3P 


  1. I think im not that into cc cream due to its super minimal coverage D:

    1. Yeap, the coverage is not that much but it makes a prefect primer though =)


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