If Only...

With the new year approaching, I can't help but looking back at all the things happened this year... My 2009 resolution included of course... What I have achieved so far and what did I missed, the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows...

It's quite frustrating to know that somehow you're not among the lucky one, the one who got everything fall smoothly on their laps without trying too hard... Anyway, I'm not gonna fret about how unfair life is, I'm just a little too excited to discover that I actually do achieved some of my 2009 resolution...

  • Saving money instead of spending it... ----------> errr, this will be on the top of my next year resolution list, I can promise you guys that ^_^
  • Learn how to swim... -------------> erm, baby steps, huhu~
  • Learn how to cook... -------------> I'm still sucks but I will start buying more cookbook next year, hahaha =D
  • Learn how to play guitar... ----------> @_@ I do learn how to play guitar eventhough it cost me my fingers, sob2 T_T
  • Bungae jumping... -------------------> I'm not sure if its even possible in Msia, Y-Y
  • Join dancing class... ---------------> I haven't succeed in persuading anyone to come with me yet, ^_~
  • Get myself a NICE boyfriend... --------------> selfless man is so RARE, huh~
  • Join a marathon ??? ---------------> I do join a marathon earlier this year, I can prove it, hehhhe =)
  • Lead a healthier and happier life... ----------> I try not to eat lots of spicy food anymore, but I still can't totally escape sweet stuff, I just can't resist when it comes to dessert =P
See what I meant??? I do get some of it right at least, I'm so very proud of myself, ^_~ (I'm allowed to feel a little smug here, heehee =P) If only I can get everything on my list come true... *-*

The last goodbye...

dancing in the day-light =D

walking skeletons =P

belle of the ball n_n

all the graduates.. ^_~

with Fiza =)

with Danish @_@

I missed my old job, i missed the way all the kids looking up to me, trusting me and adore me like I'm some kind of a godsend... But most of all, I missed the way people treat me and believe in my abilities... I'm freaking good at it, I know I do... Teaching and sharing knowledge has always been my passion since forever... I got as much excitement as hunting for the perfect shoes just by thinking of new activities for my students...I never got the chances to properly say my goodbye to all of them before, so when my previous boss send me the invitation to their graduation, I'm more than happy to oblige... I'm a little afraid of course, I'm afraid they won't remember me as well as I do remember them... But I need this, I need to feel alive like I used to feel before...

It's not that my current job is that bad, it's quite okay actually but I'm not used to people treat me like I'm nothing more than a mere girl whose existence may or may not affected them at all... I'm so used to feel needed and wanted at home or at work... I hate it when I didn't get enough respect as I should just because I happened to be in lower position than them... I hate it when my ideas and creativity wasn't welcome here... It almost get to the extent that I just gave up and acting just to get through the day... I can't be myself, my jubilant self, the real me that everyone knew... Omg, I just hate my job!!!

Anyway, back to the kids graduation, I feel happy to be part of them again eventhough it's for a short period only, they still recognize me but a little wary and reserved than they used to... It's not for long however, the second I start making my funny faces, they let all their guards down and I'm once again Teacher Ayna that they once knew...

I'm glad that little thing like this making my day felt so much better... I can't help feeling unnatural sense of awe and proud watching them dancing, singing and acting like there's no tomorrow... I'm a little sad when it's all over, but live goes on and I have no choice but to say my last goodbye... Y_Y sob2

Conspiracy theory...





I know most of you out there will probably feel like throwing up reading anything about vampires and werewolves already but I think I need to post about this to get it out of my system, hehhee =P Most of my guy friends were wondering what do all the girls see in these 2 men??? Why they are soooo obsessed with Edward Cullen and not Jacob Black??? I'm gonna tell you why...

I might not be right and fair about this but I've come up with another theory which is quite similar to my previous theory in this post The same rules applies here, Edward represent someone solid, faithful, intense, and quiet just like Liverpool fans, meanwhile Jacob represent someone daring, bad tempered, loud and fun just like Manchester Utd fans... (you are allowed to puke now, hahaha =D)

Of course given the choices, most of the ladies will pick the most stable one right??? But they can't really shake away their attraction to the dangerous one... Which one I'll choose for myself???
ahha, it's for me to know and for you to find out, wink2 ^_~

p.s : I just wish I can have them both, hehee @_@

Lash out...

I never dream of using fake lashes before cause I always opted for more natural look... Besides, I think the over the top lashes are better saved for once in a lifetime event such as your own wedding or maybe special occasion...

Well, not anymore!!! After I heard about Shu Uemura crazy bargain in Loreal's warehouse sales, I just can't help myself to finally own the Shu Uemura's fake lashes... Thanks to Miu2, I managed to get my hands on couple of them at a very reasonable price @_@ I wish I'm daring enough to get more exaggerate pieces, perhaps after I'm invited to Academy Award's, hahha =D (keep on dreaming, Ayna =P)

mine, hehhhe ^_~

I heart this lashes so much!!! very unique & stylish... n_n

Make up my mind...

Wow, I can't believe I've been neglecting my blog for so long... I'm quite busy actually juggling everything in between from my part time studies, my family, my works to my friends (not that I'm complaining, ^_~) and I almost have no time to hanging out with my guy-friends, huhu~ maybe I'm experiencing some kind of distaste for men right now after fallen head over heels for Jacob's gorgeous body smile??? hehhhe =P

Anyway, I managed to squeeze my time to participate in 2 workshops this month... The first one is the Clarins's Power To Try Workshop courtesy of my dear friend, Miu2 and the other one is the Good Skin Lab's Workshop which reserved by one of my blogger friend, Jess... Thank you so much girls, I enjoyed both workshops tremendously especially their generous freebies and all the knowledge that I hardly knew before and also the fact that I met lots of bloggers along the way... I never thought how powerful our breed are, hahhaha =D

Since I've no pics to show you guys due to the absence of my digicam, I just posted pics of the freebies from my other blogger friends, Cuna, Harim and Baby... Eat your heart out guys, hehhhe @_@

The Clarins's freebies... n_n

Good Skin Lab's door gift... @_@

I like this pic of us, hehhe ^_~


I always believe with the "closure" concept thing which so many people preach on in order to get passed those bitterness and hard feelings... I get my closure just now but it doesn't make me feel any better, I just wish I never knew anything at all... It's true you know, ignorance is sometimes a bliss, please remind me everytime I make a big deal about closure in the future, huhu~

Not Ready To Make Nice...

This week is totally a roller coaster ride for me, when I'm happy, I'm very2 happy but when I'm sad, it's the lowest down I had... My facebook status this week are full of emotional burst of anger and also happiest moment I experienced, maybe it's the pms (thank god women can always put the blame on pms, hahaha =D )

To tell you guys the truth, I'm not really an angry person by nature, I hardly get angry with someone for a long time, it's kind of frustrating actually because when I'm angry, I just don't give a damn about anyone else, it's cooler and better than get your heart trampled over and over again, huh~ =_=

I'm angry with a lot of people this week, people who call themselves my friends but doesn't deserve my friendship at all, people who just can't leave me alone and people who judge me just because they think they are so much better... Well, you know what, I'm not gonna be nice to any of you again, you guys just lost my respect forever... Adios muchachos, dude~

Time traveler's wife...

 I heart Rachel McAdam's & Eric Bana, ^_^

Although I never admit it, I'm actually hopeless romantic at heart, I love romantic movie especially when it's about the unrequited love... The sappier the movie, the more I love it... I love to cry over a movie especially if the hero is gorgeous, hahaha =D

Anyway, I'm very2 excited to watch this movie since it's one of my all time favorite book n_n If you already read it, you'll know why I said so, wink2
I dont want to ruin all the suspens by giving blow by blow details here, maybe after I watch it, I'll do a little comparison of the book & the movie for you guys, @_@

Some of you may not really into reading, so if you're looking for a heart wrenching romance, go book your ticket now with your love one this weekend... If this movie adapted the novel perfectly, I'm sure all of you guys won't regret it... I can't hardly wait to watch it myself, with lots of tissue of course, hehhehe =P


I'm currently lusting after The Daisy Rock guitar range which specially made for girls who still doesn't want to grow up like me, heeehee ^_~ I'm sure those who young at heart will definitely love their stuff too...

They not only sell all kind of guitars, they also sell guitar picks, straps, cases, bags, scamp amp, cable, apparel and even purses + totes, @_@ So kawaii and adorable, I lovin it very2 much, \\^_^// For more Daisy Rock, you can check out their site here ^_~

cute design to drool over, hehehe ^_~

It's Just The Season...

my emotionally disturbed pose, huhu~

Lately things doesn't really going well for me, too many deaths, heartache and strings of bad luck happened... I wish I have the ability to take it all away, play pretend everything will be okay and carry on with being my usual self... But I can't keep fooling myself, it's eating me alive to act like it doesn't affected me at all... How I wish I can erase everything, walking straight and never look back... Do you feel the same way too??? Is it me or it's just the season???

Rock with me...

When you combined 2 of my favorite things together (cosmetics + guitar), you surely had me at hello (Renee Zellweger's words in Jerry Maguire, remember??? hehhe =P) The Anna Sui's latest fragrance definitely caught my eyes with guitar-like bottle in my favorite color, purple, and also cute bag designed in guitar shape with diamante as a freegift, @_@ How can i resist all that??? The answer is of course I can't, hehehhe =P

I'm sure this is not Agyness Deyn one and only perfume ads, and I never understand her 80's style anyway but Anna Sui certainly good at promoting their stuff... They given out lots of cool freebies with any Rock Me purchase + makeover (which I rather pass since I hate to ruin my already rock chic's makeup, hehehhe =P)

I bought 30 ml Rock Me perfume + eye color accent in dark purple + liquid eyeliner in black and get mascara + oil control fluid + pore minimizer + Rock Me miniature & sample + cute bag as a freegift... Me likey @_@

This perfume I think actually targeted to teenagers who are in their rock star wannabe phase, coz it's way too girly to my taste and I don't think rockers wear this kind of perfume, hahaha =D I never considered myself as a rock star by the way, so who cares, I can always use it when hanging out with my girls, hehehhe =P Anyway, don't get suck in with the ads and promo if you're not a fan of girly scents, buy this if you're looking for gift and present, it'll be just perfect ^_^

Crush and bent...


Since I've both Benefit's Benetint and Stila Cherry Crush right now, of course the next thing I do is comparing them as soon as possible ^_^ Both claimed to be lip/cheek stain, but after using them myself, I can tell you that it can only served certain purpose only =(

Benetint, in terms of consistency, is quite sheer + light and perfect as a cheek tint. The applicator also made it easier to apply and give your cheek a very natural blush. It also last through out the day and hardly need any touch up... However as a lip tint, Benetint failed to deliver it promise because the brush is so damn hard to used on the lips. I have to resort to another alternative by using other brushes in order to get the result I desired. It's very drying on the lips and it have rose scent which annoyed me to no end, huhu~

The tint swap...
Benetint (left) Cherry Crush (right)

Cherry Crush on the other is thicker and harder to blend... I've to blend it first on my hand before apply it on my cheek, which stain my hands forever, huhu~ It lasted for sometimes but I need to touch up from time to time, =( As a lip tint, I'm lovin' it, @_@ The applicator is awesome (just like lipglaze), it smells like cherry (I like ^_~) and it create a very lovely natural pink colour that suits me well, it doesn't last long on my lips though but since I love using it so much, I don't really care about it...

The verdict??? If you looking for a cheek tint, Benetint is the perfect answer... It last forever, easier to blend (as long as you are fast and furious, hehehhe =P) and waterproof for any cheek kissing activities ala Hollywood, hehehhe =P For a lip tint, Stila Cherry Crush definitely the best, u got rose bud lips that looks so natural with lovely cherry scent and its so handy to bring anywhere... n_n

It bugs me that both of them are good in one department only (at least for me, huh~) and both of them are not exactly cheap I must said, I definitely allowed to have higher expectation and hopes... This is my 3rd and the last Cherry Crush I have and from now on I got to learn to make do with Benetint to survive, arghhh~ =_=

Good GIrl Goes Bad...

Last weekend probably the most fun I had in a while... Spending it with shopping + gossiping + fooling around with my bff which I haven't met for almost 2 years surely something worth mentioning about, right??? Big thanks to Mr K who made all our plans and arrangement possible, we definitely have a very awesome weekend, hehehhe @_@

Eventhough my feet hurt like hell from walking for 12 consecutive hours around KL in my highest heels, we both definitely don't let it deterred our mission, wink2 ^_~ After finished with all the shopping and browsing, we spend the night hanging out with our college buddies, catching up with each other, trading embarrasing and stupid stories that we used to do (hehehhe =P) and also remembering our friend, Ayie who have left us forever... (may he rest in peace, amin~)

I don't have many pictures to share with, just a little glimpse of our hauls and yummy breakfast we had, hehehhe @_@ I will try to upload the rest later when I manage to find my phone USB cable... Huhu~

mine was Escada perfume which I adore very2 much coz it smells so sexy, @_@ my bff bought PH perfume whom she heart and I still wondering why, hehehhe =P

breakfast in bed from Cupcake Chic, nyum2 @_@

I Gotta Feeling...

This saturday gonna be so awesome, I'm 150% excited already, hehehhe =P Ever since Ayie's death, I have this crazy urge to meet all my close & favorite friends especially those who I rarely have the chances to spend time together due to geographical reason~ =_= I missed all my high school friends in Miri & my college friends that I had lost contact with...

For those who actually read this, I'm still using the same cell phone number just like 5 years ago, which I never have the heart to change since it was given by someone dear to me @_@ (you know who you are, wink2 Anyway, have fun this weekend guys, I know I will, hehehhe =P

Kiss and make up...

my one night before raya haul, wink2

When I wrote about my last minute shopping in my previous post, it didn't exactly work out as I planned, I somehow got sidetrack with the ever tempting Benefit, Kiehl's and Clinique counter, heeehe =P and totally forgotten about anything else, ^_~

I bought Benefit Badgirl waterproof eyeliner (this probably the most expensive eyeliner I ever have, huhu~) + Benefit Creaseless Shadow/Liner in Recess (work wonderfully as primer) + the eyeliner sharpener + Bodyshop lip scuff a.k.a lip scrub (I never knew bodyshop have one, the Lancome SA actually told me about this, ^_~) + Bodyshop nail polishing block (which I bought 3 already this year, dunno where the rest goes, huh~) + Bodyshop shopping bag (it looks cute and easy to fold, @_@)

Anyway, the freebies that I managed to score along the way are Clinique Superfit Foundation (i don't really like it but doesn't hate it either) + Kiehl's Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (I love this one, @_@) + Kiehl's Centella Recovery Skin Salve (quite sticky to my liking...) Now, I knew exactly what to get on my next payday, hehhehe =P

With Love...

Hiya all, I'm currently waiting for my bro finish cleaning up my car before we going to do our last minute shopping (yup, my baju raya turn up disastrous this year, thanks to "the tailor" unskilled hand, huh~) and then we'll heading to my dad's hometown in Johor... My parents and my little sis already arrived there this afternoon and as usual, me and my bro will only make our grand entrance on the night before raya (actually we are trying to skip doing all the chores, hehhe =P)

I already promised my mum, I won't be online during raya so this is probably my little goodbye before parting ways with my laptop for one week, huhu~ In case you guys miss me, call me ya, wink2.. Till then, adieu everyone and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, love you guys, muahs2...

I'll Be Missing You...

How fast the time flies, in just 2 more days, we will celebrating Hari Raya... This Ramadhan, I have lost someone who's dear to me, my college buddies, Ayie who passed away last week... He's one of the funniest and nicest guy I ever knew... How I wish I could turn back the time when we used to hang out and cracking stupid jokes at each other, how wonderful the good old days were, n_n

What I miss the most about him is his kindness; he's never the one who judge me, or others and he definitely have the ability to make people around him happy @_@ I feel so sad coz I didn't get the chance to see him before he died and the distance that prevent me from giving him the last goodbye... His death had surely shocked me to the core and kind of made me thinking, it could be me too~

If life is so short, I want to make sure I live it without regret and bitterness... So,I wanna take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness if I have intentionally or unintentionally hurt you guys all this while... I would deeply appreciate it if you can find in your heart to forgive my mistakes and flaws... I'm only human after all who is less than perfect, and prone to mistakes, heeeheee ^_^

To Ayie, you were definitely one of a kind, I knew I won't meet anyone like you again, you'll always be miss and love by us forever and ever~ I feel so lucky to knew you even though for a short time, you're irreplaceable... Goodbye to you, my dear friend... May Allah bless you, Amin...

Wishing well...

I want all of these soooo badly, if only I have all the money in the world, sob2 T_T Looks like I can only keep on dreaming~ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! or maybe I can buy one or two items from this list or all of them and then starving myself till the end of the year??? hahahha =D my mum will definitely throws a fit if she know what I've been up to, hehehe =P

Benefit's Eyecon - Eye Treatment

Benefit's Lipsciption - Lip scrub + Lip Balm

Benefit's F.Y.Eye - Eye Primer

Benefit's Smokin' Eyes Palette

Bobbi Brown's Basic Brush Collection

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown's Cheek Tint

Stila's Barbie LE Liquid Eyeliner

Stila's Barbie LE Lipglazes

Stila's Foxy Barbie LE Set

20 questions...

This post was tagged by Skylarkz to all her blog followers... I love her blog coz she always come up with great makeup tutorial ideas for amateur and lazy people like me, hahahha =D Keep up the good works girl!!!

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without
The essential stuff like my phone + purse + watch

2.Favorite brand of makeup
Stila and Benefit ^_^

3.Favorite Flowers
Lavender because it's purple and smells nice, hehehhe =P

4.Fav clothing stores
I don't have one, I'm buying anything that I like and suits me well... @_@

5.Fav perfume

My fav perfume of all time always was and always be Gucci Envy Me, it's my signature scent, hehhe =P
6.Heels or flats
Of course heels, I don't wear flats, like ever... hahahha =D

7.Do you make good grades?

I'm passionate with languages and always get good grades with them... but my chemistry + physics on the other hands, sucks coz I hate it and never interested enough to learn it, hehhehe =P

8.Fav colors
I heart purple..... and brown toooo ^_^

9.Do you drink energy drinks?
Nope, I don't like the taste...

10.Do you drink juice?
Yuppp, apple juice especially.... lovin it =)

11.Do you like swimming?

I can't swim but would love to learn it if I was given enough motivation, hahhaha =D

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?
Nope, it's too pretentious, huhu~

13.Whats your fav moisturizer?
Benefit's Dear John, too bad I can't afford it, sob2 T_T

14.Do you want to get married later on in life?
Definitely, but only with the right man, wink2

15.Do you get mad easily?
Sometimes, but I will feel so stupid afterward~

16.Are you into ghost hunting?
Nope, it's not that fun as everyone else seem to think, hahhaha =D

17.Any phobias?
Claustrophobic - I hate closed space... (or afraid of Santa Claus as Patrick from Spongebob said, hahhaha =D)

18.Do you bite your nails?
Not really, hehehhe =P

19.Have you ever had a near death experience?
Yup, I have been electrocute twice in my life... (I'm still alive and kicking btw, hehehe =P)

20.Do you drink coffee?
I'm addicted to tea, but I drink coffee occasionally when my sis, Kak Zura or my bff, Deya is around, both of them are addicted to coffee, hehhehe =P

Friends with benefit...

Make me up...

Friends with benefit is actually the title of One Tree Hill 2cd season OST which I think the most perfect title for this post ^_^ I'm sure you guys can definitely tell why I said so, and yes it's because this post is about my latest Benefit haul, hehehhe n_n I always tempted to have Playstick before but didn't buy it coz my foundation haven't come close to finish yet... The same goes with Lemon-aid, which I postponed buying for sooo long just because I thought they'll selling it in their warehouse sales (only in my dreams apparently, huhu =P)

Lots of love and thanks to my bff who gave me Dr Feelgood for my belated birthday gift, thanks girl, I loooooooooooooove it so much dear!!!! @_@ You really make my day, wink2 =P Anyway, Benefit as we all knew is quite stingy when it comes to freebies, I only got 2 eye-con sample + I cute paperbag for my purchase, which I actually got after I asked the SA twice, huh~ =_= If only they are more generous like Estee Lauder and Clinique...

I'm planning to buy Benetint sometime in the future coz my Cherry Crush stocks are almost finish but to tell you the truth, I'm hoping to find cheaper alternative for it since Benetint is quite expensive for the tiny miny bottle... =( Any idea/recommendation guys for other brands cheek & lip tint??? Do share with me ya, wink2

Kiehl's-ing me softly...

I ♥ Kiehl's

I'm so tempted to try Kiehl's after I read other bloggers raves and crazes about the Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator. So, I drop by at their counter @ Isetan KLCC determine to find out more about the product. The SA, Joy was more than helpful to assist me and provide a very good information for someone who only knew Kiehl's because Brad Pitt used to be in their ads campaign, hehhee =P

Since my main concern is more on my skin flaws, she didn't recommended me to use the Surface Brightening Exfoliator, she advise me to use Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion instead, which can help to improve my skin texture and clarity, fade discoloration, and marks on face. Besides that, it can also remove skin dulling dead cells, exfoliates plugged pores and help diminishing the appearance of facial lines.

I only tried it once and already felt that my skin are more lighter and smoother. Hopefully this can work miracle on my acne scars which disturbed me for years. The SA also gave me different types of cleanser and moisturizer samples to try at home and few shampoo samples for my sis too, very2 generous I must said compared to other brands that quite stingy with their samples, huh~ =_=

Anyway, the Kiehl's Isetan counter will have a promotion on Sept (I forgot to ask what kind of promotion they have) & I can't wait to check it out!!! @_@

Bag of tricks...

This post was tagged by dear Suzie like looooong time ago, a little sneak peak on what stuff we do keep in our makeup bag... What I really keep in my Stila cosmetic pouch/bag/etc??? A lot for someone who only wear simple makeup, I kind of like the comfort of knowing I have everything I need, everywhere I go, hehehhe =P

My cute Stila makeup bag @_@

Treat or trick, n_n

[ The Inside stuff ]
  • Johnson's Baby Wipes
  • The Body Shop's Mini Brush Set
  • Stila Tinted Moisturiser
  • Stila Convertible Shadow/Liner
  • Stila Cherry Crush
  • Stila Multi Effects Mascara
  • Stila Angel Light Foundation
  • Stila Pon Pon Gerbera
  • H2O Rasberry Guava Body Balm
  • Stila Perfecting Concealer
  • Lip Ice Strawberry
  • Stila Shine Lip Color
  • Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm
  • MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner
  • MAC Cream Color Base
What's in yours??? ^_~

Guitar hero...

I knew that I haven't blogging much lately, Ramadhan is always one of the busiest time for me ever... It's the only time actually I feel tempted to cook and bake, hehhehe =P I'm too shy to post pictures of the dishes I made, partly because even cooking simple dishes I somehow have the ability to make our kitchen looks like it's been hit by a tornado, hahhaha =D

I'm so eager to bake my favorite cookies like Chocolate Chip and Sarang Semut this year but our oven is still in a box at my old house, sob2 T-T Please anyone, send a new oven for me, I promise I'll bake my delicious chocolate chip cookies for you, hahahha =D

Anyway, I'm getting more attached to Aika lately, she kinds of brighten up my day and I can't hardly wait to come home everyday to be with her n_n I think she is my no 1 love right now, hehehhe =P I done a little research on how to pimp my Aika and come across this kawaii Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitars and accessories from Fender... Btw, I still think Aika is more gorgeous, wink2

The acoustic guitars, so kawaii ^_~

I love this one the most, coolness n_n

Pinky spell, sweet =)

Super cool guitar case @_@

This strap will match my Aika beautifully, hehhehe =P

I want want want this, *_*

And this one too, me likey!!! =D

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