Conspiracy theory...





I know most of you out there will probably feel like throwing up reading anything about vampires and werewolves already but I think I need to post about this to get it out of my system, hehhee =P Most of my guy friends were wondering what do all the girls see in these 2 men??? Why they are soooo obsessed with Edward Cullen and not Jacob Black??? I'm gonna tell you why...

I might not be right and fair about this but I've come up with another theory which is quite similar to my previous theory in this post The same rules applies here, Edward represent someone solid, faithful, intense, and quiet just like Liverpool fans, meanwhile Jacob represent someone daring, bad tempered, loud and fun just like Manchester Utd fans... (you are allowed to puke now, hahaha =D)

Of course given the choices, most of the ladies will pick the most stable one right??? But they can't really shake away their attraction to the dangerous one... Which one I'll choose for myself???
ahha, it's for me to know and for you to find out, wink2 ^_~

p.s : I just wish I can have them both, hehee @_@


  1. uihhh tamaknye u nak dua2 :P i cop edward je. jacob i tak heran. muahahaha

  2. addy : thanks dear, am i good enough to be carrie bradshaw now??? hehhee =P

    cuna : i mmg greedy, nak dua2 sekali, hehehehe =P betul ke x mau jacob ke mior dah ketul2 mcm jacob??? hahahha =D

  3. if you were to ask me, i always attracted to the daring, brave, masculine, hot (!), loud, fun and what not...

    and i'm all with team jacob!

    go go jacob!


    owh, he's so hot XD

  4. so very true babe, who can resist jacob??? cuna maybe, hehhee =P

  5. T____T why edward!!! why why why..

    he actually seems very unstable! emo sini sana punya.. i thought he's like 100 years old.. or something.. should be quite grounded.. =_= in this movie he still speaks he got something up his throat..sigh sigh (no offense to team edward).

    jacob pulak hot temper, jealous and controlling.. dahlah every night pun ada duty.. but his body is.. phewit..

    both also x best lah!! unless turn into same clan with them!!

    1. both also makan orang (satu ala ala macam vegietarian but cannot control impulse if too near to favorite food)

    2. both also x tidur banyak!!! arghhh

    3. both also hot guys.. (but one is cold blooded)

    i say be single lah!! be single u sissy Bella! act like so strong n etc.. but is TAUFU TAUFU!!! (ops sorry to Bella Fans)

  6. Miu2, we shared the same opinion at least, i'm never a fan of bella, i think she's so selfishly greedy... i felt for poor Jacob, glad that he have a chance to get it back with his imprinted love for Renesme, haahahha =D

    i never really thought of their similarity before you point it all out, it's a good thing they a re not real, i just wondering how on earth i'm gonna living with someone who doesn't sleep and eat???? does that mean i don't have to cook and doing all the laundry??? sounds perfect to me, hahahha =D


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