Celebrate Special Moments with Dunlopillo...

Sometimes we are too busy chasing after worldly material that we tend to forget that there are lots of other things that’s so much more important than that like spending quality time with your family and expressing your feelings towards your loved one. I know I know, I’m as guilty as most of you out there but what actually we really do to fix that problem? 

Black Friday Fest @ Reebonz...

Every year, I always looking forward to hear about my friends who living abroad talking about their Black Friday experience... It's sadly as close as I can get to experience one, sigh~ But this year fortunately, I can finally get my shopping gear ready with Reebonz Black Friday Fest Sale, yeay!!! From 24th to 30th November, Reebonz offers a series of enticing gift shop and top designer picks with attractive promotions throughout the week =)

Denim Fever @ Shopbop.com...

Denim is more than fashion statement to me... It's something that every generation can relate to; it can be style in so many ways & available in so many forms that you'll never get bored of it!!! Of course there are some rules you need to follow through when it comes to denim like it's always a big NO-NO to wear denim from head to toe & why it's never wrong to wear colored denim if you want to =)

Sneaky Sneakers @ Shopbop.com...

Honestly, I'm not the kind of girl you'll be seeing around with sneakers... In fact, the only time I'll wear my sneakers when I really2 have too which is actually once a year, lol But that never stop me from lusting after good looking sneakers all the time!!! Perhaps I should invent new ways to rock sneakers after this, hehe =P Back to sneakers, do you know that lots of designer start to include them in their shoe range line nowadays? I totally have no idea, let's take a look at some of the cool one, shall we?

Rose Gold Love @ Shopbop.com...

I know the rose gold trend is not exactly new but I guess it's never too late to start investing in one since it's so timeless and wearable, right? I don't normally splurge for accessories but once in a while, I do feel like spoiling myself silly just to lift up my day (I'm sure most of you can relate to that, wink2) So, I spend my days and let my search for new rose gold bling-bling begin at Shopbop.com =)

Fabulously Lux with Fazura...

Every women love feeling desirable & sexy but what if I tell you that you can feel exactly that from a sensational bathing experience with the new Lux Classic Collection Fine Fragrance range? Infused with delicate floral notes & softening silk essence to delight your senses, Lux inspired you to feel irresistible & confident in your own skin every day. Launched earlier this year, the new packaging is the embodiment of womanly grace with luxurious & beautiful artwork fit fabulously with any Lux girls =)

Back To Black @ Shopbop.com

There's something about black that always drew me in like no other... it's timeless, chic, sexy, edgy and almost perfect~ I'm very sure all of you agree with me, right? Come to think of it, most of the clothes I bought were black!!! It's never go out of season & always look flattering in my book ^_^ The thing about fashion is, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good, just invest in a few fabulous items & you're ready to conquer the world, wink2

Beauty Fix @ Spot Malaysia News...

Hello lovelies, how's your October going on so far? I know I haven't been around much lately~ I'm still adapting to my new life (I won't bored you girls with the details, don't worry) but now I'm back doing what I love the most, writing and stalking beauty site, wink2 Below is one of the look I've been obsessing over almost daily, I'm still not over it apparently, hehe =P

Selfie Fixation @ Kiss Me Selfie Station...

Having a major selfie fixation but can't really justify your action? Afraid not my dear because Kiss Me just giving you the perfect reason to take selfies with their Selfie Fixation Contest at their cute Kiss Me Selfie Station in selected Watsons around Klang Valley, weeeeee~ I happened to hang around Watsons, Pavilion last weekend and looking at the excited crowd, I decided to join the fun and participate in the Selfie Fixation Contest as well, wink2

Boots Made For Walking @ Shopbop.com...

Okay, I know it's not really practical or comfortable to wear boots here in our hot and humid country, but who say fashion have to make sense, right? There's no rules on rocking your favorite items, it's all about styling it with matching pieces and the right attitude to match, you're good to go and brace the day =) Boots might not be something that I choose to wear every single day but if it's up to me, I would love to have my own boots collection to elevate my personal style ^__^

Dress To Kill @ Shopbop.com...

Here's a little confession, unlike some other people; I purchase magazine just to feast my eyes on all the fabulous dresses wear by celebrities and socialites all over the world X) Dress to kill, hitting all the hot spots, don't you just love how glamorous it feels? Honestly, the only time I ever come close to that was during my wedding day, hehe =P How I wish I can turn back the time, sigh~

Bigger Eyes with Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara...

I just realized couple of days ago that I haven't review any mascara for ages... Not because I don't want to, it's just that nothing really impress me and worth mentioning, sigh~ Since everybody is talking about Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara, I guess I'll join the bandwagon and share my personal thought about this mascara. Let's check it out together, shall we?

Red Carpet Ready with GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment...

Longing for glam-tastic skin ala Hollywood starlets and worthy of flashing lights and camera? Looks no further because I'm about to introduce you to a worldwide phenomenon, GLAMGLOW which create a major buzz around beauty scene all over the world!!! I kid you not, this products have huge following among some of the big name in the industry, believe me you don't wanna missed this...

Right On Time @ Shopbop.com...

When I came across Shopbop.com couple of months ago, I've set my mind to search for my ultimate bags in this post [here] and not too long after that, I had a change of heart and start looking for my wedding stuff which you can read more about it [here]. I couldn't make up my mind yet at that time and coincidentally days after that my watch stop working and I have to find the perfect replacement as soon as possible cause I can't hardly function without one, sigh~

Wedding Bells @ Shopbop.com...

Honestly, when I start brainstorming ideas for my wedding I felt so overwhelm by the amounts of details and work that I have to attend to... It's exhausting, time consuming and involve lots of money as well, sigh~ So if you're planning to get married anytime soon, you should start browsing and searching now because trust me, time will never be enough when it comes to wedding preparation =_=

Shopaholic's Dreamworld @ Shopbop.com...

When you have fashion statement pieces with you, did you noticed that all your imperfection seems to fade away into the background? At least that's what happened to me everytime I'm using my beautiful Kate Spade's Jeanne bag, wink2 So if you're contemplating whether you should invest on designer bags or not, I would definitely say go for it!!! My only advice is, be smart about it by choosing the right platform for your purchase. You can save a lot from buying online but then you have to consider the expensive shipping charge to Malaysia as well, sigh~

[Tips & Tricks] Double or Nothing with Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Callisto & Sycorax...

Science might have proven that moon is not really a pretty sight up close but just like any romantic at heart, I always have soft spot for moon which I believe is a very beautiful creature in it's own way =) Speaking of moon, do you know that all the gorgeous shades from Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow collection were named after moons from other planets? What a way to honor the unsung heroes in our solar system, I don't think they're given enough credit by the way...

Double Duty with Nars #49 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush...

It wouldn't be fair to talk about Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow without giving some love to Nars #49 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush because honestly, I think this brush deserve a post on it's own =) Being my first ever Nars Cosmetics brush (and hopefully wouldn't be the last, lol) I must said that I'm not really sure what to expect in the beginning...

Let Your Hair Down with Dove Serlahkan Dirimu 14 Days Challenge...

Feeling insecure because of your hair fall problem? Don't worry my dear, you're not alone... Hair fall attack both men and women due to several factors from genetic, hormone to medication but there is an easier way to rescue your beautiful hair before it's too late thanks to the revolutionary Dove Hair Fall Rescue range =) You'll get a stronger and healthier locks in 14 days and what's the perfect way to flaunt your gorgeous crown? Well, you can join Dove Serlahkan Dirimu 14 Days Challenge to let your hair down, do something out of your comfort zone and score yourself cool prizes as well ^_^

Love Your Lips with Earth Care Organic Handmade Lip Scrub & Lip Balm...

Did you give enough love and care to your lips in this fasting month? I wish I did it earlier because the lack of water intake definitely take it tolls on my no longer sexy pout T_T And since Raya is just around the corner, I really need to look my best a.s.a.p!!! Tough mission? Not so much if you have Earth Care Homemade Lip Scrub & Lip Balm in your stash, I'm so glad I bought both of them last month, now is the perfect time to put the products into test... I blog about how much I love their body scrub before here so I'm very excited to give their lip care range a try next ^_^ Will it live up to my expectation?

Shades of Pink with Shizens Hue-Duo Eyeshadow in Sepia Pink...

Hi lovelies, I know I haven't been blogging much lately but here I am, back again to share with you another great find that I discovered recently. Still remember my Shizens post here? Thanks to The Butterfly Project & Shizens Malaysia, I'm one of the lucky 50 who received Shizens product voucher worth RM200, weeeee~ Since I never own any Shizens products before, I had a tough time to decide which stuff I should get with the voucher and after I laid my eyes on the Hue-Duo Eye Shadow in Sepia Pink, I knew right away that it will be perfect for me =)

Walk The Line with Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision...

It's Ramadhan again lovelies & unlike last year, I've so much things to juggle with this time around... I finally realized that I barely have time for myself & my loved one T_T Don't worry though, I have new toys to fix just that =) Say hello to my brand new Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision, it feels good to have more and more eyeliner added to my stash because one is clearly not enough for someone who use eyeliner religiously like me, lol

[Tips & Tricks] Sexy Summer with Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 Collection...

Do you ever picture yourself having a blast with your girlfriends by the pool but still looking smokin’ enough to attract the opposite sex attention? I think that’s pretty much the idea behind the inception of Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 collection which is nothing but powerfully provocative and daring, wink2 From neon lemon lime, shocking pink to bold geranium; the shades and colours scream sexy & look at me!!! If only I’m crazy enough to wear it all at the same time, lol

Fresh & Tasty @ Daily Fresh...

I can't believe how fast time really flies this year and I guess it's not too late to wish all Muslims out there a very blessed Ramadhan =) I know I choose a rather awkward time to talk about food here but forgive me lovelies, I can't help but sharing my latest food obsession with the rest of you, hee~ Have you heard of Daily Fresh? With 800 outlets all over Malaysia, I'm pretty sure you've seen or came across them before, right? They even expand to 15 other countries like Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Russia, South Africa, Turkey & China too!

Bag The Deal @ Reebonz Malaysia...

Do your heart beat faster whenever you lay your eyes on exquisite bags and clutches like me? I wish I’m not that easy but fancy bags always took my breath away and had me at hello... I’m sure I’m not the only one though, I saw more and more designer pieces style by Malaysian women boldly all over the city since the rise of SATC. Who would have guess back then that owning designer bags is not as hard as you think, in fact it’s so easy and hassle free, you’ll probably think I’m lying, lol

Introducing Reebonz, an exclusive online shopping destination of luxury brands that will transport you into a world of pleasant surprises where discounted luxury is finally within your reach. Carrying widest selection of luxury handbags and accessories from Prada, YSL, Givenchy, Celine, Coach (just to name a few), you’re so gonna be spoil with choices!!!

What separates Reebonz from the other online shopping sites? Well, as the authority seller in online designer merchandise, the authenticity of all the items available here is 100% guaranteed, they go to great length to ensure that and even have a team of professional to inspect everything out before it’s up on their website. Definitely a trustworthy site in my book =)

If you're wondering how they can afford to sell all these items at a very amazing price, rest assured that most of the stuff here is past season inventory which pretty much explained how they’re able to come up with interesting offer for you people out there!!! So get your keyboard ready because I’m about to reveal the latest deal from Reebonz to make your Raya this year a very fashionable one _

Yes my dear, Reebonz is currently having their End of Season Sale where you can purchase the bag your heart desired with up to 50% off, weeeee~ Did I mention that they provide fast, free & reliable shipping service and 0% interest installment payment plan up to 24 months with major banks like RHB, OCBC, CITIBANK, Public Bank, AmBank, Alliance, HSBC, MBF and CIMB as well? Now, everybody can afford to have their very own designer handbags, isn’t that awesome? 

That’s not all of course, if you purchase from Reebonz End of Season Sale before 30th June, you’ll received an exclusive Adila Long 10% discount voucher which you can use to buy your fabulous Raya outfit to complement your gorgeous Raya bag from Reebonz @_@ For every purchase of RM1,000 and above, you’ll get additional RM100 Reebonz online shopping credits to your account too. Let’s say yes to more bags, wink2

The awesomeness didn’t stop there, you can also be in the running of winning a beautiful Miu Miu Ipad Cover worth RM1,500 simply by key in [mizzayna] under the comment section at the checkout page!!! Hurry ladies, start hunting for your favourite bag @ the Reebonz End of Season Sale before 30th June by signing up at this link here XD For more information, do visit Reebonz Malaysia official site or facebook page & until then, shop till you drop lovelies, adieu~

[Tips & Tricks] Sweet Summer with Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 Collection...

Still remember my Nars Week series last month? Yes, you get it right, I'm still not over Nars & don't think I'll ever be, lol Tell me who on the right mind can resist the fun & fabulous line up they came up with every seasons? Not me obviously... Looking at Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 collection, I feel like seeing a cosmetics interpretation of synchronized swimming!!! Everything is striking, captivating & fascinating, complete with some interesting combination I never think of =)

Instead of just reviewing it, this time around I'm very much inspired and wanna incorporated the summer spirit by creating 2 different looks based on my 2 alter ego; Sweet Summer / Sweet Ayna & Sexy Summer / Sexy Ayna, hihi =P I guess I'm neither sweet nor sexy and the best thing I can hope for is pretending to be both XD So in this post lovelies, I'm gonna spill my secret on how I can fool someone into thinking I'm a sweet girl by using stuff from Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 collection @_@

Since Nars didn't include blushers and lipsticks in their Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 collection, I'm using Nars Blush in Amour & Nars Sheer Lipstick in Mayflower that I previously blog about to achieve the Sweet Summer / Sweet Ayna look. For the eyes, I choose to play with Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow and Nars Baalbek Eye Paint from Nars Adult Swim - Summer 2014 collection. I don't know why but they seems to fit each other perfectly, don't you feel the same way too?

Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow 
4g [RM120.00] 

According to Nars Cosmetics, the Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow is a modern yet unique color combination [golden pewter + lilac snow] that can be worn alone or together and feature micro fine powders that's highly pigmented, longwearing and crease resistant. With colours that glides on smoothly and blends effortlessly, you can go from subtle to smouldering by using this fashion forward pairing! It's also multifunctional; you can shade, line or highlight your eyes with this duo eyeshadow.

Nars Baalbek Eye Paint 
2.5g [RM95.00] 

Nars Baalbek Eye Paint on the hand is described as a brilliant pot of high impact bronze pigment in an innovative silky, weightless gel formula. Rich, hyper saturated shades that dry down quickly in long lasting finishes from icy metallics to matte, this product can line, highlight, shade and define with modern artistic versatility. Last for up to 18 hours, you can be bold and use it alone or layer it with different texture eyeshadows to create intensity you desire.

MY VERDICT : When I use the Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow for the first time, I beginning to think it's a lost cause for me... The colours didn't show up well and looks quite chalky on my eyelids... Then I remember that I didn't wear any eye primer beforehand and try applying it again! Voila, the shades finally make an appearance although not as pigmented as I want it to be, still looks pretty good to me =) I like the fact that the powdery texture is easy to work with & great for highlighting.

But the star here is definitely Nars Baalbek Eye Paint! It really deliver in terms of giving longlasting, intensely pigmented colour that can multifunction as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. The golden-like particles that comes with it makee it looks even more gorgeous up close I'm in love with its fluid, creamy consistency that fortunately make this eye paint very easy to control. I can see myself using this on daily basis, it's an edgier alternative from the plain black liner =P

How I'm using Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow and Nars Baalbek Eye Paint to create my Sweet Summer / Sweet Ayna look? It's very simple actually, even non makeup users can pull off this look without breaking a sweat!!! Here's the guide on how to achieve this look :-

STEP 1 : Prime your eyes with your favorite eye primer
STEP 2 : Apply the Golden Pewter shade from Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow all over your eyelids
STEP 3 : Use the Lilac Snow shade from Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow on your lower lashline
STEP 4 : Line your upper lashline with Nars Baalbek Eye Paint
STEP 5 : Complete the eye-do by coating your lashes with black mascara
STEP 6 : Sweep Nars Blush in Amour lightly on your cheeks
STEP 7 : Finish the look with Nars Sheer Lipstick in Mayflower

What do you think of the look, am I sweet enough for you? Well, I'm very happy with how it turns out, it's soft & wearable just the way I like it ^_^ You can glam it up by adding more Nars Baalbek Eye Paint or tone it down by switching the role of shades from Nars Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow instead. For more details, kindly visit Nars Cosmetics official website or make your way to their flagship store @ Pavilion, KL. Until then, stay tune for my Sexy Summer / Sexy Ayna look lovelies, adieu~

Burn, Lose & Shape with Per'lXlim...

I guess my affection for Per’lXlim from Power Root is not really a secret anymore. The truth is, I’ve been worried sick with my body these couple of months… Whenever I’m feeling out of sorts or stress out, I tend to eat more than I should and end up making almost all my existing clothes way too tight for comfort, sigh =_=

No matter how inviting the idea to shop for new outfit is, I just hate seeing all the beautiful dresses I have feeling unloved like unwanted garments T_T I’m just happy Per’lXlim come at the right moment and time, now I can happily eat without worrying about gaining weight, weeeee~

Available in 2 delicious flavors, Coffee & Chocolate; Per’lXlim is created with special ingredients such as Kidney Bean which famous for its ability to stop the calories from being absorb by preventing the stomach from breaking the carbs into simple sugar. 

Another added ingredient in the mix is the Green Coffee that can miraculously slow down the absorption fat food intake, sounds like winner to me, wink2 Not only that, Per’lXlim is also enriched with Collagen and Kacip Fatimah to help you improve your skin conditions besides rejuvenate your hair and nails too ^_^

Do you know that Emma Maembong is one of Per’lXlim big fans too? Well, what’s not to like when you can skip the exercise and still look fab? It’s very easy to control your weight with Per’lXlim. You only need to mix a sachet of Per’lXlim with 150ml of water and take it twice a day, 30 minutes before your breakfast and lunch. Simple, isn’t it? Now I know why Emma Maembong love Per’lXlim, hihi =P

As for me, I never thought I’ll like Per’lXlim as much as I do but since it taste so good (chocolate is my favorite flavor btw) and works for me, I have nothing but love for Per’lXlim ❤❤❤ I love that I still can maintain my weight without compromising my sweet tooth cravings, weeee~ The best thing is, I can finally get rid of the stubborn fat at my midriff area!!! Goodbye nasty fat, muahaha XD

I’m not the only living proof of Per’lXlim effectiveness, 8 other bloggers who tested and tried Per’lXlim swear by it as well! I lose almost 1kg to date and close to 2 inches around my stomach, yeay \\^_^// I know lots of you out there can’t wait to get your hands on Per’lXlim, right? Retail for RM19.90 per pack, you can find Per’lXlim today at the hypermarkets near you. For more information, do visit Per’lXlim official site or facebook page. Until then, have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~ 

Naturally Good with Earth Care Organic Handmade Body Scrub...

There's something about handmade beauty and bath products that always drew me in like a magnet, maybe it's the thought that someone out there made and pack it with love feels kind of special to me =) I'm weird like that I know, lol When I came across Earth Care Soaps couple of weeks ago, I was smitten at first sight!!! Everything screams yummy & delicious, I'm having a hard time to pick just one, so I end up with 2 body scrub + 1 lip scrub + 1 lip balm + 1 soap, hehe =P However today, it's gonna be all about the body scrub... I'll review the rest when I'm done playing with them okie, wink2

Earth Care Organic Handmade Body Scrub - Warm Embrace 
150g [RM24.00] 

According to Earth Care, their Warm Embrace Body Scrub is conceive from the combination of organic ingredients such as brown sugar which is known to be a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin, ginger which is famous for its high antioxidants property that can protect your skin against free radical damage and of course lemon, which not only great as an astringent but work wonders to clear skin imperfections and even out skin tone.

That’s not all, Earth Care Warm Embrace Body Scrub is also infused with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, essential oil (ginger & lemon) and Vitamin E to give you a freshly made gentle exfoliator that warms and whiten your body without drying out your skin. Suitable for all skin types, you can include Earth Care Warm Embrace Body Scrub in your home spa routine to achieve a softer, smoother and moisturize skin you always dream of. 

To start enjoying the body scrub, simply use a dry spoon and take 1-2 scoops of Earth Care Warm Embrace Body Scrub, exfoliate skin gently and rinse off with water. This product has to be store in a cool, dry place and good for up to 3 months without refrigeration. If you want to expand the lifespan, you can always keep it in your refrigerator. 

MY VERDICT : I really love how adorable the packaging is and how the scent reminds me of a dessert I tasted back in Phuket!!! I’m so tempted to consume it but thank god my sister stopped me just in the nick of time, lol What I like the most about this scrub is the way it feels against my body… Even when I rub rigorously, no harm is done to my delicate skin ^_^ The only downside of this scrub that I noticed is it doesn’t really deliver in giving me the whitening effect as indicates on the label =( Perhaps I’m not using it frequent enough, I’ll definitely give more love to this scrub from now on, hee~

Earth Care Organic Handmade Body Scrub - Keep Calm & Relax 
150g [RM24.00]

In-sync with its name, Earth Care Keep Calm & Relax Body Scrub is made from soothing and aromatic key ingredients like Portuguese sea salt that’s rich in minerals and good at removing toxin, lavender which has various therapeutic value including calming and natural antiseptic, chamomile to promote general relaxation and relieve sore muscles and last but not least oatmeal to soften, clean and moisturize your skin. 

Besides that, Earth Care Keep Calm & Relax Body Scrub is enrich with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, essential oil (lavender & lemon) and Vitamin E to give your body a calming and relaxing exfoliating experience like no other. What a lovely way to unwind and indulge your senses with some tender loving care session after a stressful day at work, right? 

Just like Earth Care Warm Embrace Body Scrub, you’re suggested to use this scrub twice a week to get softer, smoother and moisturize skin you desire by taking 1-2 scoops of the body scrub and exfoliate your skin and rinse with water as normal. It can last up to 3 months without refrigeration but make sure you place it in a dry, cool area. To elongate the lifespan, you can keep it in your refrigerator after every usage.

MY VERDICT : I have nothing but love for this gem _❤ It's reasonably price, smells so divine and really great at removing my dead skin cells!!! What more can a girl ask for, right? =D The texture might not be as fine but I do see remarkable differences whenever I'm using this body scrub. Since it's a little bit grainy, try to avoid using it on your sensitive parts and focus more on rough area like your feet, knee or elbow... For those who have sensitive skin, you might want to go easy with this. Other than that, Earth Care Keep Calm & Relax Body Scrub is definitely a keeper for me @_@

Interested to get your hands on these cuteness overload products? You can check out their Summer Spa Sale this coming weekend at Atrium, Publika KL to enjoy special deals, lucky draw and freebies or if you can't make it to the event, you can always browse through their e-catalog to make your purchase. For more information and details, kindly visit their official site or facebook page. Until then, have an awesome weekend lovelies & yes, I'm now officially engaged girls, adieu~

Soft & Clean with Mary Kay Hydrating Body Range...

Don't you just hate the itchy and dry feeling left after you shave your legs or your underarms area? I think every female can relate to that situation... So yes, I'm pretty excited to learn that Mary Kay coming up with body wash that can double up as shaving cream!!! What makes it even more special, they have Hydrating Lotion in the range as well to act as the after care for your skin after shaving too. After all, who can resist such a cute duo, right? 2 is always better than 1 in my book, wink2

Mary Kay 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shave 
192ml [RM55.00] 

According to Mary Kay, the Mary Kay 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shave is formulated with Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, a soothing agent that's known for it's calming and soothing property besides Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract which is an antioxidant that's included to help protect the skin from free radicals generated by the environment. Not only that, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract is also added into the mixture to condition, attract and retain the moisture of your skin.

Just like any other body wash, you can apply it with water to enjoy it during your bath or if you would like to use it as a shaving cream, simply wet the area to be shaved and add a small amount directly to the skin before lather it up. You can shave as usual and rinse clean after that. Afraid not, it's clinically tested for skin irritants and allergies so your skin is pretty much in a very good hands.

MY VERDICT : Honestly, this is my first time using a body wash/shaving cream so I'm not really sure what to expect in the beginning. I'll go with what I don't like first. If you're a fan of subtle scent like me, you'll be having a hard time to warm up to this body wash. It have a strong scent that I personally think suits men better. The texture on the other hand is like clear gel and foam very well with water. I truly love how it leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean & smooth after every usage, good job there =)

Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion 
192ml [RM60.00] 

Similar to Mary Kay 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shave, Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion is consist of 3 main ingredients such as Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract to calm and sooth your skin besides protecting it against the effects of free radicals from the environment. It's also equipped with Glycerin which serves as the moisturizer to provide your skin with long lasting hydration for up to 10 hours.

It's very simple to use the Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion, just apply generously all over your body and gently massage it to get the soft, supple skin you desire. To get maximum results, use Mary Kay 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shave prior to the lotion and you're on your way to your beautiful looking and moisturize skin. Ain't that a lovely thought? Hee~

MY VERDICT : I'm on the fence actually when it comes to this body lotion. It took me quite sometimes to get used to it due to the scent which is more or less smells like the body wash. I am however pretty impress by how well moisturize my skin feels every single time I apply Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion... And the best thing about it is, the hydration really last for hours!!! Did I mention how buttery smooth the texture is and how quickly it absorbs into my skin? I like it very much ^_^

If you're looking for multipurpose body products and eager to try out something new, I think Mary Kay 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shave is definitely a safe bet. Of course, it won't hurt to have the Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion as well to complete your collection coz both of them really looks pretty together, lol For more information and details, kindly visit Mary Kay official website or facebook page. Until we meet each other again, Happy Hump-Day lovelies, adieu~


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