Shape Up, Shake Up...

I love Shape magz so much and have been reading it religiously for years, it's not that I'm a health freak or anything (if you see how much I consumed dessert, you'll probably agree 100% with me =P) It's just that, I love having an active life!!! It's so much fun especially if you have partner in crime with you, wink2

Anyway, when I read about their latest workshop, I quickly send in my sis & my details and waiting patiently for them to reply... Finally, I got the email I've been anxiously waiting for & we were among the lucky 32 who got selected to attend their "Express Beauty and Fitness Workshop", yeahaaa \\^_^//

This workshop was organized by Shape Magazine with other participating brands like Fitness First, Bobbi Brown, Freshkon, Nestle and Ascience @ Fitness First, Avenue K on 15th January last week. The program started at 9.45 but we arrived a little late and almost missed the warm up session, so we were quickly ushered to the changing room to change into our workout outfit and join the enthusiastic crowd~ @_@

lovin' the image that greet us @ the changing room n_n

After the warming up, which inclusive of the best express workout demonstration for women to do in our free time, we were divided into 3 different groups by the trainers and taking turns to do a body fat check up and measured our body endurance in the Fitness First Explorer challenge... My group trainer, Leo is actually one of the Biggest Loser Asia 2 personal trainers, so in another word I can definitely brag about being a part of the The Biggest Loser show now, hahaha =D

In this challenge, we were asked to firstly do as many pumping as we can in 2 minutes (I'm not very proud of my achievement though, huhu~) and then we have to hold the plank position as long as we can (this is torturous, =_=) After that, we were tested on our stability with doing a star pose while closing our eyes (it's not as easy as it look okay, hee~) and last but not least we were asked to run on the treadmill as far as we can in 10 minutes time. Each activities carried it's own points and will be use as a benchmark to see our improvement from time to time...

plank and pump, arghh~ =_= ***

run baby run, @_@ ***

Shortly after that, our body fat analysis were taken by the trainers using special machine and we were advised to the workout regimes that work best with our body shapes, metabolic rates, and body fat percentage... Besides the body fat analysis, it also determined our bone mass, muscle mass, BMI and also our metabolic age. I'm so happy to know that I'm still considered as 21 even though it's only from the machine perspective, hihihihi x)I was suggested by Leo to focus more on toning up my body with exercises like Pilates or Yoga and also cardio to help burning the fat at my problematic areas... I also take this opportunity to grill Leo about my body concern and confusion, which he gladly clarify =)

checking up my body fat with the Fitness First cute trainers, ^_~

I'm so proud of my too good to be true "metabolic age", hehehe X)

After finished with the body fat analysis, we were taken for the light refreshment / breakfast from Nestle Fitness Cereal before heading for the next session with Bobbi Brown makeup artists, Sandra. This session focused on the fastest way to change your looks with minimal effort which is very helpful for working women who always on the go and barely have time for complicated makeup do...

healthy and tasty, i like =) ***

striking my fav pose @ the banner, =D

Sandra in her talk demonstrated the easiest way to change and uplift our look with only few products such as Bobbi Brown's Tinted Eye Brightener that can instantly perk up our eyes to look more awake and Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge. which can double up as lip and cheek tint. She also show us the simple steps to achieve the smokey eyes look compared to the usual steps which is time consuming and hard to set. This is really helpful tips and now I can rock the look in less than 10 minutes, which is what this workshop is all about, express beauty and fitness for women like us.... I also get my touch up from Sandra herself, cool isn't it??? wink2

beauty talk with Sandra from Bobbi Brown n_n ***

getting my touch up from the pro herself, ^_~ ***

the very attentive participants ^_^ ***

After the beauty talk and demo, it's time for the lucky draw!!! Yeah, I won something which I will reveal in my next post, ^_^ we also going back home with goodie bag full of cool stuff such as free membership for 7 days @ Fitness First of your choice, Fitness First cute dumbell + mouse pad + small towel, a brush set, 2 box of Nestle Fitness cereal, Asience full size shampoo, conditioner and treatment for normal to oily scalp, Freshkon lens + notebook, and also freebies from Bobbi Brown (eyebrow trimming + samples + cute pouch bag) Thank you so much Shape magazine, I had a blast @ the workshop and can't wait for more, heehee =P

the cool freebies we bringing back home, wink2

*** pictures credit to Shape Malaysia FB page & Nida ^_^

Carrie Junior...

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell~ ^_^

One of the reason why I start blogging is because I'm inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City... I watched the series faithfully, never missed any single episodes @ HBO... Most people think it's quite vulgar to comprehend, but I think this show is really about relationship and friendship (fashion of course, wink2) not so much emphasize about sex as many people always assumed it was... and Carrie do have lots of interesting theories about men, hihihi x)

My favorite character actually is not Carrie, I love Samantha the most, I think she's so free and comfortable in her own skin, never afraid to speak her mind and always support her friend no matter what... Carrie seems a little too nice to my liking and trying so very hard for everyone to love her, but I do heart her style and shoes, without Carrie, I probably have no idea who is Manolo Blahnik or Oscar de la Renta, hehehe =P

Anyway, for Carrie fans out there, this book is pre-SATC, so it's quite mild and very teenager-ish but I don't think her fans would mind, it's fun in it's own way and a little surprising if we compared to her glamorous life in New York... I don't wanna spoil all the storyline here, so you can look for this book if you curious, it's a good beach read and kind of reminds me of my high school days, hehehe =P

Korean Beauty...

korean babe, Soo Hye Gyo =)

Everywhere I go, I can see lots of cosmetic brands seems so eager to compete with each other and producing their own BB Cream... The truth is, I'm not really convince it can really works its magic as what it claims... For skin that have minor problem probably, but for skin full of flaws like mine??? It's just too good to be true, huhu~ As most of beauty junkies out there already knew, BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is originally used as a healing ointment for patient that undergo laser skin surgery and later become phenomenon after lots of Korean celebrities swears by it, mmmmmm~

I'm curious and decide to give it a try, I did ask around and most of my friends suggest Skin79 BB Cream... Besided that, Sunplay and Maybelline also coming up with their version of BB Cream as well... Anyway, after I got Laniege Snow BB Cream sample last year, I felt drawn to give it another try... (the Soo Hye Gyo factor really2 work at persuading me apparently,hee~) I love the scent and the fact that it barely covered my skin imperfection doesn't really bother me at all, which really makes me wondering why sometimes, hahaha =D

in love with Laniege ^_~

It comes in 2 different shades with SPF41 PA++ coverage... Among other benefit, it's also working as an anti aging cream, moisturized and hydrating skin while giving a whitening effect... It's work well with my oily skin and most of all, it makes my skin looks more even and fresh... They got a very2 helpful SA who really2 giving me lots advices and not to forget freebies to try at home... And I have another Laneige stuff in my stash, a trial set of Laneige Water Bank gift from afriend of mine, Miu2 chan, thanks sweetie~ =) You don't want to know how excited I am to start adding more stuff to my Laneige collection, wink2

Fantastic 8...

I have a very short attention span, but there are few things that can keep me talking for hours, heehee =P Music, movies, books and definitely cosmetics!!! Just like every other girls, I can't live without makeup, even in my laziest day, I try to at least wear my eyeliner and compact powder, wink2 Among my favorite brands are of course Benefit, Stila and Bobbi Brown~ n_n

Anyway, for my everyday look, I try to keep it simple, natural and minimum... I rely on these stuff to make me look presentable and nice without going to all the trouble and wasting unnecessary time to get ready for work... These 8 babies help me get all dolled up in less than 10 minutes, no fuss and superfast!!! Me likey~ @_@ I won't upload FOTD, tutorial or anything, just wanna share with you girls my essential stuff that I love, I wonder if any of you out there feel the same way towards them too, wink2

My FAST & FURIOUS makeup kit
consist of :-

- Stila Compact Powder
(very minimum coverage and needs constant touch up!!! =_=)
- Stila Kajal Eyeliner (Onyx)
(quite creamy texture, easy to apply~ ^_^)
- Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner
"Sambady-loves me & Flying down to"

(I alternate using this 2 shades and sometimes mixed it both!!! =P)
- Benefit Lemon Aid
(great concealer, been using it for ages!!! @_@)
- Bobbi Brown Basic Lip Palette
(it got 2 nude lippies for natural look & 2 gloss for extra glam ^_~)
- Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara
(small and practical for my lashes~ n-n)
- Bobbi Brown Blusher in Blushed
(lovin' this color so much & almost finished it!!! T_T)

Eyes Eyes Baby...

the invitation *.*

Last Saturday, I was invited alongside hundreds of PlusizeKitten readers to be a part of Malaya Optical "Performance Enhancing Eye Wear" preview at their Damansara Uptown outlet. I've been wearing glasses almost half of my life so I'm really2 intrigued to find out more about my eyes condition. I picked up my sis first so we arrived quite late and it's quite chaotic down there... Thank god I had Miu2 to help guide me through the event, without her I probably at lost there... Thanks sweetie ^_^

I'm very frustrated when the owner asked me to come back another time to do the free extensive eye check, which is actually the main reason I came to the event... I don't hang out at Damansara much so I really2 felt disappointed when I can't get my eyes thoroughly examined that day... =(

The comprehensive eye examination actually covers the check-up for multiple eye concern such as visual acuity, binocular vision, color deficiency, corneal topography and pupillary reaction, slit lamp, glaucoma & diabetic examination, multifocal optimization and also peripheral vision field enhancement.

Somehow, one of the staff, Moon recognized my distress and help explaining lots of my confusion... You see, I've a very high degree of astigmatism, so I can only wear specially design lenses called Toric Lens... It doesn't come cheap of course, and only few brands like Acuvue and Bausch & Lomb selling it in Malaysia...

To make it worst, it doesn't come in colors like normal contact lenses, sob2 T_T Maybe I should opted for Laser Surgery instead, mmm~ (unfortunately I can't afford it Y_Y) Thanks a lot Moon for clearing it all up to me, I've been meaning to ask someone about it for quite sometime but never come around to do so, hee~

the voucher for PlusizeKitten readers =)

the goodies!!! @_@

Anyway, I didn't go home empty handed, I got voucher for free Super Multicoated UV Protected Lens worth RM150 and free Logic Big Eyes contact lenses for review... Since the contact lenses didn't come with the specially made for astigmatism patient like me, I choose the contact lens without the power, so I can wear it with my glasses on, both at the same time!!! (I'm crazy, I know, hihihi =P)

I also sign up with Acuvue for the free trial toric lenses which they will delivered later to me due to unavailable stock at the moment and bought couple of Logic Big Eyes for my delusional shortsighted sis @ the price of only RM15 each, what a great bargain and she's really2 lovin it!!! and so do yours truly, don't you think my eyes look bigger now??? hihi x)

my new "eyes", wink2

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...

In this past few months, I'm getting a little bit obsessed with collecting Disney Cuties Stamps from Guardian much to my fellow peers chagrin, hehehe =P I actually have no idea why I'm so freaking determined to get all the 60 stamps, maybe the cute little Tigger shy look kinda struck to my heart, hahaha =D

Thankfully with my family and friends help and support, I managed to get all of them in less than 3 months~ n_n Love you guys, muahs3x God knows how many stuff I bought alone in these couple of months, I have enough toiletries stock that can last for 3 months for my whole family, heehee x)

my precious stamps collection, @_@

In case you guys have no idea what this fuss is all about, every RM20 you spend at Guardian, you're entitled to get 1 stamp. To get the Disney Cuties doll, you have to get 60 stamps or you can buy it at Rm39.90 with only 20 stamps. There are several promotions that will earn you more stamps from time to time, which is why I'm in alert mode and read lots of newspapers cover to cover lately, hihihi =P I finally redeemed my Tigger today, and I'm lovin it very2 much, it kinds of remind me of someone that I heart, wink2~ I'm no longer possess now that I have you, Tigger, ^_^

Tigger is home =)

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