Carrie Junior...

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell~ ^_^

One of the reason why I start blogging is because I'm inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City... I watched the series faithfully, never missed any single episodes @ HBO... Most people think it's quite vulgar to comprehend, but I think this show is really about relationship and friendship (fashion of course, wink2) not so much emphasize about sex as many people always assumed it was... and Carrie do have lots of interesting theories about men, hihihi x)

My favorite character actually is not Carrie, I love Samantha the most, I think she's so free and comfortable in her own skin, never afraid to speak her mind and always support her friend no matter what... Carrie seems a little too nice to my liking and trying so very hard for everyone to love her, but I do heart her style and shoes, without Carrie, I probably have no idea who is Manolo Blahnik or Oscar de la Renta, hehehe =P

Anyway, for Carrie fans out there, this book is pre-SATC, so it's quite mild and very teenager-ish but I don't think her fans would mind, it's fun in it's own way and a little surprising if we compared to her glamorous life in New York... I don't wanna spoil all the storyline here, so you can look for this book if you curious, it's a good beach read and kind of reminds me of my high school days, hehehe =P

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