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korean babe, Soo Hye Gyo =)

Everywhere I go, I can see lots of cosmetic brands seems so eager to compete with each other and producing their own BB Cream... The truth is, I'm not really convince it can really works its magic as what it claims... For skin that have minor problem probably, but for skin full of flaws like mine??? It's just too good to be true, huhu~ As most of beauty junkies out there already knew, BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is originally used as a healing ointment for patient that undergo laser skin surgery and later become phenomenon after lots of Korean celebrities swears by it, mmmmmm~

I'm curious and decide to give it a try, I did ask around and most of my friends suggest Skin79 BB Cream... Besided that, Sunplay and Maybelline also coming up with their version of BB Cream as well... Anyway, after I got Laniege Snow BB Cream sample last year, I felt drawn to give it another try... (the Soo Hye Gyo factor really2 work at persuading me apparently,hee~) I love the scent and the fact that it barely covered my skin imperfection doesn't really bother me at all, which really makes me wondering why sometimes, hahaha =D

in love with Laniege ^_~

It comes in 2 different shades with SPF41 PA++ coverage... Among other benefit, it's also working as an anti aging cream, moisturized and hydrating skin while giving a whitening effect... It's work well with my oily skin and most of all, it makes my skin looks more even and fresh... They got a very2 helpful SA who really2 giving me lots advices and not to forget freebies to try at home... And I have another Laneige stuff in my stash, a trial set of Laneige Water Bank gift from afriend of mine, Miu2 chan, thanks sweetie~ =) You don't want to know how excited I am to start adding more stuff to my Laneige collection, wink2


  1. mcm menarik je. how much bb cream tu? tergoda dah ni :P

  2. heehee, harga dia dlm RM115, meh cni i goda lagi, beli3x, jgn x beli, hihihi x)

  3. I heard about that one too,the trouble people go for beauty....

    I even heard lots of insane thing and rituals people do to have beautiful skin, there are rumors that the baby placenta can give the gorgeous skin like the japanese people got... it's crazy and creepy, don't u think???


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