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I have a very short attention span, but there are few things that can keep me talking for hours, heehee =P Music, movies, books and definitely cosmetics!!! Just like every other girls, I can't live without makeup, even in my laziest day, I try to at least wear my eyeliner and compact powder, wink2 Among my favorite brands are of course Benefit, Stila and Bobbi Brown~ n_n

Anyway, for my everyday look, I try to keep it simple, natural and minimum... I rely on these stuff to make me look presentable and nice without going to all the trouble and wasting unnecessary time to get ready for work... These 8 babies help me get all dolled up in less than 10 minutes, no fuss and superfast!!! Me likey~ @_@ I won't upload FOTD, tutorial or anything, just wanna share with you girls my essential stuff that I love, I wonder if any of you out there feel the same way towards them too, wink2

My FAST & FURIOUS makeup kit
consist of :-

- Stila Compact Powder
(very minimum coverage and needs constant touch up!!! =_=)
- Stila Kajal Eyeliner (Onyx)
(quite creamy texture, easy to apply~ ^_^)
- Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner
"Sambady-loves me & Flying down to"

(I alternate using this 2 shades and sometimes mixed it both!!! =P)
- Benefit Lemon Aid
(great concealer, been using it for ages!!! @_@)
- Bobbi Brown Basic Lip Palette
(it got 2 nude lippies for natural look & 2 gloss for extra glam ^_~)
- Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara
(small and practical for my lashes~ n-n)
- Bobbi Brown Blusher in Blushed
(lovin' this color so much & almost finished it!!! T_T)


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