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the invitation *.*

Last Saturday, I was invited alongside hundreds of PlusizeKitten readers to be a part of Malaya Optical "Performance Enhancing Eye Wear" preview at their Damansara Uptown outlet. I've been wearing glasses almost half of my life so I'm really2 intrigued to find out more about my eyes condition. I picked up my sis first so we arrived quite late and it's quite chaotic down there... Thank god I had Miu2 to help guide me through the event, without her I probably at lost there... Thanks sweetie ^_^

I'm very frustrated when the owner asked me to come back another time to do the free extensive eye check, which is actually the main reason I came to the event... I don't hang out at Damansara much so I really2 felt disappointed when I can't get my eyes thoroughly examined that day... =(

The comprehensive eye examination actually covers the check-up for multiple eye concern such as visual acuity, binocular vision, color deficiency, corneal topography and pupillary reaction, slit lamp, glaucoma & diabetic examination, multifocal optimization and also peripheral vision field enhancement.

Somehow, one of the staff, Moon recognized my distress and help explaining lots of my confusion... You see, I've a very high degree of astigmatism, so I can only wear specially design lenses called Toric Lens... It doesn't come cheap of course, and only few brands like Acuvue and Bausch & Lomb selling it in Malaysia...

To make it worst, it doesn't come in colors like normal contact lenses, sob2 T_T Maybe I should opted for Laser Surgery instead, mmm~ (unfortunately I can't afford it Y_Y) Thanks a lot Moon for clearing it all up to me, I've been meaning to ask someone about it for quite sometime but never come around to do so, hee~

the voucher for PlusizeKitten readers =)

the goodies!!! @_@

Anyway, I didn't go home empty handed, I got voucher for free Super Multicoated UV Protected Lens worth RM150 and free Logic Big Eyes contact lenses for review... Since the contact lenses didn't come with the specially made for astigmatism patient like me, I choose the contact lens without the power, so I can wear it with my glasses on, both at the same time!!! (I'm crazy, I know, hihihi =P)

I also sign up with Acuvue for the free trial toric lenses which they will delivered later to me due to unavailable stock at the moment and bought couple of Logic Big Eyes for my delusional shortsighted sis @ the price of only RM15 each, what a great bargain and she's really2 lovin it!!! and so do yours truly, don't you think my eyes look bigger now??? hihi x)

my new "eyes", wink2

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