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Looking at our current economic situation, I can't help but thinking thoroughly before making any purchases. Just like any other parents, I still want to give the very best for my son even if it means I have to cut down on some of my expenses. But no, I won't spoil him with designer items regardless of how much I love him... Unfortunately, good quality products doesn't always come cheap so I have to find ways to get it for a reasonable price instead. I'm very lucky that my son is not a picky eater and wasn't allergic to any foods so far. He do have sensitive skin that's prone to insects bites and rashes though which makes me a little bit particular in terms of choosing his body products.

There are a lot of things that we need to consider when it comes to baby shopping such as the brand quality, material, size, safety, likability, price and so much more! After being a mom for almost 18 months, I pretty much understand what's my son favorite (or not) and where can I get it for less than it's retail price. How do you want to keep tab on all the promos and discounts? The key to it is actually by being extra alert in their social media account but it'll be even more helpful if you can find mommy friends who feels equally passionate about finding the latest offering as well. Here is my Top 4 baby shopping destinations that I love and the reasons why I always coming back for more :-


I always have a thing with Mothercare perhaps because it was introduced to me by my own mother. I really like their clothing line; the fabrics are very comfortable, didn't shrink even after numerous wash, comes in tons of cute designs and I also love that their size runs big which in another words means my boy can still wear his 12 months old outfit comfortably! Another thing that I like about Mothercare is their big sale which happen every couples of months and their VIP loyalty program. With discounts and promotions up to 70%, I will take the advantage to stock up some of my son essentials like Mustela baby products range which works wonderfully for his sensitive skin and also his favorite Tommee Tippie PESU bottle during that time. The sale is still ongoing at all their outlets at the moment so don't forget to check them out if you're planning to do some baby shopping!


Another favorite of mine goes without saying to Cotton On Kids. I'm a huge fan of their quirky, hipster-ish design and the best thing about their collection is they have wide selection of outfit to choose from for baby boy. Most of the material is quite thin though which is of course perfect for our weather but won't be as good in the long run. The size is nicely match with my son's body so I'll normally go for 1 or 2 size bigger. Unfortunately, Cotton On Kids didn't really have a lot of promotions at their outlets so I prefer to shop for their stuff at their online store instead. If you've sign up to their newsletter, they will update you with the latest sale every now and then. I usually wait for the 30% discounts promo to do my shopping spree, it's definitely worth the wait!


For my son sleepwear, I prefer to keep it simple, comfortable and affordable. Aeon hypermarket baby section is certainly one of my favorite spot everytime I swing by here because of the crazy deals that they always come up with. Imagine a decent sleepwear for kids starts from RM9.90 only! So basically yes, this is where most of my son sleepwears coming from. That's not all of course, another thing that I noticed is the toys they have here is also cheaper than the other popular toys shop I previously went to. I bought most of my little one Fisher Price educational toys here by the way because besides helping me saving up, I can collect Aeon points to redeem for more stuff later as well.


Last but not least in my list is the Manjaku store. It's a one stop center for everything baby you can think of and carry tons of local and international baby products. The price is one of the cheapest around and with the wide selection of brands they have, dropping by here at least once a month is certainly a must for us. Usually we'll purchase diapers, wet tissues, baby formula and other baby accessories in bulk to save cost. Occasionally they'll have special offers (diapers mostly) and that's when you'll see people swarming Manjaku like there's no tomorrow. Other than that, I really like shopping for baby stuff here since the location is quite close to my workplace.

I'm sure there are a lots of baby shopping outlets out there that offers better that I've yet to discover. Do share with me your favourite lovelies, who knows it'll be one of my must-visit stores in future too! I'm so looking forward to shop and save more for my little prince! If you're interested to find out more about the baby shopping stores I've listed above, kindly check out their official sites or simply visit their shop near you. Until then, have a wonderful week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. sy suka tengok barang baby. walaupun belum ada baby kan.. tp betul kak, barang baby semua makin mahal.kadang sian mak ayah nak berbelanja

    1. kan??? mmg kene plan & budget betul2 Nanie, kalau x mmg ke laut lah jdnye, huhu T_T

  2. cant agree more on this :) n by the way ammar look comel as always~!

    1. thank you for the love Mama Sofea <3 <3 <3 and sadly yes, we need to splurge less and save more after this =(

  3. Hi Ayna, Wa pun suka beli diapers/formula milk kat Speedmart99. So far harga dia lagi murah dari kedai yg lain :)

    1. thank you for the info Wa, nnti Ayna usha Speedmart99 pulak pls ni =)


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