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Believe it or not, we're exposed to harsh chemical in our daily life despite our best effort to stay away from it. Detergents, cosmetics even our food sometimes were made from the combination of various substance that's not only unhealthy but very dangerous as well. I slowly try to change my lifestyle and move towards a healthier alternative for my family and I'm so glad we have so many products in our shore that support the cause right now so I'm definitely saying yes to more naturally made goods!

I've came across Human Nature; the largest natural personal and home care brand from Philippine recently and I'm still having a hard time to believe that all of their stuff are free from harmful chemicals! No SLS, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Phthalates or even artificial fragrance can be find in their products line up which truly embrace the natural concept that they're preaching. Not only that, Human Nature also help alleviate poverty among farmers through their business too.

Their brand is pretty well rounded with range that covers from skin care, hair care, body care, men's care, home care, baby care and even pets care. Everything here are reasonably priced, most of them can be purchase for less than RM50. Instead of picking 3 which I initially planned to, I decided to get 5 items instead from their body care line. I instantly had my eyes on their body scrub, body butter, massage oils and hand & foot salve. Let's see what I think about it all, shall we?

Human Nature 100% Natural Coffee Body Scrub
RM29.90 [190g]

According to Human Nature, this all natural coffee body scrub is supercharge with mood boasting and body energizing coffee to scrub away your dead skin cells and reveals a smoother, softer skin. It's also infused with aloe vera to keep your skin hydrated besides the additional vanilla scent to calm and treat your senses. To use it gently apply it to wet skin and scrub it in circular motion for about 3-5 minutes. Wash it off with water soon after and pat your skin dry before applying body butter. 

MY VERDICT : I've tried coffee scrub couple of years ago and this one is nothing like that. The scent only have a little hint of coffee and to be honest, it kind of smells more vanilla to me which I personally like. The particles texture is not as grainy as I thought it would be and didn't dry my skin out even when I rigorously scrub it. The packaging is easy to control and disperse the product accordingly. It did the job nicely and leaving my skin feeling fresh and cleaner after every use, the only thing I didn't like about it is perhaps how fast I'm halfway the tube already!

Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter - Berry Plus
200g [RM39.90]

Moving on to the Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter in Berry Plus, it indulges you in superior skin nourishment with its cocoa butter and soothing aloe vera enriched formula that intensively moisturize and soften the skin. It's also packed with lush combination of sunflower oil, avocado oil, and soybean oil to give you a visibly youthful glow with a blends of 12 nutrients and antioxidants. To use, smooth it over your skin generously after bath to keep your skin soft and supple.

MY VERDICT : I really like the texture which resemble whipped cream; non greasy, feels so lush against my skin and absorbs like a dream with berry scents that's not overwhelming at all. It really helps moisturize my overly dry skin that's exposed to air conditioner all day in the office and since its smells so yummy, I like to lather it up on my little one skin too whenever the mood hits me. The packaging is similar with the coffee body scrub which I have no complain about and so far, this one is a true love for me, highly recommended for all of you lovelies out there!

Human Nature 100% Natural Hand & Foot Salve - Eucalyptus
50g [RM24.90]

The Human Nature Hand & Foot Salve in Eucalyptus on the other hand is a deeply moisturizing salve with cooling eucalyptus property and rich infusion of sunflower, avocado, soybean oil and aloe vera to sooth cracked or flaky skin, helping restore softness and suppleness to leave skin feeling hydrated and healthy looking. It also comes in strawberry scent too if Eucalyptus isn't your cup of teas. To use, massage it over your hands, heels, elbow and knees after hand washing and bathing for best results. 

MY VERDICT : The texture is slightly thicker than the body butter and didn't absorbs as easily which I guess is the reason why they're calling it salve instead. It leaves your skin with cooling sensation after every use which is a good thing in my book but I'm not really crazy about the strong Eucalyptus scents it have. A little tone down version will suits me better and in terms of how well it works for my dry hand and foot area, it delivers it promise in soothing and restoring the softness of my skin however it didn't improve much on the appearance though, it still looks ugly unfortunately...

Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Oil - Calming
195g [RM44.90]

Next in the line is Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Oil - Calming. It's made from premium healthy oils sunflower oils that's packed with natural antioxidants and skin vitamins. It's also infused with lavender, orange and lemongrass essential oils that are widely known to help calm your mind, body and soul. To use, dispense the oil onto your palm and warm the oil by rubbing hands together. Next, massage it all over your desired area to pamper and relax yourself from stressful day.

MY VERDICT : I haven't treated myself with a full body spa session in a while and this massage oil really come in handy when my body is feeling stress all over and in dire need of a little tender loving care. The consistency is watery just like any other massage oils and absorbs pretty fast into the skin without any oily feeling (you get what I mean) The packaging is carefully thought, with dispenser that can be easily control and see through bottle. I really love the scent, the combination of lavender lemongrass and orange truly helps making me feel at ease with every stroke and touch.   

Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Oil - Rejuvenating
95g [RM24.90]

Last but not least is the Human Nature 100% Massage Oil - Rejuvenating. Unlike the previous massage oil, this one is made from nature's premium pain relief duo; Eucalyptus Oil to help relieve muscle pains and Rosemary Oil that can helps with mental fatigue and exhaustion. It's enriched with sunflower oil too as natural antioxidants and skin vitamins. To use, dispense the oil onto your palm and warm it by rubbing hands together. Massage it all over your body to instantly feels rejuvenate.

MY VERDICT : I'm really on the fence about this one, I love the texture, packaging and how it wonderfully works with my aching muscles but the scents really threw me off. It's too potent with strong Eucalyptus scents that might not works for everybody or maybe I'm no longer fond of Eucalyptus as I used to be. Other than that, it really great not only as massage oil but can be double up as moisturizer too if you're running out of body lotions. This smaller version packaging is really nice to travel with, no spillage so far even when the bottle was turned upside down in the luggage. 

If you're interested to try and find out more about the wide range of naturally derived products from Human Nature, kindly visit their official sites listed below. They are having a free shipping offer too at the website for orders of 3 or more items. In case you're not sure which one to start with, my vote without a doubt goes to the Human Nature 100% Natural Body Butter in Berry Plus! Until we meet again, have a fabulous week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. their kids range is quite good too! i tried their mozzie repellent and hand sanitizer for kids. Sofea love them :)

    1. would love to try out their kids range next too, thank you for the recommendation babe =)

  2. That Coffee Body Scrub macam best je!! Pika try the Sunflower Oil not bad.

    1. best sgt2, cepat je ni dah nak habis, hehe =P nnti nak try sunflower oil jugak la ^_^

  3. wow susah nak jumpa product yang tak de chemical skrg ni.. tp product ni memang menarik perhatian. Nanti nak cari jugaklahh.. Thanks Ayna..

    1. betul3x, mmg most products added byk harmful chemical, kene extra careful bila nak beli utk family =)


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