[Tips & Tricks] Beautyholics Online Shopping Guide

Honestly, I do believe that online shopping is clearly the best ever creation for us women (next to skinny jeans of course =P) I can basically shop while doing my laundry or even when putting my son to sleep, isn't that incredibly convenient? As I'm getting older, I realized that I no longer have the energy to spend hours going from one shop to another just to get my beauty essentials nor the patience to queue up for limited edition items! So yes, online shopping is definitely how I roll these days. There are some tips and tricks that I normally used to make the most of my beauty purchase and here's a simple guide on how you can fully utilize your online shopping experience :-


I know we all hate getting our inbox flooded with e-mails from online shopping sites but that's exactly how you can be in the loop when they're coming with special release, discounts, promotions or even stock clearance so keep it coming because you don't want to look back and regret all the offers that got away! If you feels overwhelmed by the amount of e-mails you got, you can always unsubscribe anytime you want or just mark it all as spam.


Nowadays, almost every company has their own social media accounts to interact with their target customers directly. Beauty and fashion brands not only updates their social media frequently with their latest offering, sometimes they will share discount codes, gift with purchase promotion and even event invitation so you have nothing to lose when you keep in touch with the brands you love. You can also take the opportunity to ask about the items you're interested to purchase or any information of the upcoming offers to look forward to.


Another thing that you should know when it comes to online shopping is always pay close attention to special date and celebration. Independence Day, Valentine, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day (just to name a few...) are certainly the best time to make your online haul because usually on these particular dates, online sites will compete with each other to come up with hard to resist bargain for their customers. Look out for special deals and major discounts during these period and yes, it's the perfect time to shop gifts for your family and friends too!


If you think online shopping is easy, think again! Yes, it can be easy when you don't take it seriously like I do. Besides getting the best deals for the products you want, you have to take into account other things too such as the shipping cost because some sites didn't provide free shipping. You also need to know the manufacturing date especially for beauty products which have a very limited shelf time. To be on the safe side, compare prices from 2 or 3 different shopping sites to make sure you didn't miss a thing. If the price difference is way too much, it's probably because it's a clearance item so always be smart and savvy with your beauty investment.


The last but the most important thing you should take note is to know how you can get rebates when you shop online. Website like ShopBack offers cashback with any purchase made from over 500 stores to your bank account within 48 hours, isn't that the music to every women's ear? Enjoy your beauty treats and get your rebates with Hermo coupons, Althea coupons or even Sephora coupons through their site! We all deserved to reward ourselves every now and then, right? Hopefully all these tips and tricks will help you with your online shopping adventure. Until we meet again, enjoy the long weekend and happy shopping lovelies, adieu~

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